Singular Empowers Backflip Studios To Automate Data Engineering and Build Its “Monstrous” BI

Backflip Studios is well-known and wildly popular gaming company, so it should come as no surprise that they have built and maintain one of the most sophisticated Business Intelligence systems in the space. Having already internalized all their apps’ acquisition data into a single source, it’s hard to imagine their need for a third party analytics system at all. And yet by utilizing Singular, Backflip Studios benefits from automated reporting that would take time from 3 separate individuals to procure on a daily basis. Since they’re testing 2 new ad networks per month, the value that Singular brings by automating data extraction from the new ad networks, as well as over 20 other actively engaged networks, into their internal BI is invaluable.

With Singular, Backflip is also able to monitor their KPIs with ease. Gone are the days in which they manually pull reports for information from individual ad networks — now they can get high-level and super granular insights into all their ad campaigns with ease. With so many of their daily needs automated through Singular, Backflip can continue to build on their internal BI and put the focus on the things that really matter, like monetization and reaching their goals. Incidentally, we’re also helping them with those too. Learn more about what we’re doing to help this gaming mogul save time, money, and effort.

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