Gramatik Launches $9 Million Entertainment Economy, the GRMTK Token

“I Hope to Bring People Way Bigger than Me on This Train,” said the rising star DJ and producer.

Last night in Zurich, a packed house at X-TRA witnessed a special moment in the history of music. Although a few of those who danced the night away to Gramatik’s funky, bass-blown beats may have been unaware of what was going on behind the scenes or in the airwaves, during the set, Gramatik and SingularDTV launched The GRMTK Token, initiating a whole new paradigm of funding and artist-fan relationship.

The GRMTK Token represents the intellectual property of Gramatik, an iconoclastic and revered DJ in the international club and festival scene. Contributors to the GRMTK Token launch are entitled to share in the revenue of Gramatik’s work as he produces music, scores films, and headlines shows.

At the beginning of the gig, the GRMTK Token launch went live. With itchy trigger fingers all over the world waiting to get in on the momentous experiment, the launch got off to a quick start, and 24 hours from its inception, hit its maximum contribution amount of $2.25 million dollars.

After the show, Gramatik, better known to some as Denis Jašarević was downright ebullient: “It’s really fucking sick,” he said. “It’s some next level sci-fi shit, but I don’t like to think of myself as a pioneer. I just try to make music that I like and hope that other people like it too. I just wanna create, y’know, and achieve some level of financial stability to create content.”

That said, Gramatik sees his involvement with blockchain and SingularDTV as the first step for the music scene he represents. “The success of the platform is way more important to me than the success of my token,” he said. “The platform really has the potential to change the industry. That’s why this is so important, and why I’m cool with being a guinea pig. I hope to bring people who are way bigger than me to jump on this train. That’s what I want to spark.”

Now that the world has seen the fundraising potential of artist tokenization, Gramatik is confident that the world-beating stars and luminaries of the music world will have their interest piqued. “Even the big names with massive worldwide fan bases like Skrillex have an interest in creating without intermediaries, getting rid of major labels when they’re not helping,” says Gramatik. “They just need to see actual progress, that it’s not just a theory. When they see that, I won’t even need to convince them. They’ll see for themselves. Then I can see widespread adoption.”

The GRMTK Token Sale raised 7500 Ether and was finalized, Friday November 10th.

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