SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: May 2023

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The Latest updates from SingularityNET and the Ecosystem, including: 2 TGEs (HyperCycle and Cogito Protocol), Web Summit Rio coverage, and development updates from the Platform and OpenCog teams

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Greetings Singularitarians,

May has been a jam packed month, including our second and third ecosystem project launches of the year, HyperCycle and Cogito Protocol. SingularityNET also had the opportunity to attend major tech events, and share the advances the project and ecosystem are building, toward benevolent and decentralized AGI. Check out the months highlights, and join us on our journey into the unbound future:

· Latest SingularityNET & Ecosystem Updates and Events —
Web Summit Rio
Dublin Tech Summit
“AI Talks in Rio” Panel
· Mindplex Podcasts and Pubcasts in April
· Ecosystem News & Big Events
· Inside SingularityNET — May 2023 Edition
· SingularityNET In the News — May 2023

Latest SingularityNET & Ecosystem Updates and Events —

Web Summit Rio

Ben Goertzel in a Panel Discussion at Web Summit Rio, discussing the limitation of Generative AI

This month, Ben Goertzel, Janet Adams, Desi and Grace robots, and many others from the SingularityNET project joined tech industry leaders and game-changers at one of the premier tech events in the world, Web Summit Rio. Web Summit has been called “where the future goes to be born”. It was also a fantastic opportunity to meet more of our Brazilian community.

This four-day summit saw Dr. Ben Goertzel take part in an insightful panel alongside Daniela Braga and Itxaso del Palacio, discussing the limitations of generative AI. After acknowledging the merits of deep neural networks and the fascinating ML algorithms that are absorbing most of the world’s attention today, he explained where they fall short, specifically, in terms of true understanding, reasoning, and context-awareness.

Ben also took the stage for two events with our own Social Robots, Desi and Grace, to share some of our current projects and plans that will expand even more possibilities for the SingularityNET ecosystem. Ben demonstrated some of Desi’s advanced musical AI capabilities, composing and performing live to a packed audience. And, in a captivating demonstration with Grace, he and AI researcher Andres Suarez conducted a live meditation session led by Grace the healthcare robot. The session served as a demonstration of Grace’s distinctive abilities in assisting patients undergoing rehabilitation.

Obrigado Web Summit Rio, Obrigado Brasil! We hope to see you soon.

Dublin Tech Summit

Fireside Chat on The Transformation of Society by Advancing AI at Dublin Tech Summit

We were thrilled to take part in the 2023 edition of the Dublin Tech Summit! Ireland is Janet Adam’s home turf, and she was thrilled to bring a taste of our world-changing technologies to the Dublin tech community. Dr. Ben Goertzel delivered an insightful keynote discussing what comes next for large language models, exploring the potential of large language models to drive innovation and transform industries, as well as the considerations and challenges of developing and deploying these powerful tools. He then shared his and our vision as a decentralized ecosystem for the future of AI and AGI.

Later, during a fireside chat on, Ben was joined by COO Janet Adams and Desdemona Robot, the lead vocalist of the Jam Galaxy Band, for a unique fireside chat discussing “The Transformation of Society by Advancing AI: Human and Robotic Perspectives”. The trio explored the potential of AI to drive innovation and improve people’s lives, as well as the ethical considerations and challenges of integrating AI into society.

“AI Talks in Rio” Panel

AI Talks — Rio Edition; Ben Goertzel with Daniela Brage, Maya Pindeus, and moderator Olive Goh

Dr. Ben Goertzel joined Daniela Brage and Maya Pindeus, along with moderator Olive Goh to discuss the challenges and potential solutions for developing unbiased, ethical AI. During this panel, titled “AI and Ethics: Are We on Track for Trustworthy Unbiased AI?” In his intervention, Ben addressed the relationship between investing in AI and economics and highlighted the importance of democratic, decentralized governance of powerful AI models.

Mindplex Podcasts and Pubcasts in April

Don’t forget to check out the newest content on Mindplex Magazine, including Dr. Rachel St. Clair’s blog post where she discusses the nature of reality and explores an AGI approach rooted in the Holographic Theory: AGI Lessons From Holography.

→ Mindplex Podcast Episode 6:

  • Episode 6 of the Mindplex Podcast — In this episode, Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. Alexey Potapov, two of the key minds behind Opencog Hyperon and TrueAGI, delved into the building blocks of their cognitive approach to AGI and gave an in-depth run-through of the new MeTTa AGI programming language. MeTTa is utilized in Hyperon to encode AI processes for both humans and AI algorithms. It serves as a smart contract language in the HyperCycle ledgerless blockchain.
  • SingularityNET’s 6th episode livestream Mindplex Pubcast — Dr. Alexey Potapov and Dr. Matt Iklé, as TrueAGI’s Chief AGI Officer and CSO respectively, joined co-hosts Ben Goertzel, Lisa Rein, and Grace Robot, for a fascinating dive into the fundamentals of building human-level AGI, and how TrueAGI aims to open up new business opportunities for enterprises.

→ Mindplex Podcast Episode 7:

  • Episode 7 of the Mindplex Podcast — Co-hosts Lisa Rein, Dr. Ben Goertzel, and Desdemona the Robot were joined by Tyson Yunkaporta & Megan Kelleher to discuss the unique Indigenous perspective on consciousness, cognition, governance, and to provide alternative viewpoints to cultural norms.
  • SingularityNET’s 7th episode livestream Mindplex Pubcast featured a thought-provoking discussion with Tyson Yunkaporta and Megan Kelleher, where they shared their experience looking at modern civilization through an indigenous lens.

Ecosystem News & Big Events

Cogito Protocol
Cogito’s Community Launchpad Event kicked off in June, to culminate in their Token Generation Event (TGE) on June 02 — see all the details about Cogito’s tracercoins and governance token, and read about how they will help empower the evolution of stablecoins. Don’t miss this!

HyperCycle’s highly successful Token Generation Event (TGE) occurred on May 8th. Thank you to everyone who participated in the TGE, and supported HyperCycle’s mission to secure the internet of AI. Your support and passion, as always, are what made this event successful. Learn more: HyperCycle Successfully Completed TGE for $8m+

The Sophiaverse team released the project’s whitepaper, providing an overview of their vision for the future of metaverses and offering a glimpse into the exciting future of the Sophia’s Age of Singularities (SAOS) Metaverse. Watch this introductory video by CEO David Hanson and stay tuned for more information!

The Nunet team celebrated a significant milestone with the successful execution of a machine learning job on Nunet’s decentralized infrastructure by one of their community members. This achievement marked a groundbreaking moment in the journey toward building a decentralized computing platform that empowers developers, users, and organizations to harness the full potential of distributed computing.

The Mindplex team held a writing contest for future-focused articles to encourage critical thinking and take on various topics and foster a community of forward-thinking individuals dedicated to shaping a brighter tomorrow. Learn more about the competition and keep an eye out for future initiatives!

Inside SingularityNET — May 2023 Edition

For a comprehensive overview of project progress, expectations, and next step, watch all the project leader updates in May’s “Inside SingularityNET” ecosystem leaders’ meeting. Here is a summary of what the projects shared during the meeting:

  • The CEO of HyperCycle, Toufi Saliba, shared his excitement following the completion of their TGE and discussed some of the main goals driving the development of HyperCycle and how they’re looking to address scalability challenges in order to drive adoption.
  • Cloris Chen, CEO of Cogito Protocol, provided an update on their TGE preparations and announced the successful onboarding of a VP of Engineering and a CMO, bringing valuable experience and insights to drive Cogito’s development and marketing strategies.
  • Jon Grove, Project Advisor at Sophiaverse, offered a great update on his team’s progress toward the release of Sophia’s Age of Singularities and offered a sneak peek at some of their upcoming initiatives.
  • The CTO of Rejuve.AI, Dr. Deborah Duong, shared the latest on the preparations for the public launch of the Rejuve Longevity app and spotlighted some of the exciting upcoming developments.
  • The CEO of Rejuve.Bio, Kennedy Schaal, reported on her presentation at the Emerging Tech Venture Summit in Silicon Valley and provided a status update on Methuselah Flies’ DNA and RNA sequencing.
  • The COO of TrueAGI, Dr.Robert Werko, shared the latest developments and activities in TrueAGI, including:
    → The release of the TrueAGI lightpaper;
    → Increased social media presence: Twitter, Linkedin;
    → The renewed TrueAGI architecture;
    → Ongoing outreach initiatives to universities.
  • Hruy Tsegaye, CEO, and Conor O’Higgins, COO of Mindplex, discussed their recently held writing contest and highlighted the importance of Mindplex’s AI-powered reputation system.
  • SingularityNET COO, Janet Adams, and CTO, Sergey Shalyapin, shared the latest on the next generation of neural-symbolic LLMs, Zarqa, and highlighted our unique large-scale Human In The Loop (HITL) model training approach.
  • The CTO of SingularityNET, Sergey Shalyapin, provided an update on our platform development progress, including testing a new modular architecture to automatically generate the UI for AI services.
  • Dr. Matt Iklé, CSO of SingularityNET, shared insights into AI-DSL development progress and discussed our ongoing work on program synthesis and formal proof methods to construct programs that provably satisfy high-level specifications.
  • Dr. Alexey Potapov, Chief AGI Officer of SingularityNET, shared a status update on MeTTa development, including the formalization of a core part of the MeTTa interpreter and the completion of the porting process of the dialogue system from OpenCog classic.
  • Haley Lowy, Marketing Lead of SingularityNET, explained how our ecosystem projects fit together into our common vision of achieving decentralized, beneficial AGI, and highlighted the content and reach we are sharing throughout our different platforms, to bring awareness to the SingularityNET project, ecosystem, and beneficial AGI.
  • The CPO of SingularityNET, Jan Horlings, discussed some of our ongoing decentralization initiatives and explained how we are leveraging the voices of the community to decide on the future of the ecosystem.

SingularityNET In the News — May 2023

  • In an impassioned op-ed featured on Fox News, CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel, explained why, rather than pausing training, we should ensure that AI and AGI are developed in an open-source, decentralized, and benevolent way.
  • Dr. Ben Goertzel sat down with Noor Al-Sibai from Futurism to discuss human-level intelligence, highlighting how we are building decentralized, coherent AGI systems capable of solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. Read the full interview.
  • In an interview with BeInCrypto, COO Janet Adams discussed how the convergence of AI and blockchain opens the door for a more equitable, inclusive, and truly decentralized AI governance.
  • Dr. Ben Goertzel joined Brian Rose on London Real to discuss why accelerating AI development in ways tailored to serve the needs of those of us concerned with humanity’s welfare outweighs the potential risks.
  • Dr. Ben Goertzel’s interview with the AFP global news agency on AI and the future of work has been covered by major media outlets all over the world: Yahoo News, the Daily Mail or The Hill, France24, Fox Business, and more.

About SingularityNET

SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. It aims to democratize access to AI technologies by creating a platform where anyone can develop, share, and monetize AI algorithms, models, and data. The project is focused on creating a global community of AI developers, users, and stakeholders to accelerate the development and adoption of advanced AI technologies.

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