Make Your Team an Efficiency Powerhouse

Workflow automation may not save lives, but it definitely saves marketers valuable resources! In fact, 55% of marketers find lack of resources a barrier to doing more with native advertising, which makes sense why 91% of the most successful users agree that automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels.

As a marketing manager running user acquisition campaigns, it is likely you are spending the majority of your time monitoring, analyzing and reporting across at least 5 to 10 different networks on a daily basis. With aggressive goals for ROI, LTV, and install, it is crucial to ensure your data is accurate, fraud free and tracked properly. If you are spending the majority of your time and resources on manual work when you could otherwise focus on strategy and optimization, you are inevitably losing to the competition who is working smarter and faster.

Workflow Automation Makes a Difference

Mobile gaming company Backflip Studios is a great example of a successful, strategic marketing team. They continuously run ad campaigns across 20+ mobile ad networks and leverage Singular’s Workflow Automation to keep track of CTR, CVR and CPI when evaluating campaigns and creative, receiving notifications that trigger actions when metrics go above or below certain thresholds.

“When CVRs are too low or CPIs are too high we have actionable decisions to change creatives, blacklist poor performing publishers, reallocate budgets of campaigns and more,” says Jason Conger, Senior UA Manager at Backflip.

Here are a few other ways UA managers use Workflow Automation for their daily tasks:

Monitor ROI. Every campaign has a lifecycle and there is always a point of diminishing return. Know when that point is with an alert that notifies you when ROI has dropped 40% in the last 7 days so you can refresh your campaign.

Cap CPI: Auctions such as Facebook require constant optimization, which is impossible for anyone to stay on top of when you are running hundreds of ads. Make sure you never exceed your CPI goal by setting an alert such as if CPI > $5 for Facebook Campaign XYZ_iOS.

Prevent Fraud. Suddenly your campaign receives an unusual spike in clicks. You’re running your budget dry until you happen to check that campaign and see the unexpected engagement with your ads. With an alert that notifies you when clicks increased 50% day/day, you know immediately that those ads may need to be paused.

Identify Missing Tracking: There are a number of different reasons why your tracking might go missing from your campaign. The important part is recognizing when that happens so you don’t lose data. Set an alert that notifies you when your conversions are 0% day/day as a likely signal of your campaign not being tracked.

The Singular Difference

We want our already busy customers to do more with less and focus on exceeding their goals, rather than spending hours on manual tasks. Workflow automation makes marketing teams an efficiency powerhouse, enabling marketers to set rule-based actions based on their performance metrics

“Bringing workflow automation to our platform is a very exciting milestone to offer a complete solution for marketers to discover actionable insights,” says Susan Kuo, COO and Co-founder of Singular. “Our first focus was to unify data and reporting is a single platform. Now we are automating workflow and campaign management, enabling marketers to take quick, strategic decisioning to the next level.”

To learn more about how you can improve workflow efficiencies with Singular, contact your customer success manager or request a demo today.