Jul 3, 2018 · 2 min read

Featuring in-depth interviews with the SingularDTV team and exclusive insights into the development of the decentralized entertainment economy.

Since launching earlier this year, the SingularDTV podcast — hosted by Community Manager Miguel Martinez — has provided a direct line for the community to learn in greater detail about all the happenings as the decentralized entertainment economy continues to grow.

The Singular4C Podcast features SingularDTV team members, leaders, and founders discussing topical subjects in the world of blockchain, tech, entertainment, and the inner workings of the global SingularDTV operation, which is now over 100 members.

If you ever wanted to learn more about the people that make SingularDTV happen, the ideas that inspire them, and what the team is working on every day, the Singular4C podcast is a great listen.

To help you get started, Miguel handpicked four of his favorite episodes of the Singular4C Podcast:

The Entertainment Oddity Odyssey features a deep dive into SingularDTV’s rapid growth in film acquisitions and entertainment with Vice President of Entertainment Jason Tyrrell.

For Disrupting a Century Old Industry, Director of Business Development and film buff G. Thomas Esmay joins to discuss the history of film.

And Blockchain for All is all about the music industry, and Manager of Business Development Aaron Steinberg joins to geek out about how decentralization is disrupting the music industry.

Entertainment & Theatrical Releases features Director for Content Partnerships Jake Craven going deep into the philosophy of content and distribution that underpin the decentralized entertainment economy.

You can check out all the podcasts at the Singular4C SoundCloud.

“Entertainment and Technology have always been my main two passions in life,” says host Miguel Martinez. ‘I remember my first class of Entertainment Business in Full Sail University, my professor saying: “Podcasts will rule and become a driving educational and entertainment form to all audiences. It will be how people consume and discover knowledge, entertainment and professional development.’ That struck me. I knew that an opportunity would come for me to rise to the occassion. Singular4C was it. SingularDTV is the EnTech company I always wanted in the world, and I get to talk about it and convey my passion and knowledge for all this disruption that’s going on around me.”

You can follow SingularDTV on SoundCloud to get all the podcasts as soon as they’re released!

Wanna learn more about the future of the entertainment industry?

Check out, read our Blog, like us on Facebook. and take part in creating a decentralized entertainment economy…


SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.


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SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.


SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.

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