GRMTK Token Launch is LIVE NOW!

You can participate in the Token Launch which will last until approx 9:00 pm CET/3:00 pm EST Nov 10th (24h in Total) HERE:

Tonight, Gramatik has made history and became the first artist to tokenize himself with the launch of the GRMTK token.

…And Gramatik isn’t the only artist launching today. Khushnuda Shukurova will launch the KHUSH token immediately after. The KHUSH token launch will go to fund Detained, a short film about two siblings fleeing their war-torn country only to find themselves outcasts in America.

You can participate in the KHUSH token launch here:

To get ready to participate in these token launches, make sure you have authenticated a wallet on Tokit and verified your ID.

You can watch our how-to videos on each of Tokit’s various features here:

How to Authenticate Your Wallet:

How to Buy Project Tokens:

Due to regulatory guidelines, SingularDTV must adhere to in its home base jurisdiction of Switzerland, and the following countries will not be able to participate in SingularDTV Tokit launches; North Korea, Syria, Sudan and the United States.

The revolution will be tokenized. Let’s make history together.