Awakening Health Roadmap Phase 2 🚀 Mid-2021 Progress Report — Part 6

Conor O'Higgins
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3 min readAug 31, 2021

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Awakening Health is a joint venture between Hanson Robotics and SingularityNET. The goal of the organisation is to build humanoid robots and avatars for healthcare.

Awakening Health product development

Awakening Health is currently developing the humanoid robot, Grace, who will act as a nursing assistant for healthcare, starting out with senior care.

Seniors in elderly care facilities often suffer from loneliness and isolation. When there are not enough people around to spend sufficient time interacting socially with them, Grace can be added to the staff for extra support. There are a lot of ways that Grace can help in elderly care: she can be able to recognize people and greet them by name, have conversations and store information about a person’s moods and habits; in other words she can get to know a person over time. She can lead people in physical fitness training, breathing exercises or meditations to increase their wellbeing and physical health.

On the practical side, Grace will be able to navigate the premises independently, connect to the database of the facility and answer practical questions about menus, activities, and appointments. With Geotagging capabilities, she will be able to know where people are, send alerts in case of risks, and direct visitors to the right location.

She can further support the staff by taking medical or psychological questionnaires, and collect all kinds of biometric data, such as measuring body temperature with thermal cameras.

Awakening Health, AI and the platform

AI services that analyze data to find correlations and patterns will be running on SingularityNET, while keeping the data private and secure. With this information, Grace may even be able to spot conditions such as early Alzheimer’s or depression faster than rotating staff could.

Awakening Health’s go-to-market timelines

In contrast to the other projects outlined above, Awakening Health does not involve tokenization.

We have set ourselves an aggressive timeline considering the enormous complexity of this project. In the second half of 2021, there will be an Insider Preview Program where a first iteration of Grace will be field-tested to acquire real world feedback from inhabitants and staff in senior care facilities!

We expect the first production versions of Grace to be ready for shipping halfway through next year. After this, Grace will continue to grow in capabilities and intelligence as she matures, the end goal being to run fully on OpenCog Hyperon!

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