Yelp Partners With Singular to Advance Its Next-Generation Marketing Stack

We are thrilled to announce that Yelp and Yelp Eat24 have partnered with Singular to advance both apps’ marketing operations across mobile and desktop. Yelp and Eat24 will rely on Singular for access to fast, accurate and granular insights on marketing spend, performance and return on investment.

Yelp and Eat24, which Yelp acquired in 2015, are two of our go-to apps here at Singular — which makes it all the more exciting that Singular is now making life easier for their Digital Marketing teams.

Prior to partnering with Singular, Yelp analyzed spend data either manually or with other solutions that weren’t connected to outcomes. In deciding to automate its spend analysis, Yelp determined it needed a solution that ensured accuracy and prevented discrepancies between the data reported by their ad channels and the data retrieved by such a solution.

Yelp’s marketers also require that their marketing systems reliably map spend data to in-app performance metrics to expose ROI and CPA on a campaign, channel or creative level. Because of inconsistencies in naming conventions between ad networks and attribution providers, data needs to be cleaned in order for mappings to occur.

Yelp started using Singular earlier this year and soon discovered dramatic improvements in the accuracy and granularity of its marketing data. The sophisticated QA underlying Singular’s integrations into over 1000 partners proactively catches errors in spend data and automates resolutions, ensuring that the data in Yelp’s ad network dashboards matches what its marketers see in Singular.

On the granularity side, Singular helped Yelp increase the percentage of its spend data that is mapped to attribution data, unlocking granular performance metrics on vastly more user traffic. During tests, Singular mapped nearly 100% of the engagements Yelp received from one of its largest ad sources — a more than 3X improvement on past mapping coverage. That means for some ad channels Yelp can see ROI and CPA data on more than three times more user traffic.

Singular is able to achieve such high levels of mappings thanks to strong combining in Singular’s data enrichment layer which matches indicators passed by ad networks to indicators in attribution data. Singular also enables Yelp to easily compare install and click counts reported by its ad network with those reported by its attribution provider to fine-tune the “source of truth” for a particular ad channel.

A final key reason Yelp chose Singular is because Yelp has expanded its user acquisition beyond mobile to web and desktop and found in Singular a partner that could enable it to scale user acquisition and retargeting effectively in an omni-channel world.

“Singular allows us to expose data that enables faster and smarter optimizations on our ad campaigns,” says Eyal Grundstein, Head of Consumer Performance Marketing at Yelp. “The reliability and granularity of the data we receive through Singular as well as the flexibility of Singular’s platform to break out performance by geography and other custom dimensions makes it an invaluable resource for our User Acquisition teams.”

“We’re honored to be working with Yelp and Eat24 and look forward to helping their User Acquisition teams leverage Singular to build and optimize profitable ad campaigns across mobile and desktop,” says Susan Kuo, Co-Founder and COO of Singular.