Part 1 — SingularityNET 2021 Year-End Update

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…and a sneak peek at Q1 2022!

Hello Singularitarians -

SingularityNET expanded significantly in 2021, scaling new heights of growth. To cover everything that’s happened, the year-end organizational update has been divided into four segments. Each segment will focus on a specific area, and the milestones achieved in alignment with the Phase 2 roadmap.

Don’t miss all 4 updates, covering:

  • Part 1 — Products & Infrastructure — Development, Blockchain, and UX/UI Teams (This post)
  • Part 2 — AI & AGI Research and Development Teams (coming soon…)
  • Part 3 — Community Outreach, Marketing, & Partnerships Teams (coming soon…)
  • Part 4 — Operations, Progressive Decentralization, and upcoming DEEP Fund (coming soon…)

This first blog post will walk you through the technical development and design team milestones for 2021. These are the teams creating the software, blockchain interactions, and user interfaces for the SingularityNET core products — the Platform, the Marketplace, and the Spin-off Projects.

The three teams covered today are responsible for maintaining this core function:

  • Team 1 — The Engineering and Development team — creating the software, architecture, support, and infrastructure improvements to the Platform, Marketplace, and Spin-off Projects.
  • Team 2 — The Blockchain & Smart Contracts team — designing and creating SingularityNET’s blockchain interactions, especially smart contracts.
  • Team 3 — The UX/UI team — designing the user experience and interfaces; including, the Publisher Portal DApp, Marketplace DApp, ecosystem websites, voting/airdrop portals, etc.

In 2021, development resources were reallocated to capitalize on three priorities for Phase 2. Let’s talk about these priorities:

  • First is Cardano Preparations — Researching and designing deployment plans to the Cardano platform, designing and building Cardano-ready systems where possible.
  • Second is Ecosystem/Spin-off Projects — Growing and building the ecosystem with spin-offs, to seed the Platform and grow adoption momentum.
  • Third is SNET Platform & Marketplace Improvements — Implementing infrastructure improvements, focused on usability and utility… to facilitate onboarding DEEP fund projects and integrating ecosystem AI’s from the spin-offs.

Note: For those unfamiliar, here are working definitions of SingularityNET’s three central components:

- Platform: The blockchain-based registry where AI developers can list their AI service (accessible through the Publishers Portal DApp)

- Marketplace: The Marketplace DApp where AI developers can choose to showcase their service; and AI consumers can browse, trial and integrate services

- Ecosystem: The growing constellation of beneficial AI Spin-off projects, such as SingularityDAO or Rejuve. These projects generate API calls (platform utility) and seed Platform adoption through AI services with proven market fit. Each project develops AI systems and services that solve complex problems confronting the world today.

Team 1 Update —
Engineering and Platform Development Team

The Engineering and Platform team of highly talented developers is focused on shaping and enhancing the SingularityNET Platform to become the global AI mind. The team is continually building and augmenting the systems and infrastructure that underpin the ecosystem’s technology products and services.

2021 Achievements — Engineering and Dev Team:

The Development team covered a lot of territory, across the ecosystem in 2021. A brief list of the most significant milestones and achievements by the Dev team in 2021 includes:

Cardano Preparations:

  • Updated the AGIX-ETH staking contract to make it gas efficient
  • Created balances DApp for all holders to check their AGI balances
  • Hard forked the AGI token and transferred equivalent AGIX tokens to all AGI holders
  • Seamlessly migrated staked AGI token to AGIX token
  • Updated the Platform to use the new AGIX token
  • Developed Proof of Concept designs for the Platform on Cardano and the Plutus-based token

Ecosystem/Spin-off Projects:

  • Airdrop Portal, Voting Portal, ERC-20 to Cardano Converter Bridge collaboration
  • Engineering and development for SingularityDAO, NuNet, Rejuve, and other spin-off projects

Platform & Marketplace Improvements:

Marketplace Improvements

  • New header to showcase services
  • Added Media Gallery — Image & Video support for service listings

Platform Improvements

  • Licensing server for tiered/subscription services + integration with Daemon
  • Rightsizing on AWS ( Cost saving and efficiency)
  • Simplified consumption of AI services (boilerplate code, channel manager, and more)
  • Simplified Creation and Deployment of AI services
  • Support for concurrent calls in NodeJS
  • SDK improvements (Java, Python, NodeJS), built swift SDK

Here is an update from Lead Platform developer Anand Rajamani, for the Engineering and Platform team status for 2021.

Next Steps Q1 2022 and beyond — Engineering and Dev Team:

The Engineering and Development team roadmap for 2022 is extensive and includes support for all of the Phase 2 priorities. The priority project for the first three months of 2022 include:

  • Releasing Licensing Server as part of SNET Daemon builds / releases
  • First airdrop on the new airdrop portal (NuNet’s airdrop)
  • Converter for AGIX-ETH to Plutus based AGIX-ADA
  • Smart contract enabled AGIX on Cardano
  • Staking infrastructure on Cardano

Right now, the Lead Platform developer Anand Rajamani is encouraging community involvement — the development team is seeking feedback from the community to strengthen functionality as DEEP fund and other big initiatives roll out that will bring more AI services and developers to the Platform. The team needs feedback to improve — anyone can contribute by using and testing the AI Publisher, AI Marketplace, and Developer Portal.

Team 2 Update —
Blockchain and Smart Contract Team

SingularityNET’s outstanding blockchain team creates secure and efficient smart contracts for the SingularityNET ecosystem (Platform, Marketplace, and Spin-Off Project blockchain interactions). The team designs contracts that minimize friction and maximize blockchain capability. The team’s function is growing increasingly important and complex as SingularityNET becomes truly multi-chain.

2021 Achievements — Blockchain Team:

The Blockchain team achieved a number of important milestones in 2021, across all aspects of Phase 2, including:

Cardano Preparations:

  • AGIX-ETH Token Contract for the hard fork contract
  • Enhancements to Staking Contract to support AGIX and migration
  • Token migration and distribution contract to support hard fork needs
  • Cardano Converter Contracts

Ecosystem/Spin-off Projects:

  • Standardization of Development & Deployment of Smart Contracts
  • Standardization of both internal & external reviews of Smart Contracts.
  • Established long term partnership with Hacken for all the external security reviews
  • Building SingularityDAO DeFi Contracts and LaunchPad in collaboration with the SingularityDAO development teams
  • Designing and creating Nunet Token Contracts, Rejuve Token Contracts

Platform & Marketplace Improvements:

  • Enhancements to Platform contracts (Registry, MPE) to support the AGIX contract

Chief Blockchain Officer, Sridhar Kolapalli, presented this update:

Next Steps Q1 2022 and beyond — Blockchain Team

The Blockchain & Smart Contract Team has a map of projects for 2022, prioritizing the move to Cardano and spin-off launch support. The plans for the first quarter of the year involve:

  • Standardizing the process for creating, testing, and reviewing contracts, tokens, and airdrop portals for the upcoming spin-offs
  • Implementing Plutus-based AGIX-ADA token contracts on Cardano,
  • Designing the cross-chain token contracts, DeFi contracts, and token bridge contracts
  • Design work for the SingularityNET Platform contracts for running on Cardano.

Additional evaluation is underway for the possibility of becoming cross-chain on other non-Ethereum chains. The team continually monitors the evolution of other Blockchain platforms to follow the state of the art in innovation and design for blockchains and smart contracts.

Right now, Chief Blockchain Officer Sridhar Kolapalli is asking for community involvement -Community members, entrepreneurs, and AI developers from the community can assist by sharing their thought processes and views in the adoption of Blockchain Technology trends and adjacent platforms with the team.

Team 3 Update —
UX/UI Team

The SinguliarityNET UX/UI team leads product design to create a user-centric culture across the SingularityNET Platform and ecosystem of projects. They design intuitive and inviting interfaces for ecosystem websites, portals, and platforms. Thus allowing users to interact seamlessly with our systems and products.

2021 Achievements — UX/UI Team

The 2021 milestones of the UX/UI team span the entire ecosystem. Notable 2021 milestones achieved:

Cardano Preparations:

  • Designed and updated Platform for the transition to Cardano blockchains
  • Deep Funding project MVP designs

Ecosystem/Spin-off Projects:

  • White label airdrop application for the spin-off entities to use
  • Assisted SingularityDAO with MVP platform designs and micro products for → staking, launchpad, and dynaSets
  • MVP designs for Rejuve’s Longevity app and new Rejuve website
  • Designs for NuNet’s fake news detector beta app
  • Assist with updates to NuNet website for token launch
  • Rejuve Longevity App private (internal) beta released, Dec 2021

Platform & Marketplace Improvements:

  • Image galleries and videos
  • Feature AI services
  • Better AI services install/integration flows.
  • New pricing models designs (for consumers and enterprise)
  • Voting governance portal designs,

Greg Kuebler, the Head of UX and Product Design, shared this review of 2021

Next Steps Q1 2022 and beyond — UX/UI Team

The priority projects for the UX/UI team that will be the first focus of 2022 include:

  • Standardize the spin-off interfaces and designs
  • Refining the SingularityNET Platform and Marketplace products
  • Creating all of the interaction points for Deep fund
  • Token Bridge app for the SNET platform
  • Assisting in the next iterations of the SingularityDAO platform and branding.
  • Rejuve — Longevity app Beta and public launch to iOS and Android app stores.
  • Finish QA and launch white label airdrop system
  • Updates for the AGIX Staking application due to the Cardano integrations.
  • Start working on the SNET main site redesign/overhaul

Right now, Head of Product Design Greg Kuebler is asking for community involvement -Community testing and feedback is the most valuable tool for interface improvement. This includes SingularityNET and Ecosystem websites and DApps.

Also, Rejuve’s Longevity App will be released in limited public beta in Q1 2022, and the team will value in-app feedback from the community about flow, efficiency, clarity and ease of use. Similarly, feedback for SingularityDAO’s DApp, the SingularityNET Publishers Portal DApp, the Marketplace DApp. Follow SingularityNET on social channels and telegram for early tester requests.

The UX/UI team is always seeking passionate UX designers with interest and expertise in blockchain, AI, and crypto spaces. View SingularityNET’s jobs page for current job openings, and feel free to reach out even when design roles aren’t visible.

2021 was a pivotal year for SingularityNET, and these three teams have done a spectacular job to continually move the organization forward, in a diversity of directions. Their ongoing improvements and innovations are central to the products of the platform, and the ecosystem spin-offs.

To learn more, visit the website, the AI Publisher, AI Marketplace, and Developer Portal…make sure to join the SingularityNET telegram community and get involved!

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