Postmates Partners with Singular to Scale its Growth Marketing with Deeper Insights Across Mobile And Desktop

Going into 2017, Postmates’ Growth team has some aggressive goals in mind: hit their growth targets while simultaneously cutting costs per acquisition of new fleets and customers by 50%. We’re partnering with them to provide the granular insights and creative-level reporting they need to succeed. Having previously run all their acquisition reporting data manually, there simply wasn’t enough time for Dan Dumitru’s Paid Acquisition team to comb through all the information they needed. In order to get granular and have confidence in the accuracy of their data, they needed the help of our robust analytics platform.

Singular will help Postmates identify their strongest sources of revenue by analyzing the success of dozens of ad networks they’re partnered with, providing a previously inaccessible level of granularity. Postmates will also utilize Creative Reporting to determine the best performing creatives for user acquisition, and will rely on Workflow Automation to keep track of the performance of their KPIs without having to actively monitor them. With these time-saving and insightful tools at hand, Postmates’ goals for growth are more accessible than ever before. Learn more about how Postmates utilizes the Singular Dashboard for a more efficient, successful growth strategy.

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