Converter Bridge Community Update

Ben Goertzel


Greetings Singularitarians!

Here at last we are excited to bring you the latest update on the AGIX-ETH to AGIX-ADA Converter Bridge and the AGIX-ADA Plutus-enabled token rollout.

The Converter has now gone through a number of successful sprints, and progress is being made continuously to optimize all aspects. The Converter Bridge is a great achievement for ERC-20 to ADA interoperability, and we thank the amazing team at IOG for their hard work.

As previously communicated, and building on this collaboration further, SingularityNET is now upgrading the minting contract for AGIX-ADA to a smart-contract enabled token.

This entails a hard fork of the AGIX-ADA native asset wherein we will replace the native asset tokens with plutus-based tokens. Please note there is no change or impact to existing AGIX tokens on Ethereum.

This upgrade will enable setting up AGIX-ADA staking as well as building the marketplace contracts on the Cardano blockchain. At the same time, the SingularityNET blockchain team will be taking this opportunity to upgrade the NuNet NTX minting contract to a Plutus-enabled token for NTX-ADA.

This AGIX-ADA hardfork will have an effect on Converter Bridge functionality, which will require a final upgrade to be compatible with the upgraded Plutus-enabled AGIX-ADA.

The rollout for the AGIX-ADA upgrade and the Converter will run as follows, subject to successful testing and auditing programmes:

  • 21 March — Hardfork AGIX-ADA to Plutus-enabled token
  • 25 March — Upgrade Converter Bridge for Plutus-enabled token compatibility
  • 28 March — Verify final Converter Bridge functionality on Testnet
  • 18 April — Rollout Converter Bridge to Mainnet

Updates on upcoming steps for the platform and the SingularityNET ecosystem will be shared through this blog and our socials.

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