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Get all the last minute info about wallets and protocol before the SNGX-SNGLS-CENNZ Airdrop Snapshot on May 31st.

The SNGX-SNGLS and SNGX-CENNZ Airdrop is fast approaching! The Snapshot will take place on Thursday, May 31st at 12pm GMT, 7pm HKT, and 7am EDT.

Here’s a reminder on everything you need to know in advance to participate:

Launched in November 2017 as a joint venture between SingularDTV and Centrality, SingularX is a decentralized exchange for tokens generated in the SingularDTV/Centrality ecosystem like SNGLS, CENNZ, AND GRMTK, as well as Ethereum-based tokens that have utility and serve a purpose like DAI and XES.

SingularX fees are 0.3% per transaction. All transaction fees are pushed to the SNGX contract in the form of ETH and tokens for storage, or to be withdrawn by holders. 10,000,000 SNGX tokens exist, split evenly between SingularDTV and Centrality.

SingularDTV will airdrop its 5,000,000 SNGX Tokens into the SNGLS Token, and Centrality will airdrop its 5,000,000 SNGX into the CENNZ Token. The result is that all existing 10,000,000 SNGX Tokens will be airdropped to SNGLS and CENNZ holders.

A snapshot of all SNGLS and CENNZ addresses will occur on May 31st at 12:00 GMT. The airdrop itself will take place in the week following, and will take a few days to process.

In order to receive your SNGX tokens, move your SNGLS or CENNZ off all exchanges and into designated wallets including Metamask, MEW, and hardware wallets for which users maintain direct access to private keys/seed— before this snapshot occurs. We recommend storing your SNGLS in the SingularDTV light wallet or the wallet.


5,000,000 SNGX into 1,000,000,000 SNGLS = 0.005 SNGX into 1 SNGLS. Therefore, if you have 10,000 SNGLS, you will receive 50 SNGX.


5,000,000 SNGX into 1,200,000,000 CENNZ = 0.00416 SNGX into 1 CENNZ. Therefore, if you have 10,000 CENNZ, you will receive 41.6 SNGX.

Watch SingularDTV’s Zach LeBeau and G. Thomas Esmay’s talk at Ethereal NY

Once the SNGX token is airdropped, then what? How do you see your SNGX tokens in your wallet and how do you withdraw ETH stored in the SNGX token?

  1. Go to and generate a wallet if you haven’t already.
  2. You’ll need to see the SNGX token in your wallet, so import its token address, 0x78774d1c3277b83459c730921bff11019017b233. Remember, never send any tokens to this address, you’ll lose them forever. This address should only be used once to import the SNGX token address into your wallet.
  3. Click into your SNGX wallet card and at the bottom left your pro rata portion of your SNGX ETH will be shown.

You may also notice the “deposit” button. This allows you to deposit ETH into the SNGX Reward contract. As the creators of SNGX, this is a process SingularDTV can do on a daily basis with a push of a button, to push the transaction fees into SNGX.

For more info, check out SingularX’s FAQ on the SNGX Airdrop.

“Our vision for SingularX is for it to become a crypto-community owned dapplication , open-sourced, and with all SNGX tokens given away to SNGLS and CENNZ holders,” says SingularDTV CEO Zach LeBeau. “Already, SingularX is paying for itself from its transaction fees, for a decentralized exchange in beta that has yet to be marketed, that’s a positive achievement. we hope this experiment will be fruitful, and give something back to SNGLS Token holders and the SingularDTV community.”

Questions? Curious? Head over to the SingularDTV Discord and ask an Official Moderator.

A Reminder on Security Best Practices

Recently, we’ve noticed an uptick of aggressive scams and phishing attempts across social media platforms, email, and communications channels. Please remember to keep the following considerations in mind when engaging with the SNGX Airdrop and the blockchain space in general:

  • Only trust Official sources: @SingularDTV @realSingularX on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or Medium. Re-read handles.
  • Do not send your private keys to anyone
  • Exercise extreme caution in regards to email addresses and passwords
  • Make sure to follow directions exactly. Read and re-read instructions
  • When in doubt, head to the SingularDTV Discord and ask an official moderator.

Wanna learn more about the future of the entertainment industry?

Check out, read our Blog, like us on Facebook. and take part in creating a decentralized entertainment economy…


SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.


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SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.


SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.

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