Awakening Health — SingularityNET Ecosystem Roadmap End-of-Year Review Series #7

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Hello Singularitarians!

This is another of our 2021 end of year series blog posts giving our valued community a review of our 2021 achievements… and a small peek at what comes next! This Roadmap 2021 End-of-Year Review Series will be followed up early 2022 with an in-depth series on the Roadmap plans for 2022 February. Don’t miss the rest of this series!

Awakening Health — Purpose and Goals

Awakening Health is a joint venture between SingularityNET and Hanson Robotics. The project’s goal is to develop human-like robots and avatars for the medical space, creating AI personas who are compassionate and emotionally intelligent.

Grace will get to know patients, and will be able to form connections and bond. Grace will be a mirror — she will give people a sense of being seen, being heard, a feeling of being understood at an emotional level — and without judgement, only with love and compassion. She will change the way we experience ourselves, and others.

The AI and robots created by Awakening Health will provide new levels of concrete and transactional value in healthcare practice while impacting the health and wellbeing of countless people.

Awakening Health Right Now

There has been a lot of hard work and great strides in creating a prototype version of Grace. The robotics, the guidance systems, the dialogue and interaction, and her healthcare and wellness knowledge have been big challenges to work through.

Awakening Health is very excited about all of the progress that has been made, while staying aware of the many exciting challenges still to come. As Awakening Health matures, it’s impact on the SingularityNET platform will be significant.

A great team of people are working on this project in locations around the world — Hong Kong, St. Petersburg, Bangalore, Mexico, and the United States. This diversity of input and creativity has been a key aspect to Grace growing as a health companion who can bridge cultures and languages to assist people on their wellness journey.

Awakening Health — Achievements Since the Roadmap Update

Grace has made advances in many priority areas — improvements in capabilities such as…

  • Learning peoples’ names and faces, in order to recognize them later
  • Finding someone in a room and detecting emotions in people through facial expressions
  • Learning additional languages
  • Advancing in medical Q&A, general Q&A, chit-chat, and goal oriented conversations
  • Learning how to navigate physical surroundings via verbal commands for movement.

Grace is currently running processes on OpenCog Classic, to be upgraded to OpenCog Hyperon when that platform is mature.

Awakening Health Next Steps

Development of Grace’s AI capabilities and software is being made continuously. Advancements in her ability to connect, to converse, to remember people, and to navigate spaces refine Grace to a level where she can be maximally helpful in a care-facility. The need for Grace as a companion and health assistant grows every day, and all of these areas make her more beneficial in her role.

Grace’s systems will be upgraded to deploy the latest OpenCog version, Hyperon, as OpenCog engineering by SingularityNET and Singularity Studio on the SNET blockchain platform progresses. Back-end integration of the AI used for robot control with AI knowledge bases derived from biomedical work enables dialogues infused with broad understanding of a medical context.

To expand the use of innovative therapeutic approaches, Awakening Health is also deepening research partnerships with university research labs and hospital systems. Awakening Health is also developing a diversity of product partnerships with companies around the world, including in the US, Asia, and the Mideast.

Awakening Health Needs You!

There are great forces pushing for the evolution of AGI. We all are the midwives at the forefront of introducing humanoid robots and avatars into the world of people.

Awakening Health and Grace’s systems will be a major user of the SingularityNET AI marketplace. This project is moving forward AGI development with the creation of intelligent agents that can empathize, help, and communicate with people through natural language.

Grace’s focus on care for the most vulnerable among us is especially poignant, as the need that she is filling shapes all of the AI that powers her experience. Grace is the type of AI that should seed true machine intelligence, and she will serve as a cornerstone SingularityNET’s vision of benevolent AGI, and of beneficial intelligence in general, as humanity works together with AI to solve our most pressing problems.

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