How Product Madness Can Test & Optimize New Channels Faster with Singular

With a top 5 grossing casino game ranking in over 60 countries, it’s no wonder that Product Madness has a robust mobile marketing strategy. With over 1,000 monthly ad campaigns across 15–18 networks in any given month, there’s a monstrous amount of data to analyze. They knew they needed a robust cost aggregation system, but finding a provider who could do this job better than any internal cost aggregation system they could build seemed to be a challenge.

Thankfully, we’ve got them covered; Singular automatically ingests and aggregates all their data, delivering real-time, reliable cost data from a constantly changing list of media sources. Getting ROI and LTV, which was once a drawn-out process for their growth team, is now mostly automated. With this pain point solved for them, Product Madness was free to focus their energy on making the decisions that matter most. Click here to learn more about how valuable Singular is to their growth team.

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