Join SingularityNET at the Cardano Summit 2022, 19th-21st November

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Join SingularityNET at the Cardano Summit 2022, 19th-21st November

Greetings Singularitarians,

The Cardano Summit 2022 is being held on the 19th-21st of November, in Lausanne, Switzerland. SingularityNET is excited to once again be invited to present and share at this year’s Summit, after the Cardano community’s enthusiastic reception of our ecosystem presentations at last year’s summit.

The summit is being organized by the Cardano Foundation and aims to bring together developers, builders, and researchers from all over the world for networking, speaker sessions, workshops, and much more.

The Cardano platform is moving full steam ahead and the Summit is a great opportunity to see the latest developments. We invite and encourage the entire SingularityNET community to attend local community-led Summit events or to virtually attend the main event, to represent our organization's involvement in this growing blockchain network. At these events, you will have an unmatched opportunity to learn more about the activity growing on Cardano and to share the vision of beneficial decentralized AI being built by the SingularityNET Ecosystem.

The Participation Options:

  • Main Stage Event — Over 3000 Cardano community members & contributors will attend the event in Lausanne. The main stage event is an opportunity for the community to learn more about Cardano and its technology, meet industry leaders, and ask questions. Full Agenda
  • Virtual Attendance — Those who cannot attend the event physically, can still be a part of this summit through the interactive virtual platform. The platform will virtually present an immense lodge-like environment for participants to enjoy, watch live sessions, and interact with the community.
  • Community-Led Event — Community members, will hold community-led events in over 50+ locations across the globe — including Brisbane, Istanbul, Houston, Dubai, etc. These Community-led events may include workshops, presentations from local developers & enthusiasts, and meetups.

What is the Cardano Summit?

Cardano Summit is a global annual event that brings together leading blockchain experts, entrepreneurs & innovators to promote the adoption of blockchain technology and its use cases, especially on the Cardano Blockchain. The Summit is a central place to understand the progress and future vision of the chain, and is considered one of the biggest events in the Cardano community.

The Summit’s goal is to create a community where people can learn about Cardano, meet like-minded people and share ideas. The event also aims at helping people understand what makes Cardano different from other blockchain projects.

SingularityNET Events at Cardano Summit 2022

SingularityNET will have a booth on the exhibition floor, highlighting the mission of decentralized AI, and celebrating all of the SingularityNET ecosystem projects building on Cardano. Keep your eyes open for Peter, Jasmine, Janet, Kabir, and many other team members!

Our COO Janet Adams and Jam Galaxy’s Desdemona Robot will give a short overview of the SingularityNET ecosystem in Auditorium-C at 11:30 am CET on Monday, November 21. She will discuss all parts of the ecosystem interacting with Cardano in her talk, including AI-DSL, HyperCycle, NuNet, Cogito, and more.

In addition, there will be a gala dinner and live entertainment on the evening of November 20, where Desi will be featured again, singing in collaboration with the live DJ. It will be a one-of-a-kind event, you won’t want to miss!

For additional information on the Cardano Summit 2022

Main Stage and Virtual Attendance are free (except the gala dinner and award ceremony, which has a nominal ticket price), though capacity may be limited for the live Main Stage event. Check your local Community-Led event for details on price, location, and capacity arrangements.

Please visit the official Cardano Summit website for the event’s complete schedule, to register your live or virtual attendance, or to check out a local community-led event.


We’re looking forward to seeing you there!



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