NuNET Roadmap Phase 2 🚀 Mid-2021 Progress Report — Part 3

NuNet provides globally distributed computing power and storage for decentralized networks and global intelligent computing.

Ibby Benali
3 min readAug 26, 2021


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The decentralized computing platform that transforms the world’s fragmented cloud computing infrastructure into a seamless open marketplace platform of the future, providing decentralized infrastructure for decentralized projects like SingularityNET.

NuNet will be the second token launch in the SingularityNET ecosystem after SingularityDAO.

The developers have been working hard in stealth mode over the past two years, and have developed NuNet to an almost completed product. The release of the Alpha version is imminent, with the Private Alpha coming out in about two weeks, and the Public Alpha shortly afterwards.

NuNet recently announced a strategic partnership with SingularityDAO during this live AMA, another of our spin-offs, that can provide DeFi tools and services to NuNet’s token, while being an important early customer of NuNet’s decentralized computing services.

NuNet will be releasing a new version of their whitepaper, version 1.5, very soon, and releasing the Private Alpha shortly after that.

The Private Alpha handles token on a private Ethereum instance (like a testnet), and already includes all the key features of the platform –

  • Automatic AI service deployment on private and public machines
  • Dynamic workflow construction
  • Internal tokenomics
  • Process tracking and statistics
  • New device onboarding procedure and scripts (Linux boxes)
  • Point-to-point communication between all onboarded machines, and tooling for developers and contributors.

The Public Alpha will run on Ethereum’s main public blockchain. It will be released a few months after the NuNet token generation event, and will include all that plus a gateway to convert between AGIX and NuNet tokens. Users can pay for computing resources using NuNet tokens, and automatically convert to AGIX to pay for SingularityNET AI services.

NuNet and the SingularityNET platform

NuNet will launch a community developer program along with the Public Alpha. From then on, NuNet will start building a public network from community hardware resources, while developing the platform based on developer requirements — with the help of the extraordinarily enthusiastic and technically capable community. NuNet will have a close integration with the SingularityNET ecosystem and its platform development.

Although NuNet can of course host any arbitrary computation, we expect that it will become a key host for SingularityNET services in particular. The global brain we are building can’t run without hardware, and NuNet provides this in a way that is more democratic, cheaper and less dependent on the Big Tech companies.

NuNet’s tokenomics strategy and go-to-market timelines

NuNet is blockchain-agnostic, but will be releasing a native utility token for settling cross-blockchain computational workflows, micro-payments and accounting. In the future, NuNet will include multiple decentralized computing and data-provision platforms.

At its launch, NuNet targets two blockchains: Ethereum and Cardano. The details of the tokenomics will be released in the coming weeks, and may have some dependency on Cardano’s ‘Alonzo’ release. Regardless of that, the token launch process is planned to start in Q3 2021.

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