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The month of August, 2018 has seen remarkable growth from across SingularDTV’s many departments, key updates on the company’s roadmap as we hurtle towards 2019, and major developments on projects ranging from the blockchain-integrated Our Music Festival to the long-awaited documentary feature Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, directed by Alex Winter.

We know it can be a challenge to keep up with all the happenings from SingularDTV’s global endeavor, so we put together some highlights from over the last month, including podcasts, videos, competitions, and blog features to fill you in on all things SingularDTV…

Zach LeBeau on SingularDTV’s Roadmap, Scalability, and EtherVision

In a major episode of The SingularDTV Podcast, host Miguel Martinez sits down with SingularDTV CEO Zach LeBeau to answer questions from around the community, and to lay out key markers as the decentralized entertainment ecosystem continues to grow.

The hour-long discussion offers some insights into upcoming Alpha and Beta testing for EtherVision, the distribution platform of theSingularDTV ecosystem, the long-term role of the SNGLS Token, and how Pl^g is providing new solutions to the challenge of scaling as the blockchain industry develops. It’s a great listen!

Read more on the SingularDTV Blog, and listen in on SoundCloud.

Watch the Teaser for ‘Trust Machine’!

Recently announced via Deadline, the long-awaited teaser trailer for Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain, a far-reaching documentary film on the worldwide growth of the decentralization movement, has been released.

Directed by filmmaker Alex Winter and produced by SingularDTV and Futurism Studios, Trust Machine is narrated by Rosario Dawson and features interviews from many of the most respected technologists and visionaries in the blockchain industry.

Via Deadline: “Trust Machine explores the global evolution of blockchain technology and questions why it is both condemned and lauded by different major organizations and whether it is merely a bubble about to burst. The film also shines a light on Brit ‘hacktivist and blockchain expert’ Lauri Love as he fights extradition to the U.S. for hacking into U.S. Government computers.”

Trust Machine will premiere on Oct 26, 2018 at Cinema Village, New York and on Nov 16, 2018 at Laemmle Monica, Los Angeles before hitting the SingularDTV Digital Distribution Platform next year.

Check out the teaser for Trust Machine on YouTube!

Zedd, Big Sean, Matt & Kim Added to OMF, Crypto Pre-Sale Sells Out!

OMF — the first ever blockchain-integrated music festival — produced by superstar DJ 3LAU and SingularDTV, continues to make headlines in the music world as we inch ever closer to its October 20 kick-off. After a sold-out crypto-only pre-sale, tickets are now available to purchase in fiat, just in time for some major announcements about the lineup!

Via Billboard: “OUR Music Festival is set to be the first of its kind. Zedd was announced as the San Francisco event’s first headliner, and today, he is joined by Big Sean, with supporting sets from Matt & Kim and Charlotte Lawrence.”

3LAU teamed up on the project with blockchain entertainment studio SingularDTV and US festival promoters Prime Social Group. He’s also enlisted the help of AM Only founder and Paradigm partner Paul Morris and agents Lee Anderson, Hunter Williams, Sam Hunt and Phil Quist to create a team of strategic advisors.”

Head to to learn more and get tickets.

How Video Games Paved the Way for Crypto

Coins, tokens, currency, GP, whatever you want to call them, have occupied the back pockets of protagonists in the pixelated worlds of video games going back since before the days of Mario headbutting those floating, blinging gold coins all the way to the bank.

But at some point in this timeline — and perhaps far earlier than you would think — the line between video game currency and meatspace currency began to blur. Today, virtual currencies in digital worlds are commonplace. It’s normal to purchase tools, skins, even meme-tastic dances in games, and for there to exist secondary markets outside of that game where people trade items.

The emergence of blockchain technology and decentralized digital currencies presents the opportunity to take things one step further, and perhaps even close the circle on virtual currencies that goes all the way back to Mario. There are lots — and we mean lots — of startups and enterprises trying to find ways to integrate decentralization, blockchain, and digital currencies into game world experiences.

Find out how video games laid the conceptual foundation for digital currencies and blockchain in the minds of a generation of gamers in this latest article on the SingularDTV Blog.

How the Music Industry Broke (and How Blockchain Can Fix It)

The future of the business of music is an industry that’s equitable for artists and consumers, and not beholden to the gatekeepers of the past,” states the latest article on the SingularDTV Blog. Achieving that requires acknowledging first how the existing music industry model has let artists down…

Take a trip back to the days of peer-to-peer filesharing and Napster for a primer on the state of technology and music leading up to 2018, and get some insights from some of the world’s favorite artists on what they see as the major pain points for creators in current models of business.

In closing, we look at the role of decentralization in experimenting with a more equitable model, and how SingularDTV is pioneering in offering creators a chance to be their own music industries with dApps likeTokit and SingularX.

Read more at the SingularDTV Blog.

30 Stats that Reveal the Economics of the Entertainment Industry

The music industry earned $43 billion in revenue in 2017, but musicians only received 12% of that figure. Even more alarming, 70% of the revenue in the music industry was split between three major companies! Did you know that the average price-per-stream paid to an artist on Spotify is just $0.0043?

These kinds of numbers indicate that, although the business of music and film continues to grow, there remains a marked disparity in the economic models that underpin the industry.

We go deep into some of the numbers, stats, facts, and figures that define the creation and distribution of music and film, and explore how advances in blockchain technology can address many of the pressing inequalities that exist in the industry in the latest article on theSingularDTV Blog.

Check out all the numbers at the SingularDTV Blog.


Read about SingularDTV’s documentary short, produced by Co-Founder and President of Entertainment Kim Jackson, and directed by Cara Yeates, featuring Dancing Classrooms Youth Dance Company!

Vote for SingularDTVPanels at SXSW!

SingularDTV has four panels up for selection for the 2019 SXSW Panel Picker on subjects including film, music, and blockchain beyond-the-hype!

Head to Reddit to learn more, and watch the best of SingularDTV at SXSW in 2018.

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SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.


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SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.


SingularDTV is laying the foundation for a decentralized entertainment industry.

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