Accuracy, Granularity & QA: Singular Fuels Zynga’s Marketing Stack

Gaming veteran Zynga has a team of highly accomplished and able engineers building some of the most addictive and fun games on market today. With such a busy team working on their core products, it seems a waste of time for them to also tackle data engineering for all their countless marketing campaigns. Fortunately, Singular is able to solve that pain point for them and provide granular insights that reveal opportunities for improvement in their marketing strategy.

By connecting their internal reporting to Singular’s API, Zynga was able to conquer the challenges that had been plaguing their team. Singular provides data accuracy, incredibly granular insights, sophisticated QA, and full coverage to help Zynga feel confident in their marketing data and make more informed decisions. Furthermore, the flexible dashboard gives Zynga UA managers the ability to slice their data and expose trends across dimensions such as campaign, ad group, country, OS, and more. Learn more about how the Singular platform saves Zynga engineers time, effort, and allows for a more reliable analysis of their marketing data.

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