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Blockchain in Entertainment: SingularDTV at the International Emmys

Held last week in New York City, the annual International Emmys event is the world-facing iteration of the entertainment arts awards institution that is the Emmys. While big names like Kenneth Branagh, Anna Friel, and the BBC took home accolades for their work in television at the awards ceremony itself, so much of what makes the International Emmys special is the festival of panels and screenings that accompanies its yearly offerings.

This year, SingularDTV hosted a widely anticipated panel titled “Blockchain in Entertainment” at the International Emmys, and CEO Zach LeBeau and President of Entertainment Kim Jackson appeared alongside Wall Street Journal finance reporter Paul Vigna to introduce the concept of blockchain technology and what it can offer the entertainment industry to a crowded room of television industry creatives and executives.

Watch just a teaser of the panel below…

“Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Bitcoin,” began Paul Vigna. The wide-ranging and informative discussion proceeded for over an hour and ranged from explanations under the hood of blockchain technology to the launch of Tokit and SingularX, and the myriad ways in which blockchain will rewrite entertainment business models from advertising to distribution to production.

“I think a really core concept of blockchain technology is that it erases borders and allows anything that can be digitized to move anywhere around the world, virtually in real time. That is a really powerful concept,” said Vigna.

“The internet was a way to give us communication. Blockchain is giving us a way to have value exchange directly with each other,” said Jackson. “It will be very powerful, a place where we can all thrive and create together.”

Many of the career entertainment industry professionals in the room likely had their socks blown off by the implications laid forth by Jackson and LeBeau, particularly in regards to how blockchain and SingularDTV are already creating decentralized solutions for problems like digital rights management, project funding, and content distribution.

A lively Q+A proceeded the panel, and there was a lot discussed that will be of interest to longtime supporters of SingularDTV who may be looking for hints on what’s next for tokenized entertainment ecosystems.

Check out this video of whole panel to get in the know…

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