SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: June 2023

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The Latest updates from SingularityNET and the Ecosystem, including AGI-23, Platform Developments, News Features, and news and updates from across the AI, AGI, and ecosystem projects.

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Greetings Singularitarians,

The SingularityNET Ecosystem is a vibrant and busy bustle of activities — blink, and you’ll miss some of the excitement! We like to round up the most relevant events, activities, and updates every month so that everyone can stay on top of what is new with the organization and in the spin-off projects. Please let us know how we are doing and what you would like to see more of!

· Ecosystem News & Updates
· SingularityNET & Ecosystem Events & Features—
The 16th Annual AGI Conference: AGI-23
The Next Web Conference
Dutch Blockchain Days
Vancouver Startup Week
Cardano Impact Report 2023
· Mindplex Podcasts and Pubcasts in April
→ Mindplex Podcast Episode 8:
→ Mindplex Podcast Episode 9:
· SingularityNET in the News

Ecosystem News & Updates


The AI, AGI, and Platform/Blockchain dev teams have been working hard throughout June to make progress on core initiatives. During the AGI-23 Conference (more below), Ben, Alexey, Nil, Hedra, and other team members shared OpenCog Hyperon advances and progress updates, as well as some exciting milestones for implementing the underlying systems as they enter alpha.

The AI-DSL project is moving forward in exciting new directions, taking advantage of the recent advances in transformer neural networks and LLMs. And the Platform team has continued to work long hours with our development partners to create a staking platform that is secure and optimized. Discussions with the Cardano Hydra team are ramping up to ensure the Platform design for Cardano aligns with Hydra development and implementation. We are excited about the progress that Hydra development is making, as this opens up the opportunity for an efficient Platform implementation that can take advantage of the low fees and verifiability of the Cardano Blockchain. Across the board, advances in these development areas continue to flow, and we are excited to share more detailed updates soon.


TrueAGI is working to be at the forefront of Artificial General Intelligence and bringing AGI-as-a-Service to the Enterprise. The current priorities have been early engagement with lead users in order to meet their R&D goals and produce select MVPs that align with their vision. The team recently published an in-depth video explaining the TrueAGI architecture.

Cogito Protocol

Cogito Protocol had an exciting month post-launch as they ramped up their organizational activities.


The Rejuve.AI team announced a significant partnership with the innovative online cryptocurrency-friendly travel platform, Travala. This fantastic development propels Rejuve.AI’s mission of promoting longevity by increasing the utility of the RJV token, awarded to Longevity App users for contributions of their data through the Longevity App. Make sure to check out their Q2 roundup for more updates on their latest developments


The Sophiaverse team has been ramping up its activities and passionately working toward the upcoming launch of Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS) Metaverse. Watch Dr. David Hasnon and Sophia discuss the latest developments of SophiaVerse and Sophia’s AI Lab.


The Nunet team has officially closed their Project Catalyst-funded Decentralized GPU ML Cloud use case. They also shared the details of their highly-anticipated rewards structure for the Public Alpha Testnet participants.

SingularityNET & Ecosystem Events & Features—

SingularityNET is recognized as a global leader in beneficial, decentralized AI and AGI, social robotics, and the synergistic opportunities between AI and blockchain technology. Our team is regularly sought out to provide thought leadership across a range of critical topics on emerging technologies. Here are some of the most important events we led or participated in during June:

The 16th Annual AGI Conference: AGI-23

We were thrilled to sponsor the livestream for the 16th AGI Conference, presented by the AGI Society, which took place from June 16–19 in Stockholm, Sweden. AGI-23 was a key event in the progress toward AGI, convening researchers and practitioners from across disciplines to discuss their work and advances, as well as providing a space of collaboration toward creating intelligent machines at the human level and beyond.

Against the backdrop of an already eventful year, the Conference brought new insights and ideas into AGI's philosophical, technical, and ethical aspects—significantly facilitating AI's evolution into true AGI and positioning it on a beneficial continuum of intelligence. SingularityNET, TrueAGI, and the OpenCog Hyperon team joined AGI researchers from around the world who are at the forefront of these critical emerging technologies.

Over four days, the Conference brought highly engaging in-person and virtual experiences: mainstage keynotes and technical talks, demonstrations and presentations, and networking opportunities.

  • AGI-23 programming kicked off in Stockholm on June 16 with an OpenCog Hyperon workshop led by Dr. Ben Goertzel.
  • Anton Kolonin, AI and Blockchain Architect at SingularityNET presented an advanced version of an adaptive market-making agent capable of actively managing portfolios and learning mappings between specific market conditions & corresponding optimal strategies. Anton also conducted a workshop on Interpretable Natural Language Processing (INLP).
  • CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel fleshed out the connection between AGI’s theoretical and practical aspects, highlighting the motivations and advances of the OpenCog Hyperon AGI framework revision.
  • Nil Geisweiller introduced ROCCA (Rational OpenCog Controlled Agent), which leverages the OpenCog framework to fulfill goals in uncertain environments (and won a prize for Best AGI Application!).
  • Rachel St. Clair, CEO of our partner Simuli Inc., held a hands-on tutorial/workshop exploring how the Metagraph Pattern Matching Chip (MPMC) and the Nonlinear Decentralized Processing Unit (NDPU) are moving the needle on AGI.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making AGI-23 a truly memorable and enriching experience! Revisit the excitement any time on YouTube.

The Next Web Conference

Participating in the TNW Conference 2023 was an incredible opportunity for us to connect with amazing community members and tech industry leaders and elevate the global AI discussion to envision a positive future of new possibilities for inclusiveness and opportunity.

On the first day, COO Janet Adams passionately spoke about the immense possibilities AI and AGI hold in bringing about unprecedented technological and societal advances, solving some of the most pressing problems facing humanity — such as world hunger and inequalities — and transforming how individuals and groups across society live, work, and interact.

One of the key highlights of this talk, held with Jan Scheele, a Board Member at the Blockchain Netherlands Foundation, was her emphasis on decentralized governance as the solution to the AI ethics quandary. She explained how embedding decentralization principles into AI applications and processes can help build systems based on trust and ensure transparency, fairness, and accountability.

On the conference's second day, Janet joined Lila Ibrahim, COO of Google DeepMind, for an insightful panel discussing navigating the complex landscape ring responsibly to build a safe, ethical, and inclusive AI-enabled future. During her talk, Janet shared her vision for combating human bias and explained why AI presents a “once-in-a-species opportunity to weed out and eradicate bias” and foster unprecedented economic growth and prosperity for all.

Dutch Blockchain Days

Our COO, Janet Adams, and the CEO and Founder of, Humayun Sheikh, took the stage at the Dutch Blockchain Days, showcasing their friendship and undeniable synergy.

The two leaders discussed the combined values of AI and blockchain and highlighted how their respective ecosystems are building technology that promotes trust, inclusivity, and opportunity for all. Janet’s enthusiasm for Humayun’s visionary leadership resonated deeply with the audience, as did Humayun’s appreciation for Janet’s commitment to a positive and beneficial Singularity for the benefit of all of humanity.

This discussion demonstrated how we ve the way for a formative innovation in the decentralized AI space.

Vancouver Startup Week

At the 2023 Vancouver Startup Week, CEO Ben Goertzel engaged in a thought-provoking discussion alongside the Hon. Michelle Rempel Garner, Gary Marcus, Ariel Laver, and Bill McGraw. During his talk, Ben explained how to balance the potential benefits of generative AI technologies with the need to mitigate their risks.

His perspective highlighted that the future of AGI is hard to predict and acknowledged the irreducible uncertainty from the perspective of human-level minds. Therefore, rather than making definite predictions with specific possibilities, he discussed our collective responsibility to shape the future of AGI in a decentralized manner that prioritizes humanity's best interests — a vision rooted in the principles of decentralization, inclusiveness, and benevolence.

Cardano Impact Report 2023

SingularityNET and a number of the Ecosystem projects are extremely proud to be included in Sustainable ADA’s “Cardano Impact Report 2023”. This report showcases projects aspiring to make a lasting, positive societal and environmental impact on the world.

This is not just about Cardano and its partner communities like SingularityNET; it is about an awakening to the wider global issues we face today and a clear call to action that our time has come to address them head-on!

- Dr. Mihaela Ulieru, SNET Chief AI Alchemist

Learn more: SingularityNET and the Cardano Impact Report 2023: Blockchain as a Catalyst for Positive Change.

Mindplex Podcasts and Pubcasts in April

Don’t forget to check out the newest content on Mindplex Magazine, including Dr. Ben Goertzel’s blog post, where he examines LLMs and ethical capabilities, highlighting the need for a hopeful outlook and continued work: AI Now Predicts Human Ethical Judgments Quite Well.

→ Mindplex Podcast Episode 8:

  • Episode 8 of the Mindplex Podcast — This episode features a lively discussion with technologist, privacy, and security expert Chelsea Manning about numerous issues to consider when building, deploying, and securing AGI-enabled systems. Tune in to learn more about Chelsea’s perspective on AI cryptography, democratic AGI governance, and AI regulation and ethics!

→ Mindplex Podcast Episode 9:

  • Episode 9 of the Mindplex Podcast — Co-hosts Lisa Rein, Dr. Ben Goertzel, and Grace Robot were joined by Cloris Chen, CEO of Cogito Protocol, to discuss the vision and motivation behind the creation of Cogito’s AI Tracercoin asset class, DeFi risk mitigation, and the democratic, equitable future of the global financial system.
  • SingularityNET’s 9th episode livestream of the Mindplex Pubcast featured a thought-provoking discussion with Cloris Chen and Nejc Znidar from Cogito Protocol, where they delved into the design of Cogito’s first tracercoin, Gcoin, and shed light on how it will change the global financial landscape.

SingularityNET in the News

  • In an interview with Fox News, CEO Ben Goertzel discussed the transitional path from narrow AI to AGI, highlighting some of the benefits of human and superhuman-level systems from both societal and economic perspectives.
  • On a recent episode of The ONE’S Changing The WORLD podcast, COO Janet Adams discussed decentralized AGI and the Zarqa LLM and explained how AI technologies can help make the world a more equitable and sustainable place now and into the future.
  • CEO Ben Goertzel joined Ash Bennington, Senior Host and Crypto Editor of Real Vision, to discuss how AI and blockchain technologies can work together with profound implications across all sectors of human endeavor and ultimately for the future of humanity.
  • In an insightful article published in Mindplex Magazine, CPO Jan Horlings makes the case for developing ‘Super Compassion’ as an essential companion to ‘Super Intelligence’ and shares a possible roadmap to accomplish this in real life.
  • COO Jane Adamt’s panel discussions during TNW Conference 2023 sparked tremendous media interest, with journalists and reporters flocking to capture her optimism and belief in the potential of technology to transform our world for the better.
  • During an interview with CNBC, CEO Ben Goertzel explained how we can ensure an AI future that allows for human thriving.
  • Ben joined “Parker’s Pensées” to discuss the philosophy of AGI, exploring the distinction between analytic and continental philosophy and highlighting our work on OpenCog Hyperon.
  • The Business Post, a prominent business news website in Ireland, covered Ben and Janet’s panel discussion during the Dublin Tech Summit and highlighted Grace the healthcare robot’s ongoing clinical trial in Canada.
  • Ben and Janet sat down with Saori Honorato from Portal do Bitcoin to discuss the latest advancements in AI, the vision behind HyperCycle, and the role of blockchain in enabling decentralized, beneficial AGI (article in Portuguese).
  • COO Janet Adams sat down with Louis Juste to discuss the guiding values that distinguish our approach to AGI and how we are furthering AI ethics through neural-symbolic integration.

About SingularityNET

SingularityNET is a decentralized Platform and Marketplace for Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. Our mission is the creation of a decentralized, democratic, inclusive, and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), democratizing access to AI and AGI technologies through:

  • Our Platform, where anyone can develop, share, and monetize AI algorithms, models, and data.
  • OpenCog Hyperon, our premier neural-symbolic AGI Framework, will be a core service for the next wave of AI innovation.
  • Our Ecosystem, developing advanced AI solutions across market verticals to revolutionize industries

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