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SingularDTV: Welcome to EtherVision

An official introduction to the essential distribution module of the decentralized entertainment ecosystem that SingularDTV is creating.

Written by Jason Tyrrell, Vice President of Content and Shreesh Tiwari, Chief Strategic Officer, SingularDTV

The entertainment industry was historically built on a simple premise: tell amazing stories, and the people will come. The ways in which those amazing stories have been delivered to audiences have evolved drastically over the years, from the crackling whispers delivered over a RCA radio, to the flickering light of a theatre, to the stunning 4K and 5.1 surround sound of a cutting-edge home system. Yet the goal has been the same: to entertain, enlighten and inspire.

SingularDTV is committed to the same goal, but is reaching it through drastically different means, by building an alternate entertainment economy that brings artists and audiences closer, removing gatekeepers and intermediaries. What’s good for fans is good for artists, and vice versa. The dream has always been there, and now there’s a technological means as well. To achieve these goals, we’re leveraging blockchain as an underlying technology with a renewed focus and delivery capability. That will establish long needed transparency and accountability.

SingularDTV is building this transparent and accountable entertainment ecosystem by developing a suite of development, distribution and production applications. We launched Tokit two months ago as our rights management gateway, and an artists on-boarding application. SingularX launched in conjunction to empower creators and consumers to exchange the value created on Tokit in a fully peer-to-peer environment. Tokit will grow into a real difference-maker in the years to come, for artists of all types, so that entertaining, enlightening, and inspiring content can find production funding without forcing artists to lose their direct connection to and control of their work. SingularX, our decentralized exchange will work in tandem, and will fuel sustainability to artist tokens.

World-beating DJ Gramatik stops by SingularDTV Studios to chat Tokit with CEO Zach LeBeau

All development and production applications are being built leveraging the core DNA of SingularDTV, transparency and accountability. Yet it all relies, as all content does, on the rights distribution mechanism. So, what of EtherVision? In the traditional entertainment industry, these crucial ideals of entertainment, enlightenment, and inspiration delivered with transparency and accountability aren’t anything close to a reality. Bloated budgetary requirements and risk averse executives churn out ‘entertainment’ that is more forgettable than ever, quick diversions that fall in your emotional rearview before the end credits even roll. Enlightenment is relegated either to art house fare that isn’t sustainable for creators or exhibitors, or to the rare quiet moment in a tentpole sequel that tugs on fine-tuned feelings of nostalgia. Filmmakers who consistently aim to inspire us find few allies capable of breaking down the barriers to entry, thereby struggling to both get passion projects funded, and then to find a distribution outlet that serves both investors and audience in a meaningful way.

Welcome to EtherVision, the distribution engine within our applications suite, designed to bring artists and audiences together.

After the respective launches of Tokit and SingularX, the SingularDTV team came together to finalize our content distribution strategy. We had an outstanding meeting of minds that included the executive team along with key stakeholders from finance, marketing, compliance, design, and development. We took our EtherVision from a concept to product and built out a roadmap. SingularDTV is excited to share that will be launched in the second half of 2018, and will be available for the prime-time consumption. We’ll be launching a beta and the first version of EtherVision in the second half of 2018.

EtherVision will be a global, widely-adopted, decentralized distribution portal. EtherVision will be content distribution without the middleman, a home where creators engage directly with a global audience, without the interference of the type of intermediaries who extract value without providing something meaningful in return. And for consumers? The ability to truly own their distribution platform, curating, sharing, and engaging directly with the content they love, thereby contributing to its success.

EtherVision will be uncensored and transparent. The traditional entertainment industry thrives on obfuscation, with murky accounting and avoidance of responsibility for miscommunications, missed opportunities, and unkept promises. The proliferation of over-the-top (OTT) platforms has only exacerbated the issue, with the Hollywood culture of zero accountability merging with the Silicon Valley culture of zero transparency. Transactions on EtherVisionwill be transparent and immutable, assuring consumers a complete understanding of where their money is going, providing creators with full control, projectability, and ownership of their IP, and insuring all patrons of art receive complete, unaltered accounting and viewing data.

EtherVision will feature global content, from both established and emerging artists, and will put audiences in control. Successful content will thrive because it truly connects with audiences, not because of corporate initiatives, promotional spending, or shareholder agendas. Artists will be able to use their platform to explore their craft further, organically improving on their efforts as they find more financial success.

Building a decentralized entertainment industry is as challenging as it sounds, and SingularDTV’s efforts to date have relied upon dozens of inspired minds working across the disciplines of finance, technology, entertainment, operations, marketing, regulations, and the emerging field of tokenomics. Launching EtherVision will take all of that and more, with contributions coming from both within the traditional entertainment system and from creative communities around the world. However, what’s going to make it all worthwhile isn’t the efforts of SingularDTV, but of artists and the global audience. EtherVision will bring together amazing stories that entertain, enlighten, and inspire, delivered via a technology that requires transparency and accountability.

Stay tuned as in the coming months we share more details on the structure and operation of EtherVision, and a development roadmap that will bring it to market.

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