SingularityNET Announces Strategic Partnership with EARTHwise

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4 min readAug 17, 2023


Thursday 17 August 2023: SingularityNET and EARTHwise announce a landmark strategic partnership aimed at furthering both company’s commitments to sustainable development, advancing decentralized artificial intelligence (AI), and revolutionizing gaming experiences.

The two companies have a shared commitment to innovation and transformative solutions, and their collaboration is set to bring together the expertise and resources of two industry leaders to tackle global challenges and drive positive change.

EARTHwise’s renowned living systems solutions for systemic transformation, brought together with SingularityNET’s state-of-the-art AI technology, set the stage of a partnership that will push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realms of AI, gaming, civilizational transformation, and decentralized governance.

The two organizations aim to collaborate in multiple areas, including:

UN Sustainable Development Goals

SingularityNET and EARTHwise will explore a plethora of mutual opportunities to accelerate the implementation of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through decentralized AI, gamification, and Web3 technologies. The partnership aims to engage local governments, institutions, businesses, and impact investors in driving positive change.

Through this process, the partnership will also accelerate the necessary transformations for humanity’s sustainable development across the world. The synergy of AI advancements with EARTHwise’s living systems architecture has the ultimate goal of benefitting society as a whole.

Benevolent AGI and Decentralized Governance

SingularityNET is dedicated to the creation of decentralized, beneficial, benevolent AGI. The two organizations have expressed their interest in co-developing a Constitution for Benevolent Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) based on the EARTHwise Constitution principles for co-creating thriving worlds and futures. This entails creating decentralized economies within the EARTHwise game, as well as working together to explore innovative models of governance and regenerative economies.

Decentralized AI and Gaming

SingularityNET will play a key role in the further development of the EARTHwise game environment. Through this collaboration, the two industry leaders envision the integration of AI components, user-generated content tools, and immersive gaming experiences. This partnership also has the potential to further enhance the Sophia AI and the Sophia AI Metaverse, also known as SophiaVerse.

CEO of SingularityNET Dr. Ben Goertzel, expressed his excitement about the transformative potential of this partnership.

Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET

“As we move forward toward a new era of human-AI synergy, some of the biggest challenges ahead have to do with the human heart and soul rather than the particulars of technology.

How can we find meaning, individually and collectively, when our machine creations are rapidly becoming more capable than we are in so many senses? How can we come together and use our collective feeling and wisdom as well as our intellectual and scientific minds to forge a path through the Singularity together?

These challenges are not simple nor even necessarily fully “solvable” in a traditional sense, but the process of confronting them together will be much of the solution… and this process itself will require new innovations at the intersection of technology, media and social psychology.

EARTHwise, a game environment that is also much more than that, is one of the more ambitious initiatives in this direction that I’ve seen. It provides a unique playground for experimentation with diverse means of interaction among human and AI players and complex futuristic environments.

EARTHwise’s metaverse gameplay will bring the player a compelling and exciting experience, interwoven with a deeply stimulating process of fleshing out ideas and intuitions about how to cope with the crazy and amazing future we’re creating.”

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, CEO of EARTHwise Centre

CEO of EARTHwise Centre, Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, also shared that excitement by saying:

“We are on the brink of catalytic tipping points that are radically changing our lives. This collaboration between EARTHwise and SingularityNET will significantly enhance our collective capacities for supporting our world in transformation. These rapidly shifting times require that we become a wiser and not just ‘smarter’ species. I believe that this co-creative partnership between our organizations embodies what that shift in consciousness and action is all about.

Underlying the sustainability crisis are the ‘Moloch’ game dynamics that incentivise that we sacrifice long-term collective wellbeing for short-term personal gain. The Moloch game is an old game that humanity has been hooked on for far too long, and which leads to civilizational collapse. We have the power to change this, which is precisely why we decided to create an EARTHwise Game for transforming the dominant Moloch games that hijack our greater human potential. SIngularityNET is bringing essential AI, AGI, and Metaverse capabilities to the EARTHwise game environments, which in turn through the Human-AI synergies of the game will accelerate the development of decentralized benevolent AGI. Empowering in particular the younger generations with the tools and solutions for positively contributing to their lives and our world.

Furthermore, our shared commitment to co-develop a first-of-its-kind Constitution for Benevolent AGI, is perhaps one of the most important contributions of this partnership to humanity’s rapidly changing worlds.”

SingularityNET and EARTHwise will engage in close collaboration to ensure their individual and mutual success in achieving their shared vision. Both organizations are thoroughly dedicated to driving transformative change through innovation, sustainability, and collaboration.

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