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Tokens, Launches, and a Revolution Roadmap: Highlights from SingularDTV’s Reddit AMA

Last week, key members from the SingularDTV staff took to Reddit for an official Ask Me Anything to explain, elaborate, and elucidate on all the behind-the-scenes action as we reach the launch date for Tokit, Launchpad, SingularX and the GRMTK Token in early November.

Vice President of Content Jason Tyrrell, Chief Marketing Officer Bill Richards, Community Manager Boyan Balinov, and Content Coordinator Lynette Coll all made themselves available for an influx of questions from all over the world ranging from outlines of upcoming modules, the SingularDTV roadmap, and details from nearly every aspect of the SingularDTV ecosystem. In fact, there was so much useful information shared, that we picked out the highlights.

With the launch of Tokit, you guys will also launch the GRMTK token. Are there any other tokens that will be launched when the platform is introduced?

JT: Yes, we’ve got several days of token launches coming with the emergence of Tokit. We’ve got 8 token launches scheduled initially. As far as what kind of value artist tokens can bring to investors, it really comes down to a future share of revenues generated from IP. Given how the smart contracts behind each token will be programmed, token holders will participate in some way (determined by each artist), and that will have real world value.

From the launch of the Gramatik token in November, what is your vision of this industry and where SingularDTV will be in 2 years? Which industries will be disrupted the most and what level of adoption do you anticipate?

BR: Ohhhhh good one! As decentralization takes place across all categories with blockchain, it will be the paradigm shift in which individuals will be able to go straight to their fans/consumers, and have direct support and relationships. Netflix, record companies, etc, are all centralized, and the artist/creator gets paid (typically) last. SDTV can even the field and and keep middle men out. Imagine — with blockchain as the great equalizer, we have built the Dapps (decentralized apps). Ultimately, peer to peer wins. It already did back in the day with Napster and Pirate Bay — and what’s more people don’t want to steal art!!!! They just need it to be easy — Centralization isn’t easy.

What events do you guys have coming up? Will you be at SXSW this year?

LC: We will be looking for content, filmmakers and artists coming up at Sundance, Berlin and SXSW. We will be having a big presence at SXSW 2018, announcements will be coming out so stay tune for more details!

Gramatik’s GRMTK Token will launch on November 9th, utilizing Tokit, Launchpad, and SingularX

Please talk more about EtherVision. From how it works to the interfaces it is going to be used upon.

JT: EtherVision (when it launches) is a peer-to-peer, direct to audience portal for artists of all types. The focus is on providing artists with the tools to create their own, owned channel, and to build a long term, mutually-beneficial relationship with their audience. There’s an old rule of thumb that if an artist can build a fanbase of 10,000 people, he or she can have a sustainable career off of that. That’s the goal — long term sustainability for creators.

Any ETA on EtherVision? And what kind of content can we expect to find in Ethervision?

JT: EtherVision is being plotted to launch in the spring, but as we know with development projects of this scale, things can shift. We’ll be launching EtherVision with a number of distribution partners. My background is deep in content acquisition and licensing, so I’m drawing from a deep well of prior business relationships. The content you’ll find on EtherVision will run the gamut. We have no mandate on genres or types. We’ll have documentaries, narratives, shorts, music, etc, from launch day. Other types of media and art will follow.

I know EtherVision is going to be a hybrid between centralised and decentralised content distribution. Will people be incentivised to serve the content? Like Bittorreting?

JT: As far as the hybrid nature, content storage and security cannot be fully decentralized or built into the blockchain as of yet — it’s just not on a scale to handle it. The management of rights/revenues/royalties will be tied into the blockchain and each token. There will be several layers of incentives, for industry executives, artists, and audience, to all take part in providing value into this new, decentralized entertainment ecosystem.

It seems to me like the Tokit/EtherVision paradigm could really benefit artists with a smaller but very dedicated fan base. Do you see your platform as contributing to the rise of “niche” art? How do you see SingularDTV changing and/or reinforcing the sorts of content we see today?

JT: Great question. I do think we’ll see unique artistic niches taking off, since they won’t be stymied by algorithms that are pushing corporate agendas. I want to see underrepresented artists given a chance to find their audience. And I feel like we’ll see art that doesn’t need to be financially motivated. Imagine if artists created without having to worry about where next month’s rent is coming from? I think we’ll find more truthful art, more diverse creations, and hopefully gain a deeper understanding of what the global audience actually wants when they’re not bombed with advertising. Maybe something exciting outside of superhero fare?

How will we be able to buy the artist tokens? SNGLS? ETH? Any ERC20 token? FIAT? How will the revenue of IP be calculated? It is only revenue from the Ethervision distribution center? What about hard copies of stuff being sold? Will Ethervision be paid or will it be free content? It is more like Netflix or Youtube? If it’s paid content how will the payment go? SNGLS? ETH etc? Per month or per view?

JT: Artist tokens will be purchasable with SNGLS and ETH for sure. Revenue will be calculated based on transactions via EtherVision, and via platforms we can tie into the artist and/or SingularDTV wallets. Hard copies can be sold via EtherVision as well, and calculated that way. Our goal is to drive audience to EtherVision, and build a sustainable platform there. But we’re working on other integrations, such as theatrical exhibition.

EtherVision will feature free, paid, and subscription content, and the individual artists will decide what models they want to participate in. All payment will be in crypto and can then be converted, just as elsewhere.

For example, if I buy the GRMTK token and content, could he still release same videos and music on youtube and spotify?

JT: It will vary, and it will depend on how deeply artists are tying their projects to this new ecosystem. Artists will be able to use Tokit strictly for rights/royalties management, and then distribute as widely as they see fit. However, if they are asking people to participate in a Token Launch Event, then we expect them to make sure all revenue opportunities can drive value back into that token. It’s only fair to the participants. It’s different with free content, promotional content, etc. Bill and team will certainly use all traditional methods to build audience. But our goal is to build EtherVision into a platform that can compete on a global scale, and that means encouraging exclusivity whenever possible.

In addition, we will be licensing content not developed within the SingularDTV ecosystem for exclusive launches on EtherVision, so expect some exciting content announcements as we get closer to launch.

Is there a possibility for SingularDTV to acquire and distribute existing content on Ethervision? For example, could I watch movies that are in theaters today on Ethervision, or will it only be SingularDTV original content?

JT: My mandate is to grow EtherVision into a global content platform. I want to be the first choice for artists and audiences worldwide. That won’t happen with our exclusive content alone. Netflix built their audience on the backs of thousands of content creators. You’ll see thousands of pieces not produced by SingularDTV available on the platform. It will take a period of growth before you find huge Hollywood movies, but we’ll get there.

Isn’t clear to me how it would really work for certain types of artists. Do you foresee any significant benefits that the SingularDTV platform might eventually provide for artists who create sketches, drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc., or is the goal actually to cater mostly toward audio and video artists who create entertainment?

JT: Basically anyone who can quantify the value of their IP and tokenize it will be able to utilize our platform eventually. Film, TV, and music are the easiest ways to start, but we envision adding other content verticals as soon as we can. We’re going to be following the artists’ lead. If they want it, we’ll build it.

How much will it cost to begin to produce on SingularDTV? To launch own token on Tokit? I’d love to produce content here instead of YouTube.

JT: There will be a flat fee to tokenize your IP, which covers the hard work of programming the smart content and building your tokenized ecosystem into the blockchain. We haven’t publicly announced what that flat fee is yet, but rest assured we don’t want it to be a high barrier to entry. Basically enough to cover expenses and to weed out scammers from the ecosystem. On the EtherVision side, there will be a small per upload transaction fee for folks who only have one or two pieces of content. For folks like you, looking to replace their YouTube experience, there will be a very modest monthly maintenance fee to manage the transactions, handle the transfers from Fiat to crypto for the audience, and to host the digital assets. Again, the goal is to make it a very doable number for people, one that’s easily recouped as you build audience on your channel. Stay tuned to our Slack. As we get closer to launch, we’ll be creating a slack channel for all EtherVision artists, to make sure everyone is informed and can collaborate.

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