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snglsDAO 101: How to obtain SGT and gain reputation

The snglsDAO has officially launched, so we wanted to kickoff a how-to series that covers some basics on how to interact with the snglsDAO.

First up, how to obtain SGT tokens. (If you already own SGT, you can skip steps 1–4.)

Step 1. Go to the snglsDAO at

Step 2. In the left menu beneath DAO STAKES section, hover your mouse over “$ Buy SGT”, then click “Uniswap” and proceed to Uniswap.

Step 3. Choose a token to swap for SGT tokens. You will be automatically prompted to swap SNGLS, but Uniswap also has ETH, DAI and USDC trading pairs .

Step 4. You will be prompted to pay a gas fee with Ethereum to perform the swap. Wait for the transaction to process.

Step 5. Once the transaction is done processing, return back to the snglsDAO at

Step 6. Connect your wallet to the DAO.

Step 7. Get reputation.

  1. Click the red “Get Reputation” button in the top right corner of the DAO homepage.
  2. Enter the amount of SGT tokens you would like to stake on the DAO. Then hit the red “Get Reputation” button and wait.
  3. Pay gas fees with ETH and wait for the transaction to process.

Once the transaction is processed you will have a reputation displayed in a percentage and the amount of SGT tokens staked on the DAO.

You can check your rating in the DAO Members section.



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