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January 2023 AMA with Ben Goertzel, Janet Adams, Matt Iklé and Jan Horling

Did you catch the first SingularityNET AMA of 2023?

“It’s a quite exciting, if complex, time right now with the craziness of crypto, the inexorable rise of AI and the ongoing build-out of core SNET tech — allowing our tech to play a large role in the next phases of the AI Revolution!” — Ben Goertzel, CEO, SingularityNET.

Ben, Janet, Matt and Jan gave their perspective on 2022, their outlook for 2023, and answered community questions on plans and priorities — this video is not to be missed to get an overview of the Platform and the project.

SingularityNET’s 2022 Progress Towards AGI

OpenCog Hyperon is a visionary project to build a complete, scalable, and open-source general artificial intelligence system based on the principles of cognitive synergy.

In 2022, the SingularityNET Foundation brought OpenCog Hyperon from the stage of mathematical and conceptual theory to working software! The alpha release of two key components is scheduled for early 2023: the MeTTa (Meta Type Talk) AGI language interpreter and the Distributed Atomspace (DAS) knowledge store. Read the full update to dive into the individual components, progress, and milestones ahead.

AI-DSL Phase 2 — Final report

The AI-DSL project has completed Phase 2 of development and is preparing to launch Phase 3, making significant strides to create a revolutionary, intelligent interconnectivity layer to augment the utility of every service on the SNET Marketplace.

Read about the milestones and achievements achieved by the team so far, focusing heavily on program synthesis and verification in this Phase. During Phase 3, the project will optimize connecting and testing the protocol on real-world AI applications running on the SingularityNET Marketplace.

The AI-DSL project development team is on track to roll out an initial product version in 2023. See the blog for more details.

SingularityNET and the Mindplex Project launch: Mindplex Magazine

The Mindplex Magazine experience has launched!

See the announcement, read about the launch features, Meet the Team…then head to the magazine for your daily dose of future-forward content.

SingularityNET Ecosystem 2022 Delivery, Year in Review

2022 was an amazing year for SingularityNET & the Spin-off Ecosystem — we sincerely appreciate the community’s warm support.

The SNET mission combines ambitious & visionary development towards:

- Artificial General Intelligence (AGI),
- Decentralized AI Marketplace,
- Beneficial AI use across strategic vertical markets,

All leading towards a beneficial Singularity.

Delivering steadily & consistently throughout 2022, there was a lot to celebrate by the end of the year; read more on each of these initiatives in the full update!

SingularityNET Operations — Q4 2022 Update

The End of Quarter Update on our Roadmap, HR, Partnerships, and Decentralization — to round out our organizational reporting of 2022 for community transparency.

SingularityNET Loyalty Rewards — Governance Event

In January, a Governance Event was initiated for the community to decide how the Loyalty Rewards Pool tokens of the Phase Two plan will be allocated for tokens minted during year two and onward.

The Governance Event uses the same ideation portal as Deep Funding to host questions and discussion; and has held open Community Governance meetings on January 26th and February 2nd.

The proposal phase has now closed, and we ask everyone to please join the discussion on the 10 submitted proposals — we look forward to our collaborative participation in this critical governance event. Voting will occur from February 20 to 26th. Please see the blog update for details on how to participate and background on the Loyalty Rewards Pool.

SingularityNET Initiatives, January Updates -

Deep Funding

Round 2 of Deep Funding’s open call for proposals ran through January, closing at the end of the month with a whopping 88 proposals in 5 different Pools. There are two main pools: New AI projects and Existing AI services; and three secondary / smaller pools: Projects in the ideation phase, Marketing initiatives, and Tooling.

For an overview of the projects, see the Open Projects and Proposals.

Participate in the discussions, ask questions, and rate other users' feedback. In addition, if you create an account on the ideation platform and connect your Cardano Wallet address, you will receive part of the 100k AGIX and reputation distributed among community members who participate.

Ambassador Program -

Participation in both DeWork and meetings has been steadily increasing, and engagement in the various programs and projects is growing — you can see the recorded sessions on the new Ambassador Youtube channel.

  • The Marketing guild is also gearing up with its own tasks section on DeWork.
  • The Treasury guild will implement the Catalyst Swarm-style treasury system, expected in February.
  • The community podcast had some great ecosystem interviews — Marcello Mari of SingularityDAO and Kennedy Schaal of the new Rejuve Biotech, among others. The Podcast will be taking a new direction shortly, and we’d like to take a moment to thank Julien for his initiative and program contributions.
  • Please subscribe to the SingularityNET Community events calendar to stay up to date on Ambassador and Community meetings, workgroup sessions, and ecosystem livestreams.
  • Another great source of Ambassador Program and SingularityNET updates is the ambassador Twitter account — and don’t forget to share those tweets!

For anyone interested in joining the ambassador program, join the SingularityNET Discord, with its dedicated Ambassador section. Hope to see you soon!

Inside SingularityNET “January 2023” Recap

  • In the last SingularityNET ecosystem leader’s meeting of 2022, our COO Janet Adams gave a beautiful rundown of everything that was achieved in 2022
    Including progress on:
    ➡ Core tech towards AGI
    ➡ Platform
    ➡ Cardano port
  • Deep Funding is in the middle of Round 2 of funding, with 80+ excellent proposals submitted for the round. You can watch the December recap and update from Jan Horlings, VP of Product.
  • Platform Development Lead, Anand Rajamani, shared a 2022 overview of all of the work his team has been busy with, including:
    ➡ Launch of Nunet Airdrop Portal
    ➡ Token converter bridge
    ➡ Platform publisher portal update
    ➡ Loyalty airdrop portal
    ➡ And Cardano blockchain tooling
  • AI Software Developer lead Sergey Shalyapin explains the latest platform developments, including the 30 newly added services in 2022
  • Dr. Alexey Potapov, the OpenCog Hyperon Project Lead, presented the remarkable advancements made by his team in 2022. He delved into the progress made in MeTTa AGI language development and offered an overview of the team’s plans. To learn more, watch Dr. Potapov’s presentation.
  • During his presentation, Andre Senna, the OpenCog Hyperon AI Integration Lead, unveiled the latest advancements in the Distributed Atom Space (DAS) and shared his team’s plans to integrate it with MeTTa. Discover more about DAS and the integration plans by watching Andre’s full segment.
  • SingularityNET Chief AI Officer Dr. Matt Iklé gave a broad overview of our AI systems initiatives, including AI-DSL — which will connect individual AI services into collaborative workflows.
  • Kennedy Schaal, CEO of the newly established Rejuve Biotech, shed light on how gene sequencing of Methuselah flies provides insight into human longevity. Kennedy also shared her vision for Rejuve Biotech and more details on her research initiatives.
  • Jasmine Smith, CEO of Rejuve Network, provided an update on the soon-to-be-released Rejuve Longevity App and the BayesExpert tool for analyzing biomarkers. In her presentation, Jasmine highlighted the partnerships signed in 2022 and shared her outlook for the upcoming year. Watch Jasmine’s segment to learn the latest about Rejuve.
  • CEO of Mindplex, Hruy Tsegaye, updated the community on the Mindplex Magazine launch, with its reputation system, and asked the community to start planning articles for contributing
  • Nejc Znidar, Quant at Cogito Protocol, outlined Cogito’s plans for 2023 during the meeting, including their tracercoins and MVP plans.
  • Dianne Krouse, CEO of Jam Galaxy, walked through the project’s 2022 achievements and 2023 plans — including the whitepaper release, artist and fan portal, and more. Learn how Jam Galaxy transcended traditional music models in the past 12 months by watching Dianne’s segment.
  • Jennifer Bourke, Marketing Lead for Nunet, shared an update on what made 2022 a groundbreaking year for NuNet:
    “We have successfully onboarded 183 compute providers onto the NuNet network … before a public alpha launch in Q1 of 2023.”
    Jennifer also discussed the project’s plans for their public alpha release.
  • Marketing Lead Haley Lowy praised her team’s efforts and accomplishments in 2022 and shared what she is most excited about for the Marketing outlook in 2023, and how we have been building our outreach processes to ensure we are communicating all of the exciting developments in the ecosystem.
  • Peter Elfrink, Community Lead for SingularityNET, discussed the exciting community initiatives we launched in 2022, notably our community-driven Ambassador Program. He also highlighted the growing connection between the SingularityNET and Cardano communities. Learn more about our community initiatives by watching Peter’s entire presentation.
  • We are continuing to level up our marketing into 2023, and to that end, we were delighted to introduce our newest marketing hire to the community, Senior Marketing Consultant Lewis Farrell.

SingularityNET — In the News, Events, and Appearances

Events and Appearances:

Janet Adams attended this year’s unDAVOS Summit in Switzerland, a gathering of leaders for communities and organizations committed to driving purpose-driven work.

Joined by Marcello Mari from SingularityDAO, Janet led a wide-ranging discussion outlining how to ensure that the next stage of AI evolution benefits all humanity. The pair stressed the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and decentralization in AI development. They emphasized how the convergence of technologies like AI and blockchain creates massive potential for an inclusive global community where technology works more effectively for the betterment of all.

Janet shared eight key takeaways from her trip to unDavos in the January edition of “Inside SingularityNET.”

Ben appeared on Scott Amyx’s podcast to discuss narrow AI and AGI to heighten awareness of the importance of the future beyond narrow AI. The discussion dove into how the intelligence, complexity, and synergetic quality of our “Global Brain Network” is gradually increasing as the coordinated advance of multiple technologies leads us toward Technological Singularity. Ben also described why decentralized organizations like SingularityNET are likelier to make the AGI breakthrough than big tech companies. Listen to the full post to get all the details!

That wraps up the January highlights for the SingularityNET Ecosystem…

Whew, 2023 is already off to a whirlwind start, and there is no slowing down the exponential growth and innovation curve — share what you find most inspiring with us on our community channels, follow the events calendar, and share these updates with other futurists who want a glimpse of how bright the future can be.

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