Get ’Em While They’re Cheap: Apple Search Ads Top Facebook, AdWords In First Month Live

Apple Search Ads have had an explosive first month as they consistently rank among the highest performing ad channels for mobile marketers. Search Ads have become a top contender amongst veteran channels such as Facebook, AdWords, and Chartboost, with the added benefit of being low-cost for marketers. Mobile marketers may be asking themselves if this a great opportunity, or if the success of Search Ads is simply too good to be true?

We did some analysis of the apps on our platform that have used Search Ads, and found some pretty surprising results. Those apps using Search Ads resulted in the highest average conversion rate and the highest-spending users — all at the least cost to marketers. It’s possible that this could be a great opportunity for you too — see just how well Search Ads are ranking against competitors and how you can capitalize on this new trend.

This post was written by Nate Hindman, who works on product marketing at Singular.

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