Clock’s Ticking: One Week to Unleash Your Deep Ideas!

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Deep Funding Round 3 Proposal Period ends on September 3rd — submit your proposals today to win a grant from the $1.53M pool and fund your AI service!

Dear Singularitarians,

There is only a week left in the Deep Funding Round 3 proposal period, and the time is now — share your proposal to win funding for your AI project or service, or even get funded to write your proposal for the next round!

A total award of ready to be awarded to projects building novel AI solutions and services to be added to the SingularityNET Platform, creating the future of decentralized AI.

The pools in Round 3 offer a breadth of opportunities, from new projects and ideation to marketing and tooling.

What: Deep Funding Round 3 Proposal Period
When: Proposal Period closes Sept 03, 11:59 UTC
How Much: $1.53 Million in AGIX grants
Guidelines: Round 3 Details & Proposal Rules
Where: Deep Fund Proposal Portal

There’s a space for everyone, and we invite you to find your niche today.

The Pools: Discover Projects & Possibilities

  • “New Projects” Pool: Proposals for developing new AI services, onboarding existing services, or building an AI use-case with a current Platform Service. Total award of $750,000.
  • Pool “Ideation”: Share your great idea for an AI project, and win funding to develop the concept, team, and write a proposal toward future Deep Funding to build the project. Total award of $50,000.
  • Pool “Marketing”: Have an idea to help Deep Fund grow its reach to excellent AI developers? This is the pool for you. Total grant of $50,000.
  • Pool “Tooling”: Deep Funding is a growing project and needs your help to innovate the platform’s functionality. Propose your solution for making Deep Funding better and more efficient. Total award of $150,000.
  • “SNET Request for Proposal” Pool: Collaborate with SingularityNET’s tech team on platform features, including knowledge graphs, knowledge graph tooling, and memory-augmented LLMs. Total award of $530,000.

This is where you become a part of the future of AI!

Deep Funding Round 3 is not just about funding individual projects; it’s about collective growth and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in AI. This round’s RFP pool is also about the emerging vision of accelerating LLM advances by augmenting them with adaptable memory structures like KGs and Neural Symbolic reasoning.

Our overarching mission is to decentralize AI development, empowering people across the globe to contribute to and benefit from the technology that will shape our future.

The third round of Deep Funding is a pivotal moment in the evolution of the SingularityNET platform. Deep is at the forefront of transitioning towards decentralized operations and self-governance while testing new voting and credibility assessment systems. This period has also sparked a cooperative effort between SingularityNET’s in-house AI talent and AI developers in our community.

We appreciate the contributions from the Deep Funding supporters and the ambassadors of SingularityNET, who invest their time, vigor, and enthusiasm to make this decentralized future a reality.

What kinds of proposals have been submitted so far?

Deep Funding Round 3 has already received many innovative proposals that help enrich the ecosystem and propel its growth. Here are just a few of the fascinating proposals we’ve received in Deep Funding Round 3:

Explore the Proposals Portal to see all the submissions

1. A Protocol for Chaining Benevolent AIs in Workflows

Created by Eric Duneau & Morgan Schofield, This Project focuses on resolving issues that prevent AI services from being trustworthy and ethical at scale.


  • Objective: Allow multiple AI systems to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Solution: An orchestration engine will append a digital signature to AI services at call, ensuring the entire data journey can be reconstructed and verified. The solution is designed to be scalable and can later include a decentralized, tamper-proof ledger.

2. Cross-platform Reputation Scores

This proposal is from TogetherCrew, a company specializing in organization design, community building, and data science. They propose collaborating with SingularityNET on developing the Community Engagement Score — Part 2.


  • Objective: Create a comprehensive and robust Community Engagement Score for the SingularityNET ecosystem and beyond.
  • Expertise: Over a decade of experience across the team and over a year researching and building solutions for this challenge in collaboration with multiple other Web3 communities.
  • Technical Foundation: Significant components have already been developed, such as scalable databases, UI components, and server infrastructure, making their solution not just theoretical but partially implemented.

3. GreenPulse — AI-powered App for Social Sustainable Development

The @energiasocial group is building an AI-powered app for Social Sustainable Development focused on accelerating the transition to a sustainable energy economy. Connecting users, NGOs, businesses, and governments, the app allows stakeholders to collaborate on initiatives, share resources, and gather insights for informed decision-making.

  • Objective: Create a solution where individuals can understand their environmental impact and explore ways to offset their carbon footprint while providing critical data driving progress toward a sustainable energy economy.
  • Solution: An app that improves the user’s ability to manage their recycling and waste activities effectively, creates renewable energy oracles, a carbon footprint calculation, a multi-chain app for community engagement, and coordinates these efforts with incentives and rewards towards a green-economy virtuous circle.

This is just a taste of the 38 excellent proposals submitted…join these visionary changemakers by proposing your project today!

Get ready to review and vote for your favorite proposals starting September 4th!

Proposals submitted and revised between August 3rd and September 3rd will be ‘frozen,’ meaning they cannot be modified past September 3rd, 11:59 UTC.

During this time, the community can explore the proposals, openly discuss them, and prepare for the voting phase. Additional comments might be allowed, but no substantial proposal changes can be made.

Past October 2nd, all members of the community can participate in voting for their preferred proposals. The voting mechanism and criteria would have been previously established and made clear to all participants.

To learn more and participate, read more on the Deep Funding blog or explore or view the submitted proposals inside the Deep Funding Round 3 Proposals Portal.

Join the discussion happening now on the Deep Funding Telegram and Discord channels.

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