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An Introduction to Mindplex

Mindplex is an AI-enhanced, decentralized magazine and content creation platform — a collaborative space where content creators & consumers benefit equally and are fairly compensated.

A “Mindplex” is a structured and connected collection of minds, be they human, machine, or even alien — a collaborative mind-space for minds of any definition. Mindplex, the project, is creating a space for the formation of these Mindplexes and is simultaneously a magazine, a decentralized media platform, a global brain experiment, and a community — bringing together all of these elements collaboratively while also addressing the systemic issues plaguing the current media environment.

The project is developing and refining AIs that will connect with and work alongside humanity. These human-AI collaborations will lay the foundation for thoughtful and compassionate superintelligences of the future, who will assist and guide us safely down our path towards a Benevolent Singularity.

First chance to get Mindplex rewards!

The initial release for the Mindplex project is well on its way, and the first issue of the magazine is going to be filled with fascinating pieces by thought-leaders across technical areas. There is only one thing missing — contributions from you!

We’re calling on writers and authors who have a passion for sharing the stories of tech shaping our future. Accepted authors have the opportunity to be the first to publish on the Mindplex Magazine, the first to earn Mindplex reputation points, and a guaranteed $200 worth of MPX tokens for accepted submissions (these will be distributed after token launch). Note that these accepted authors will be the very first people to earn Mindplex tokens and reputation points by any mechanism; these tokens are not available on any exchange or launchpad.

The submissions must be original content (not published anywhere else), and the submissions will be reviewed by the Mindplex Editorial team before being accepted. Please be patient while our editorial team reads and reviews the submissions, and note that we will only contact authors whose submissions are accepted.

Who Can Contribute?

Anyone is free to submit their content. The only requirement is that writers must follow the editorial guidelines below and write on any of the suggested topics (below), or other tech, future, or Singularity related topics. No matter where you are and who you are, if you have a story that inspires new perspectives and possibilities, you’re a fit. You may choose to provide background information on your relevant expertise, if any, on the submission form.

Why Should You Contribute?

Accepted contributions will earn the contributors a reward of $200 worth of Mindplex tokens upon launch, and also provide you with a special early release of Mindplex reputation tokens. These contributors will get early attention from the Mindplex community, solidifying the author/contributor profile as the magazine attracts more writers and readers. We hope to build lasting relationships with our authors.

Reputation tokens are a foundation of Mindplex. They are the key to Mindplex’s AI based reputation engine that ensures content is ranked fairly and for quality and relevance, because good content is useless if it’s buried under bad. Reputation is one of the ways we rank content, making the cream rise to the top and having an early shot at earning reputation can get you a headstart.


Suggested topics to be featured in the magazine include, but are not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence — including out-of-the-mainstream practical applications, and the push for Artificial General Intelligence, AI ethics, and AI aesthetics/art
  • Biotech — genetic engineering, engineered life-forms, biohacking
  • Blockchain — and its potential to create decentralized networks, upending the current economy, identity, and ownership
  • Body modification — from the funky and freaky to the profound, including brain and body implants with real computational power
  • Brain-Computer Interfacing — for instant brain-to-computer-cloud communications, connecting to the global brain
  • Consciousness — neurofeedback, psychedelics, and other tech for consciousness expansion
  • Experiences — VR/AR/MR/Metaverses/spatial sound/liminal/new realities/The Matrix
  • Health and Longevity — anything and everything helping humanity toward radical healthspan extension
  • Military and surveillance tech — which is advancing fast, focusing on ethical and privacy issues
  • Nanotech — and beyond, to femtotech and molecular machines
  • Neuroscience — combined with AI and speculative directions like quantum neuro
  • Quantum Computing — including quantum machine learning and quantum cryptography.
  • Parapsychology — scientific data and exploratory theories about strange phenomena going beyond conventional science
  • Radical physics theories, yielding insights into the nature of the universe and perhaps new technologies
  • Community Discussion — Book, film, TV, new tech products, reviews, new ideas
  • Advanced tech for the developing world — how the global poor can leapfrog into the future, and the social implications if they don’t.

Submission Deadline

To contribute to the first issue of Mindplex magazine your submission must be received by the 5th of June, 2022, 23:59 UTC. Submissions received after this cut-off will not be considered as a part of the initial callout and reward. The content will be considered for future issues, if the article falls within our content guidelines and is accepted, and will earn standard reputation points if accepted and published in future issues.

Submission Instructions

Submit your article using the Google form, including all necessary details. There are both mandatory and optional fields — public Ethereum wallet address and a sample of previous work/article is mandatory, while the rest of the fields are optional.

You can use a pseudonym or original name if you so wish to, and provide a profile picture/avatar and a small author’s bio to go with your published article. You can also provide your social media profile that’ll be used to tag you when we share your published contribution through our social media. Good luck! Below is a detailed description of the submission guidelines.

Contributor Guidelines

The 21st century is all about advancement in science and technology that impacts the society around us. So much is happening at any given moment that it’s hard to keep track of every cool tech and science breakthrough. That is why at Mindplex, we bring experts, observers, and thinkers to share the science and tech stories with you, and reward these thinkers for helping inform and educate the world.

Submission Form Link

En Garde! Read the guidelines if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Mindplex Contributor Guidelines

We’re looking for freelance writers and videographers to seed the platform with relevant, fresh, and evergreen content on everything sci-tech: From USS Stargazer to SpaceX Falcon to nanotech, neuroscience, AGI, and more… Know this: there are tons of readers out there waiting for updates, reviews, and even opinions on technology, and you can be their hero.

Reminder: We all love to get immediate rewards for our efforts, but there is no use to blast us with queries about your inspired submissions. Reviewing and responding take time, and we are only human (except the AI-brarian, who has firmly refused to review submissions, thereby showing greater-than-human intelligence already).

If your article is accepted, and you have not beleaguered our staff with excess contact, we assure you that you will be notified within two weeks of your submission. If you attempt to prod our team into early results, you will be notified by carrier pigeon, at our convenience.

Finally, don’t expect to hear back from us on weekends. Yes, we probably received your submission, but we were at the beach or the pub (or wherever the AI-brarian hangs out on weekends). We’ll get back to you on Monday.

Note: Please, we don’t want to know ten super supplements to burn fat at home. Don’t be a salesperson in the supermarket of writers. In particular, don’t pitch us the next hot crypto investment! We’re much more interested in the uses of quantum machine learning, next-gen MethOx thrusters, Smart Metasurfaces, or use of graphene in supercomputers.

Now that we have set some boundaries, let’s be cool and see what we love!

Article Guidelines

  • Yes, size matters. Essays less than 1500 words or videos under 2 minutes will not be accepted… we need details! Also, not too big: keep it under 3000 words or 10 minutes for. Include all of the relevant information, don’t skip anything important, and don’t drag on or get lost in the weeds.
  • Your content must be original and not a repost or republished.
  • Content must be proofread properly for grammatical and spelling errors and flow before sending to us. (The AI-brarian also refuses to do grammar checks, and we are not your 5th grade writing teacher.)
  • Share your article in Google docs with a link that is accessible to anyone.
  • It’s your piece, and we’re decentralized, so it’s up to you whether you choose to share your personal information, like real name, bio, a picture and social media link to appear with your published article. You can also use pseudonyms, as long as they are cool, along with an avatar.

Note: Real creds will allow you to create a writer’s portfolio to be showcased somewhere else.

  • Citing relevant sources is important. We must be able to verify that the story is true.
  • Give credit where it’s due. Don’t just download pictures from Google because they won’t be used, unless you are the creator or give proper credit to the images’ source, and if it is Creative Commons licensed. (Also, the CC license must allow commercial uses.)
  • Please don’t submit sponsored or overly promotional content. We can smell it from bytes away. (See what we did there? We know computers!)
  • Please be considerate and do not use affiliated or any sort of promotional link in the article. By the power vested in us, we will remove the URL (and consider rejecting the content).
  • Add a disclaimer if you have vested interest in the company you’re writing about in your article. for example: Deepmind employee.
  • We’re not your backlink-creating, SEO-benefitting, do-follow giving magazine. Any link inserted with any intent for SEO will result in link removal.
  • Feel free to send a featured image preferably 1280x800 that you either have permission to use, is Creative Commons-licensed, or is copyright-free. (Make sure the image doesn’t carry a brand logo/watermark or name.) Specify the license or intended use of the image.

What Happens After You Submit?

Once you have submitted your content/article/video, one of our editors will review it for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors and flow and fact/data checking (do your own thorough checking before submitting … if we have to pull out our red marking pen, you get a demerit). The relevance of the topic will be a crucial factor in determining whether your submission is a fit — remember, we are here to inspire collaboration between minds, and foster genuine “mindplexi.” If everything appears correct, and the content falls within our guidelines, you’ll be informed. It usually takes up to seven days for the review process. Kindly keep calm and think of what else you can do in the meantime.

Our editorial team may ask you to make changes if need arises. In that case, the publishing process may be delayed.

Benefits Of Becoming A Mindplex Contributor

  • You get to flex because you’ll be a Mindplex writer.
  • Tons of people get to read your stories, earning you exposure and authenticity.
  • For every piece of awesome content, you earn reputation tokens leading to monetary rewards in Mindplex tokens (MPX)
  • An opportunity to engage with people on the same platform where your contribution is published. Be respectful though.

That’s it for now, thanks and once again good luck with your submission!

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