Deep Funding Round 2 Announcement

Jan Horlings
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4 min readDec 14, 2022


We believe that this new round of Deep Funding offers opportunities to a wide range of people and professions.

With great pleasure, we hereby announce the start of Deep Funding Round 2!

Deep Funding, initiated by SingularityNET, is a community-driven fund that aims to support projects that utilize or promote the Decentralized AI platform and AI marketplace.

Anyone can submit their proposal to Deep Funding! Our community will give valuable feedback and ultimately decide which projects are awarded a grant in AGIX. We are looking forward to seeing your new or existing (!) AI service on the platform, or a frontend solution that uses the AI services on our platform.


Round 2 will start on Wednesday December 14th 2022, 00:00 UTC

Submission of proposals will close at Sunday, January 15th 2023, 23:59 UTC

After closing the round for new submissions there will be a 2-week stable period to allow the community to study and give feedback on all proposals including last-minute submissions. During this period proposers can still update already submitted proposals to leverage feedback from the community. After these 2 weeks, the proposals are frozen while the Deep Funding team will assess them for eligibility and prepare the voting portal for a formal community vote.

  • Stable period for reviewing and improving: until January 29th, 2023, 23:59 UTC
  • Eligibility assessment and preparing for voting: until February 5th 2023, 23:59 UTC
  • Voting: from February 6th 2023, 00:00 UTC, until February 12th 2023, 23:59 UTC

Please visit and read through all guidelines and conditions before submitting your proposal!

Pools And Funding Amounts

In this round there are 5 different Pools

There are 2 main pools:

  1. New projects (This time without a maximum amount per proposal)
  2. Existing services

And 3 secondary / smaller pools

  1. Projects in the ideation phase
  2. Marketing initiatives
  3. Tooling for DF or Platform

NB: Pool B and C are completely new and the outcome of a Community Governance vote! Pool D and E already existed as possible categories, but are now wrapped as individual pools for the purpose of transparency, maximizing the amounts, and to give them greater visibility.

Amounts available per pool (Dollar value, but disbursed in AGIX*).

Amounts available per funded pool

Maximum financial impact Deep Funding Treasury

Impact on Deep Funding Treasury

*Dollar value is maintained unless the exchange rate goes below the threshold of 0,035 (this is slightly below the lowest level this year and approx. 37% under the rate of 0,056 at the moment of writing).
**This does not account for the remaining funds to be awarded on Round 1 projects.

New Project Categories

There are 2 project categories that were proposed and voted in favor of by the community.

First of all, there was massive support for the idea to have a pool that is dedicated to the onboarding of existing services! We hope that our community members will feel inspired and activated by this and we invite everybody to go out and try to contact developers that have interesting services to offer and motivate them to onboard them on our platform.

  • If you are an AI developer, this is an opportunity to get some funding to adapt any service you may already have developed and get it onboarded.
  • If you are a community member or AI enthusiast, this is an opportunity to help the AI platform forward, and get rewarded for your efforts in the allocation and onboarding process.
  • If you are an engineer and have some knowledge of cloud hosting and gRPC, this is an opportunity for you to scout AI developers and help them to get onboarded.

Community Engagement Rewards

In the recent Deep Funding Governance round, we experimented with reputation-based incentives by offering contributors a token reward for their efforts. Rewards were based on activities and events such as: creating a proposal, giving feedback, ratings received on feedback or proposals, etc. (Read this article for an in-depth review). We offered 100,000 AGIX to be distributed among the contributors based on their reputation score leading to rewards that ranged from 1000–10,500 AGIX per individual.

We will take a similar approach during this second round of Deep Funding with the adjustment that proposers are excluded from rewards and additional voting weights in the same round they are proposing.

This means that another 100,000 AGIX will be distributed over the highest-rated contributors based on their activity during Round 2*. We hope this will bring out even more constructive feedback than we already saw in Round 1. For more details, please see the rules section on our website.

Something For Everyone!

We believe that this new round of Deep Funding offers opportunities to a wide range of people and professions. Whether you are an AI developer, a software engineer, a DevOps engineer, a marketing professional, or an enthusiastic all round community member, there is a pool where you can submit your own proposal, or be equally valuable by giving constructive feedback to other people’s proposals.

We are looking forward very much to seeing what this new round will bring, and hope to welcome you soon on!

* The engagement rewards function is still in a somewhat experimental stage. We aim to continue on the approach set out during the Community Governance Experiment, but we reserve the right to make changes in case of actors gaming the system to their advantage or other unforeseen unbalances.

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out on our Deep Funding Discord channel or our Telegram channel.