New Report: Creative Optimization in a Post-CTR World

In honor of Singular’s new and improved Creative Reporting, we asked our customers and partners to share their tips and tools for building top-performing ad creatives.

Mobile marketers and designers from Google, Twitter, Match Group, Ibotta, Waze, Next Games & more were gracious enough to peel back the curtain on their creative strategies and hacks. They even shared new data on what is and isn’t working with their audiences. We collected it all in Singular’s new report on creative optimization, titled “Creative Optimization in a Post-CTR World”.

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As ad channels and marketers collect more data than ever before on the performance of mobile ad creatives, ad channels are optimizing creatives not only for clicks and installs but also for down-funnel engagement in their customers’ apps. Meanwhile, marketers are becoming smarter about extracting data from ad channels and leveraging advanced analytics systems to expose full-funnel performance data down to the creative level.

The symbiotic relationship between ad channels and marketers, fueled by growing data needs on both sides of the industry, has unlocked new findings from the front lines of creative optimization, which Singular is excited to share.

Findings in the report highlight important trends in mobile advertising, including:

  • Mobile Video: Short, interactive, vertical-oriented and feature-focused is how marketers describe the most successful video creatives in 2017.
Google’s Auto-Flip feature uses machine learning to generate vertical versions of horizontal video creatives.
  • Interactive and Playable formats: Early data shows that interactive ads lead to higher user engagement, yet there are still nuances to creating successful interactive ads that drive down-funnel engagement.
  • Dynamic Creatives: Marketers are now using a host of signals to infuse their creatives with contextual user experiences.
Waze, the traffic and navigation app, deploys dynamic creatives that feature real-time local traffic updates. The creative increased app installs 865% over static creative.

Download Creative Optimization in a Post-CTR World

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