Singular’s Granular Reporting Gives Match Group a Competitive Edge to Target More Accurately

It’s an understatement to call Match Group a leading expert in online dating. With an app portfolio of 45 and a global presence in 160 countries, it’s safe to say they understand their needs when it comes to growth. Armed with a well-oiled marketing strategy, Match is able to utilize the Singular platform to hit the goals they care about: increasing efficiency with data engineering automation and accurate campaign tracking.

Singular automates marketing reporting across over forty channels for Match, freeing up an incredible amount of time that would otherwise have been spent manually pulling reports. With so many different sources to pull from, varying strategies and success factors across different apps and regions to monitor, and the need for accurate campaign-level reporting, it’s an enormous amount of data to analyze and make decisions based on. Clearly, having a flexible dashboard with extremely granular reporting is a non-negotiable necessity for Match. With Singular, they are able to dive deep and get the insights they need for industry-specific KPIs, while also protecting against fraud. Curious about how we do all this? Read on to see how.

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