It’s Official — Apsalar Joins Singular!

Our mission has always been to build a single marketing analytics platform that brings together all your different data feeds and allows marketers to work with improved efficiency and effectivity. Over the past three years we’ve made enormous strides to achieve this, but we also knew that our goal would only be fully achieved once we could connect rich marketing data to user behavior data.

Enter Apsalar, a team of seasoned experts who provide mobile attribution and user-level audience management. They too understood the limitations marketers face in their decision-making when they don’t have a cohesive view of their customers’ journeys. Together we envisioned a unified solution, and so we decided to team up to bring our collective goal to reality. After months of hard work, our teams have successfully merged our technologies and we are excited to share our unified product! Learn more about what this means for our collective team and the new capabilities we’re bringing to marketers in a note from our CEO Gadi Eliashiv.

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