Announcing the SingularityNET Supervisory Council

Ben Goertzel
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3 min readJul 2, 2019

In June, we introduced the seven “SingularityNET Supervisory Council Nominees”. We are happy to announce the results of the election after tallying the votes.

Our Method

In order to correctly calculate the results of our election with a high degree of accuracy, we used methods that are currently standard within global electoral systems. It was necessary for our election to achieve proportional representation within a ranked voting system of a multi-seat organization. It is for these reasons that we used the method of Single Transferable Vote (STV).

Within an STV system candidates need to meet a quota of votes in order to be elected. This quota is based upon the number of votes compared to the number of vacancies within the results. As previously mentioned in SingularityNET Supervisory Council Nominees, each vote is weighted according to the amount of AGI held by a voter, and any candidate who ends with more votes than the specified quota is elected. If no one was to receive enough votes to achieve quota then simply put, the least popular candidates would not be elected.

The Results

Displayed below are the results of our top three Supervisory Council nominees. Following the community vote our first, second, and third place candidates are as follows David Orban, Penny Wong, and Matthew Newman.

This was an incredibly close election, David and Penny varied by a margin of less than 1%. Overall David received 27.05% of the total weighted votes, Penny Wong received 26.87%, and Matthew Newman 22.87%. Putting this all together we see that nearly 76.8% of the total weighted votes were concentrated among these three candidates.

Overall Results

Displayed below are the election results of all seven Supervisory Council nominees. Following the community vote the remaining candidates placed as follows, fourth Dr. Florian Baumann, fifth Evan Freeman, sixth Sean Goltz, and seventh Trent Barnes. While these candidates may not have been elected, we appreciate their time and hope they continue contributing to the SingularityNET community as we move toward a future of decentralized A.I.

Moving Forward

As SingularityNET plows on, David Orban, Penny Wong, and Matthew Newman will be providing invaluable guidance as the founding members of the Supervisory Council. In reiteration, the council will ensure that SingularityNET upholds its founding vision, values, and commitments all while fostering quality communication between the community and Foundation.

How Will The Council Help?

The supervisory council will act as a bridge between the community and the board, learning about the progress of the project and advising the board accordingly. The Supervisory Council will always maintain three members, and there is no term to their service, therefore if one resigns a new election will be held.

Thank You

SingularityNET would like to thank all community members who cast their vote and participated in a major step towards reaching true democratic governance of the platform. Additionally, we’d like to extend a special thank you to all nominees of the Supervisory Council. Finally, we’d like to congratulate the newly elected Supervisory Council members.

Join Us

If you would like to learn more about SingularityNET, we have a passionate and talented community which you can connect with by visiting our Community Forum. Feel free to say hello and introduce yourself over here.

We hope you will join us in our mission to democratize AI and to use its transformative powers to enact real, positive, and lasting change. The best way forward is to come together and work practically towards creating a better future.

For any additional information, please refer to our new roadmap. To stay informed about all of our developments, please subscribe to our newsletter.