Introducing The Singular ROI Index, the World’s First Ranking of Mobile Ad Networks By Return on Investment

The Singular ROI Index is the first of its kind. While past research has measured ad network performance using metrics like user retention and revenue per install, it has neglected a major part of the picture: the cost associated with driving such engagement. Providing mobile advertisers with revenue or conversion data without cost data is similar to reporting the earnings of public companies or dividends paid to shareholders without accounting for the price at which investors purchase the stock.

Key Findings

Facebook Overtakes AdWords on Android While AdWords was the top-performing ad network on Android in the first half of 2016, there was a changing of the guard in the second half of the year as Facebook surged into the top spot on Android, bumping AdWords into the #2 position.

Apple Search Ads Burst Onto the Scene Apple Search Ads publicly launched in October 2016 and in a very short period of time emerged to deliver the 7th highest ROI on iOS in the second half of the year and the 10th highest ROI in 2016.

iOS Ads Drive 1.3X Higher ROI than Android Ads While it’s well-known among marketers that iOS users spend an average of 4X more in apps than Android users, no research has ever factored in the amount advertisers actually spend to acquire those users on iOS vs. Android. Singular found that users are about 1.65X cheaper to acquire through Android ads compared to iOS ads. Yet iOS ads drive 1.3X higher ROI than Android ads — meaning for each dollar a marketer spends to acquire a user on iOS, they can expect to get back 1.3 times more revenue than if they had spent that dollar on Android.

Networks on the Rise: NativeX, Motive, Mobvista, Fyber, YouAppi Singular’s analysis uncovered a host of rising stars that drove top 20 ROI for advertisers, but are yet to rank among the highest-earning mobile ad networks. As more advertisers execute ROI positive campaigns on these ad networks, Singular predicts their share of mobile ad budgets will continue to grow

To access the full Singular ROI Index including rankings of the Top 20 Best Ad Networks on iOS and Android, download the report now.

The Singular ROI Index was authored by Nate Hindman and Elena Levi at Singular.

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