Announcing the Supervisory Council Elections: The Next Step on SingularityNET’s Roadmap to Decentralized Governance

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6 min readSep 5, 2023


Dear Singularitarians,

The upcoming weeks will present an important milestone in SingularityNET’s journey to decentralization and community governance.

As a global leader in the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), we have strongly upheld the values of openness, decentralization, and the democratization of AI systems as critical to the development of fair and ethical AI and AGI.

We invite you to join us now on the next phase in our journey to realizing a fully decentralized AGI platform, governed in an effective, stable, fair and transparent manner by the widest group possible. In this way, a beneficial Singularity has a chance to change the world.

During the coming weeks, we will initiate the voting process to elect the Second Supervisory Council, and it will serve as a cornerstone in the evolution of community-driven governance for the SingularityNET platform and ecosystem.

We ask every member of the community to be involved in this critical election — we need qualified candidates with the knowledge, dedication, and care to propose their candidacy, and tell the community what they could bring to the council. And we need community members to ask the important questions, evaluate the candidates for the role, and then vote on these critical decentralization leaders.

For a detailed outline of our next steps towards Decentralization, including Community governance roadmap, see this document.

The Supervisory Council’s Role

The main role of the Supervisory Council will be to represent the interests of the community fairly and enthusiastically, acting as a bridge connection in this interim period of decentralization between the SingularityNET Foundation and the broader community.

Together with a Task Force of community representatives, the Supervisory Council’s main objective will be the design of a robust Decentralization Blueprint to point the way forward in Decentralizing SingularityNET. The Blueprint will outline the steps in designing the management of operations and different communities within SingularityNET’s decentralized space.

The first Supervisory Council will operate for 6 months during the design and launch process. You can read the full range of requirements and responsibilities here.

Meet the SCDAO Task Force

SingularityNET has proposed a 12-member Singularity Community DAO (SCDAO) Task Force to take the lead in realizing the Decentralization Blueprint.

The SingularityNET Foundation recently announced the appointment of Dr. Esther Galfalvi as “Decentralization Program Lead”. An accomplished researcher and organizational leader, Esther joins the Foundation to spearhead the SCDAO Task Force and its transformative decentralization initiatives.

You can suggest members for the Task Force on the Community DAO Discord Channel, and there will also be a ‘mission’ on Swae for applications and suggestions.

The Task Force aims to function as a specialized research lab and think tank. It will consist of:

  • The newly-elected Supervisory Council: Three elected community representatives responsible for engaging with the broader community and interfacing with the Task Force.
  • Domain Experts: Five specialists chosen to provide expertise in various areas like legal and regulatory affairs, financial management, and AI development.
  • The SingularityNET Foundation: This group will include various boards and representatives from SingularityNET to lend operational experience.

These 12 members will reach decisions through consensus or, failing that, by a majority vote. In case of a deadlock, the General Board of the Foundation will intervene.

The Decentralization Blueprint

The Decentralization Blueprint will be a detailed plan created to help achieve our goal of decentralized community governance.

This Blueprint will be created by the Singularity Community DAO (SingComDAO) Task Force.

The Task Force will include the Council members *you* vote for in the new Supervisory Council elections, as well as SingularityNET representatives and domain experts from fields such as law, finance, and technology.

The Decentralization Blueprint will cover the following:

  • Governance Framework: Outlining decision-making processes, types of governance events, and the dynamics between the Community and Foundation.
  • Financial Governance: Setting the financial administration framework, including the remuneration of participants. It refers to the structured management and oversight of the organization’s financial resources.
  • Community Relations Framework: It will provide guidelines for communications, documentation, and how to handle community-initiated contacts, complaints, and concerns.

We Need You! (and other great candidates for the Supervisory Council)

At SingularityNET, we’re building the foundations for an open, beneficial, and decentralized AGI. To achieve this goal, it’s crucial that not only industry experts and developers get involved, but the community as well.

However, with the pursuit of a decentralized AGI platform emerges a significant challenge: governance. How do we, as a global community of humans, decide on AGI regulations, developments, and resource allocation?

The Supervisory Council will play a critical role in our progress towards a truly decentralized, democratic, and open AGI platform governed by the community.

As you can imagine, this role is vital for the decentralization of AI at a global scale — which is why we encourage everyone with the desire, the capacity, and the time to act in this critical role over the next 6 months to apply.

Or, if you know someone who’s willing to assume this great responsibility, make sure to share this with them.

If you believe in SingularityNET’s mission — if you think the power of AI should be in the hands of the people, we are looking for you.

Apply to the Supervisory Council and help us decentralize AI.

How to Join the Supervisory Council Election

Applications for candidacy may be submitted from Tuesday 5th September! Submissions close on Sunday 1st October and voting will take place between Wednesday 11th and Tuesday 17th October (inclusive).

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to SingularityNET’s vision to decentralize, support the community, and tackle persistent challenges in decentralization.

Please read the role description and eligibility requirements.

To apply, visit the Swae portal here, and be as detailed as you can about why you should be part of SNET’s second Supervisory Council!

There will be an AMA with Jan Horlings, Peter Elfrink, and Esther Galfalvi about the elections on Thursday 7th September at 16:00 UTC. Submit any questions in advance here!

Let your voice be heard by casting your vote in the upcoming election and help shape the future of SingularityNET

At SingularityNET, we’re expanding the horizons of technological capability through our work on sophisticated AGI, and we’re pairing this with cutting-edge decentralized governance.

Our goal in pioneering this dual-track approach of technological and governance innovation is to make sure that future transformative technologies are administered by a broad and diverse spectrum of individuals from around the globe. In this way, we aim to maximize the positive benefits for as many people as possible.

But this can’t happen without you, your voice, and your vote.

Your voice and your vote matter in shaping every single blueprint, guideline, and mechanism that will enable SingularityNET to develop into an inclusive, decentralized platform.

We invite you to be an active part of this process — cast your vote in the upcoming elections and together, we will shape the future of artificial intelligence.

About SingularityNET

SingularityNET is a decentralized Platform and Marketplace for Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. Our mission is the creation of a decentralized, democratic, inclusive, and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), democratizing access to AI and AGI technologies through:

  • Our Platform, where anyone can develop, share, and monetize AI algorithms, models, and data.
  • OpenCog Hyperon, our premier neural-symbolic AGI Framework, will be a core service for the next wave of AI innovation.
  • Our Ecosystem, developing advanced AI solutions across market verticals to revolutionize industries.

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