Postmates Partners with Singular to Scale its Growth Marketing with Deeper Insights Across Mobile And Desktop

Postmates, the on-demand logistics company that defined the food and delivery industry as we know it today, has partnered with Singular to scale its growth marketing with deeper insights across mobile and desktop.

Postmates operates the largest on-­demand delivery fleet in 44 major metropolitan markets in the US. Postmates’ mission is to power the logistics behind fast deliveries from any type of merchant at scale. So when Postmates decided it was time to take a fresh data-driven approach to its marketing strategy, it was all but necessary to find a platform that aligned with this mission; to allow the marketing team to make fast decisions at scale.

Postmates’ Growth Team has some ambitious goals ahead of them for 2017, including reducing its cost per acquisition for fleet and new customers by 50%, while still hitting its growth targets. In order to achieve this, Dan Dumitru, Head of Paid Acquisition at Postmates, knew the foundation of the team’s reporting process was critical to success.

“Our team is focused on two major initiatives: driving new customers and increasing the size of our fleet. In order to scale our efforts while also cutting costs, we needed a full picture of our acquisition performance and to close the gaps in the data that result from manual reporting,” says Dumitru, who is leading the charge. “The manual reporting we’ve been doing in Excel couldn’t give us the level of granularity we needed, not to mention the accuracy we were looking for, to make strategic decisions.”

Singular will power the Postmates growth marketing stack to support the acquisition of customers and fleet drivers. Initially, Singular will track and analyze performance across over a dozen different ad networks driving users to become Postmates customers as well as over ten different sources driving new fleet applications and will allow Postmates to easily add and remove networks as they are tested. Day-to-day, Singular’s Custom Reports will empower the Growth Team to uncover granular insights into events down the funnel, post install while allowing the Executive Team to keep a pulse on how these efforts are tracking towards goals.

Importantly for Postmates, they will also rely on Creative Reports to view costs for acquiring new customers broken out at the creative level to better optimize towards their goals. The Growth Team will also benefit from Workflow Automation to react in real-time when performance metrics dip or exceed preset thresholds.

“We’ll be utilizing the full Singular platform to drive insights into prior and current campaigns, to then devise a strategy, like testing new sources and finding new inventory, shifting budgets to where our pockets of profitability are, optimizing creatives based on historical performance — we couldn’t do this before in an efficient or effective way” says Dumitru.

Susan Kuo, COO and Co-Founder of Singular, is thrilled to begin this partnership, “After meeting the Postmates team who has proven to be as ambitious as we are to bring innovation to a historically unmanageable group of tools and data sets, we couldn’t wait to get them onboarded. We look forward to helping Postmates take full advantage of the Singular platform to grow its business in the future.”

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