SingularityNET Integrates Aigents Social Intelligence Services

We’re making it possible for any non-professional user to create, educate, train, and launch their own personal AI agent.

Aigents with Anton Kolonin
4 min readFeb 17, 2018


Summary; Here, we cover our ongoing integration of Aigents, a social computing platform that makes it possible for every non-professional user to create, educate, and train their own personal AI agent and plug it into SingularityNET.

Understanding Intelligence

What is intelligence? Is it only a property of self-aware beings? Is it built-in or has it evolved through interactions with the surrounding environment? Maybe it’s the type of intelligence described by Stanislav Lem in Solaris. Or maybe it’s a social phenomena of emerging cooperative behavioral patterns developed through social collaboration between multiple individual entities like humans, ants, neural cells, and even proteins.

Our guess is that all answers are right.

Indeed, the intelligence of individual human beings contributes to the emergent intelligence of social groups and communities. In turn, human intelligence is maintained through the decentralized social activity of neural cortex segments. Jeff Hawkins’ work at Numenta has shown how different cortical columns may argue and vote about stimuli that they are presented with, ultimately reaching distributed consensus.

Evolving From Human Intelligence to Artificial

There has been a lot of buzz regarding recent developments and achievements in artificial intelligence (AI) applications. A boom in building decentralized software systems based on distributed consensus — what we call social computing — has also received record attention.

SingularityNET is positioned at the junction of these themes, aimed at providing an open ecosystem and marketplace for suppliers and consumers of artificial intelligence services. Our network doesn’t just disrupt the current paradigm; it radically shifts what’s possible with AI, along with who can benefit from its rise.

Our whitepaper provides a detailed vision for SingularityNET’s infrastructure.

The first layer is an open JSON/RPC protocol and its reference implementation for interoperability of the services. Second, a shared and extensible ontology for services description so transaction details can be negotiated between parties. Third, a reputation system to track the quality of services and incentivize better quality.

Finally, there will be financial layer for micro-payment transactions based on distributed ledger technology, so the parties can monetize high quality AI services in a frictionless manner. This enables different AI approaches and developments such as Machine & Deep Learning, Ontologies & Semantic Graphs with Probabilistic Inference, Natural Language Processing, Evolutionary & Genetic Programming, and Robotics.

The First Network to Facilitate Emergent AI

Within our platform, social organization within the decentralized computational network is filled with what we call functional diversity.

Besides social computing and functional diversity principles, AI emergence requires richness of environment. The importance of a rich environment is well-documented in developmental psychology. It is also known that many of the latest advances in machine learning are due to the huge volumes of diverse data collected for training.

To address this, SingularityNET has established several key partnerships with blockchain projects working towards creating open economies.

For example, our exclusive collaboration with Ocean Protocol will provide SingularityNET users access to decentralized data exchanges to train agents for any AI or ML application. We are also one of the earliest partners of the Nexus project, which is introducing a new generation of decentralized multi-layer Internet protocol.

Our recent integration with Aigents, a social computing platform, will make it possible for every non-professional user to create, educate, train, and launch their own personal AI agent on SingularityNET. At the same time, the Aigents integration can add valuable and shareable social knowledge to the entire ecosystem, as we will demonstrate in future posts.

The AI ecosystem that we’re establishing is positioning SingularityNET to be the first network to achieve emergent AI capabilities, something no other service could match.

We’re Just Getting Started

Our team has been working tirelessly to assemble an AI ecosystem that has significant competitive advantages. Later this month, we’ll dive deeper into our Aigents integration, demonstrating how we’re lowering the barriers to AI development faster than any other project.

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Aigents with Anton Kolonin

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