SingularityNET Operations — Q1 2023 Update

Janet Adams
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24 min readApr 25, 2023


The latest updates on our Roadmap, HR, Partnerships and Decentralization, plus a birds-eye view of the AI landscape from COO Janet Adams.

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Update from the COO: The Singularity draws closer…

It is a great pleasure to share the Q1 Operations update with our loyal community supporters who have been with us through thick and thin, and also with our new community members! Welcome to SingularityNET to our almost 28,000 new followers on our social channels and thanks for joining the most exciting technology revolution of all time!

What a quarter it has been! AI is finally where it belongs — front and center of mind for every company small and large, for the population at large who are using ChatGPT, for investors looking to invest in AI projects and for the nerds and the geeks like me who simply take joy in the rise of advanced technology for the betterment of the human condition.

This bright AI summer we have entered into has brought a surge of interest and media coverage for SingularityNET, of which we here at the team are very proud. My favorite headline from the quarter was this one:

… just says it all for me! Read on to see why…

Having recently spent a day at MIT in the company of giants such as Stephen Wolfram, Dave Blundin and Lex Friedman at the amazing Imagination In Action event, targeted at how AI can be used to support industry, I feel I really have my finger on the pulse of what is hot and what is not in AI right now and would like to share my thoughts and insights. Here is a shot of the crowd and the eagle eyed may spot quite a few singularitarians there — myself, Mihaela Ulieriu at the front, and can you spot the amazing Eddie Monroe!

Key takeaways:

  • Generative models are surging in popularity (no big news there!) with allegedly 25M visitors to ChatGPT per day!!!
  • ChatGPT is the fastest growing product in the history of humanity
  • The pace of this technology revolution is the fastest ever with Jensen Huang forecasting a million percent increase in processor speed in the next ten years
  • A senior MD from Accenture commented at MIT that: “The main theme I’m hearing from the boardroom is accelerated timeline. This is a kind of urgency I’ve never seen before”
  • The woes, trials and tribulations of generative models like ChatGPT are becoming ever more clear and more widely reported and discussed; their cognitive limitations are visible for all to see (i.e. they can’t reason and don’t know when they are wrong)
  • One very interesting stat I heard at MIT is that there are only 10,000 serious AI scientists and practitioners in the world. Imagine. That is 0.000125% of humanity tasked with developing the technologies that are set to transform the world in ways unimaginable right now. What a huge responsibility that is for those of us leading the charge and we do not take it lightly here at SingularityNET.
  • It felt like there was a growing acceptance in the AI community that were gathered together for this event, or at least the most switched on, that neural-symbolic AI techniques (a SNet area of expertise and specialism) are required for large generative models to take their next step to overcome the limitations of purely Deep Neural network (DNN) based models
  • There are hundreds of innovative AI businesses starting to reshape industry from the ground up one process at a time and they are inspiring and brilliant
  • There are not so many novel big ideas around right now, in fact, I would go so far as to say I didn’t really see any at MIT even though the actual use cases and implementations were all absolutely brilliant and life changing for the target markets they are aimed at. However, mostly the startups I saw are eating the elephant one bite at a time, which is fantastic and will ultimately change the fabric of industry, just not in one giant co-ordinated leap, like SingularityNET is doing. I’d also add I came away with the same impression from AIBC and World Blockchain Summit conferences in Dubai recently — there are lots of really great use cases being developed but few if any visionary, genuinely unique, or massively impactful projects out there. I saw nothing that makes my heart race (unlike some of our SNet projects!)
  • Expectations of AGI timelines in the room were quoted as 10 to 20 years; well we have a better idea ;) read on…

AGI draws close:

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, and that idea is AGI. And it’s not just an idea whose time has come but one that is backed by over 3 decades of research by the very finest minds in AI and AGI, led by our visionary leader Dr Ben Goertzel, and a team of outstanding AI scientists here at SingularityNET (who I might add are not having their heads turned by the glittering offers they are all receiving on probably a daily basis from head hunters — we are here for the passion and we are here for the singularity and we will not be bought out for short term gain at a big tech company or competitor!). Here at SingularityNET we are continuing to power forward our AGI R&D as we outline below, and working towards an estimated timeline of 3–7 years to reach human level AGI now that we have the building blocks of our AGI tech stack built and in place for exponential impact. Our path is accelerated by the recent addition of Rholang as announced recently, which allows multiple processes to start, run, and complete in overlapping periods of time in an efficient manner. We welcome the brilliant Greg Meredith to our SNet family; thank you for joining us and driving forwards the pace and speed of our tech stack.

However that doesn’t mean we will have a boring 3 year wait, oh no far far from it. In fact quite the opposite. The rise of generative models, expanded public perception and adoption of AI, and massive investment flowing into AI has opened an opportunity door through which SingularityNET has charged with Zarqa, a traditional finance project based in the UAE. Zarqa will infuse LLMs and other large models with neural-symbolic AI techniques and create a new breed of vastly more powerful hybrid LLMs to transform every industry and put the power of technology in the hands of the people and the small businesses and the whole world instead of just big tech.

This newly emergent project from SingularityNET will purchase thousands of GPUs on which to train our neural-symbolic large language models and indeed our AGI and all the other AI models we run. Zarqa will work side by side with TrueAGI to integrate its LLMs with OpenCog Hyperon’s symbolic and evolutionary inference, and to deploy smart LLMs to enterprises wrapped in TrueAGI APIs. You will see and hear more about Zarqa as Quarter 2 progresses, see our recent AMA for example. We are enjoying huge interest from both investors and high quality academic and corporate partners.

Other highlights from me from an action packed quarter were:

  • SingularityNET showed the world how our powerful team of women CEOs and leaders are driving towards the singularity in our series of International Women’s Day panel discussions on our youtube channel here: I am pretty always inspired and motivated but these panels really shone a light on the brilliant female talent in our ecosystem and the joy of driving positive change together
  • We have materially bolstered our treasury position, shining a benevolent light on the roadmap and super-powering us forward
  • We are filling some linchpin positions to make our organization ready for the exponential growth of the AI industry. This includes a Chief Marketing Office as well as other marketing-related roles, a new VP of Operations, a VP of Engineering, two new senior developers on our OpenCog Hyperon Team, an Operational Manager for Deep Funding and more!
  • I got to spend some quality time with David Orban, the fabulous Chair of the Supervisory Council in Dubai, and he shared his unique insights into the future of AI and how the advent of AGI will be a time for much greater freedom for humans
  • The brief unpegging of USDC demonstrated clearly to the market that a non-fiat pegged stable-ish asset class is required in crypto — time for Cogito Protocol’s tracercoins
  • Last but not least, we also took this momentum to execute a successful TGE for Rejuve Network, and are proud of setting up this organization to grow and flourish independently within the greater SingularityNET ecosystem. Huge congratulations to the amazing Jasmine Smith and all the team at SingularityNET and SingularityDAO who made this launch such a success. And a very big thanks to those members of our community who took part in the launch and supported us with all your comments and likes and social media activity. We said it before we will say it again — you are the wind beneath our wings and we are very grateful for you!

As always there have also been some headwinds; we have had a setback during our rigorous testing procedures with the discovery of an issue in our third-party developed code for staking on Cardano. We are still analyzing the situation but expect that this may set us back as much as 2 months, which would bring us into early Quarter 3. Secondly, the time spent managing the successful Rejuve TGE has impacted the reporting on our 2022 annual financial accounts; now shooting for end May to publish. Next year I am aiming for this to be by the end of Quarter 1.

These aside, it is clear that the AI revolution is gathering pace and that SingularityNET is extremely positively positioned to fulfill our visionary goals in driving forward technology for the advancement and benefit of the greatest number of people on the planet, and bringing about a positive and beneficial singularity. Read on for details from the team and thanks once again for being such a fantastic and engaged community! I absolutely love and appreciate all your supportive comments on social media and never forget what an honor it is to be of service to you all, and to our great visionary leader Dr Ben Goertzel, to our incredible tech teams and all those who believe in a brighter future.

Observations on engineering and blockchain:

In December, we executed a handover from our previous blockchain and engineering team to an in-house team of AI, blockchain, UX/UI and development experts we have been growing as part of a larger restructuring program. These accomplished professionals are rising to the occasion and taking on all challenges head-first!

While getting hands-on with the existing code, the new team has already finished some new projects. These include:

  • Finishing the majority of the staking portal on Cardano
  • Developing a new frontend for the Voting portal and enabling it to support multichain votes
  • Creating ‘mywallets’; a tool to connect multiple wallets on different chains
  • Being instrumental in helping our spinoff, Rejuve Tech, to a successful Token Generation Event!

At the same time, our engineering team is quickly getting into the nitty gritty details of the platform, and has already significantly improved the onboarding process (more on that below).

All this was only made possible by the outstanding commitment of the team, working with perseverance — and lots of extra hours — and with maximum dedication to ensure that not only things continue to run smoothly, but also building the foundations for further growth. SingularityNET management cannot overstate their gratitude to the team, and we are looking forward to all things to come fuelled by the enthusiasm and ideas from this growing team.

Decentralization summit

Last Friday, April 21th, we organized a successful decentralization summit showcasing talks from many experts in the field. Most importantly, this event also marks the kickoff of our next step in decentralizing the SingularityNET Foundation! We hope you will all be participating in the events and conversations leading up to the creation of our new decentralized entity, starting with the election of a renewed Supervisory Council!
Read more on this important topic in the decentralization paragraph at the bottom of the article.

Roadmap update

Notes on the roadmap:

OpenCog Hyperon

Our MeTTa interpreter is under steady development. ‘Space API’ has been implemented making it possible for different types of spaces (such as the distributed atomspace) to be used within MeTTa. Improvements related to variable bindings, type checking, expression indexing, and other internals were made, allowing many urgent issues to be fixed. The SingularityNET dialogue system was ported from Atomese (OpenCog Classic) to MeTTa without loss of efficiency.

We are working on compiling MeTTA into Rho Lang to enable parallel processing, which has the potential of dramatically speeding up MeTTa performance

Minecraft AI mod was published and is under further development and extension, with our AI agents keeping up-to-date with new Minecraft versions and working on different platforms. Right now we are prioritizing neuro-symbolic integration with Large Language Models, following the success of LLMs like GPT4.

Distributed Atom Space (Das):

We have successfully begun to import the gigantic FlyBase genome database into DAS in collaboration with We are now working to tune the database engines in order to allow us to develop AI algorithms using DAS pattern-matching queries. This is a big leap for DAS and once complete will be a demonstration of the capabilities of OpenCog Hyperon as benchmarked against OpenCog Classic performance.

The integration of DAS in the Rust MeTTa parser will be completed by developing a cache layer inside the parser, using the new ‘spaces’ API. This layer will have the capability to manipulate ‘atoms’ in DAS (create, read, update, delete, and pattern-matching queries) and will provide fast access to stored knowledge as well as a policy to transmit information to/from the DB layer.

AI-Domain Specific Language (DSL)
We are consistently building on a solid foundation that will allow us to move forward with speed and confidence. We are currently creating a test environment on the platform based on the Goerli Network to experiment with AI-DSL directly on the platform, using the existing CLI (command line interface). We are building an Idris-based SDK, leveraging Idris’ state-of-the-art features, including discovery of appropriate services, by means of their actual input-output specification instead of any predefined naming convention. This SDK will ultimately enable AI-DSL to easily call, compose, verify, specify, and possibly synthesize AI services to create new AI service compositions. These compositions will then be easy to publish to the marketplace for further usage.

The Decentralized AI Platform

After finalizing the handover from the former team, our new platform team is making good progress in their improvement initiatives. We managed to simplify the onboarding process by introducing a ‘one-click ETCD configuration’, ironing out a part that was sometimes challenging for teams to get right. Furthermore, we created 2 new and improved technical onboarding manuals after validating and streamlining all steps in the process. This new documentation is now available on demand and will be released generally when the new version of the Publisher Portal is live. As the new publisher portal and streamlined onboarding process are rolled out, we will give all AI developer teams personal guidance in their onboarding process.

Simultaneously, we are prioritizing the next iteration of training-data integration. This feature will enable AI consumers to train publicly available models with their own proprietary data. This functionality is already available but the current implementation requires more work to make it a user-friendly option for any model.

AI services released on the platform

At the beginning of the quarter we had 68 services on the marketplace. Currently, we are counting 73 services.
The new services are:

  • Risk-Aware-Assessment (org: Photrek):
    The service provides a histogram plot of probabilities generated by a model and overlays three metrics (Accuracy, Decisiveness and Robustness).
  • Coupled Variational Encoder (org: Photrek):
    The service provides a demonstration of the application of non-linear statistical coupling to Variational AutoEncoders.
  • Poetic Text Generation (org: Native Intelligence):
    The service receives a textual seed in English and outputs the generated poetic text for a given seed.
  • Neural Grammar Correction (org: Native Intelligence):
    The service receives the source text, and then gives the grammatically correct text.
  • Automatic Code Generation (org: Native Intelligence):
    The service receives a textual seed in English and thereafter generates code based on this in one of the programming languages.

We are especially happy to see the activity in this list from the Deep Funding teams! The first services from Photrek have been onboarded to the marketplace, the next candidates are a service from Museverse and a service from Carbix. In the meantime, the Zero2AI team is making great progress in onboarding automation from hugging face to the SingularityNET platform!

Blockchain and Cardano migrations

Our new blockchain team has also taken charge of the many ongoing blockchain projects.

The team recently finished the blockchain and contract elements for the Rejuve Network Token Generation Event, and has extended the token bridge to support the RJV token.

The team also worked long hours to upgrade the SingularityNET voting portal to support AGIX on both Ethereum and Cardano. And, instrumental for both the Rejuve token launch and the voting process, the new ‘wallet linking tool’ is a relatively small but significant functionality upgrade for SingularityNET as a cross-platform project. This tool allows token holders to link and unlink any number of wallets on both blockchains to a single ‘collection ID’. We expect this to become a very useful utility in other operations as well, such as connecting reputations from wallets on multiple chains and platforms.

Deep Funding

Voting for round 2 has just ended with promising results. You can read a detailed overview of the results and an analysis of the vote on our blog. The progress from round 1 to 2 is quite amazing, as we are growing to twice the size of round 1 already. We are further investing in the team, tooling, and most importantly, our community. We are very content with the success of the community-organized Town Halls — the new community-driven eligibility reviews — and the peer-review process executed by the awarded team members. While this is still experimental, this community-driven collaboration shows great promise, which is why we will streamline and improve this dynamic for the coming rounds.

We are extremely happy to announce the recruitment of Rafael Presa, in the role of ‘Deep Funding Operations Manager’. You will be seeing a lot of him as his first and main tasks will be to coordinate and organize community and team collaborations and ensure that our social channels are relevant and up to date.

Besides processes, we are also investing in the development of our Deep Funding website. You can now visit the awarded team’s detail pages and see their complete proposal, as well as all presentations, milestone statuses, and progress updates. And there is more to come!

In short, there is a lot to do, and while we might experience some growing pains along the way, we couldn’t be more optimistic about the future of Deep Funding. We are looking forward to continuously build and mature, together with you, our beloved community!

Rejuve Network

Quarter 1 saw the official launch of the RJV token on 4 chains: Ethereum, Cardano, BNB, and Step Chain. RJV also became available for staking on SingularityDAO’s unbonded pools, on ETH and BNB. The public round closed in 72 seconds on SDAO launchpad, also launching on Dao Maker and Step App launchpads.

The Closed Beta of the Longevity app has now reached 1000 Beta testers, mostly limited to such a small base to avoid confusion between the (new) real token and the placeholder RJV tokens being ‘earned’ in the Beta test, which will not propagate or be redeemable for RJV tokens. The Rejuve.AI Project also recently released a Development Update covering the progress of the app launch. The app is expected to release in Q2, and the successful launch also gives the team more opportunity to focus on the front-end implementation of Bayes Expert on the marketplace.

Rejuve Biotech

Rejuve Bio aims to investigate changes in gene expressions in various life stages. This “time point DNA and RNA sequencing” project has begun in earnest, and data generation is currently underway. Post-reproduction Super Methuselah flies (which are the product of a multi-decade-long research project uniquely licensed to SingularityNET / Rejuve Biotech) are the first to be sequenced and analyzed. The team is enthusiastically looking forward to further scale and complete the project with 2 additional time points.

In Q1, the project launched the new website together with Rejuve Bio social media channels including LinkedIn; Facebook; CrunchBase; Telegram; YouTube, and last but not least; Twitter — where their following has already increased over 500% in the first month!

In the meantime, the world is picking up on the promise of Rejuve Biotech, especially in the longevity domain: Kennedy Schaal, the CEO of Rejuve Biotech has been invited to speak at the young Ventures Emerging Tech Venture Summit in May in Silicon Valley.

Cogito Protocol

The Cogito team has been hard at work on our demo during Q1, and we are pleased to announce that it is ready to be released soon. We are very grateful to the team for their hard work, and excited to share with the community this first hands-on view of how the Gcoin tracercoin will operate. We are confident that it will showcase the innovative technology and capabilities of the Cogito platform.

Cogito is also working on forming a partnership with a university, to fund a postgraduate team for the creation and maintenance of their Green Index with a targeted contract for 2 years. We recently onboarded a new VP of Engineering, as well. “With their extensive experience and expertise, we are confident that they will help us continue to grow and innovate,” said Cloris Chen, the CEO of Cogito.

And finally, as we gear up for the Cogito Token Generation Event, we are working closely with our partners to ensure that everything is in place for a successful launch. The team has been hard at work through the quarter increasing their levels of marketing and outreach in support of their accelerated launch plans, and growing the project following. Social media followers have doubled over the past month, while Cogito attended events like ETH Dubai, AIBC Summit, and Blockchain Economy and participated in Women in Cardano. We are excited to share our vision with the community and to bring our platform to the market.

This quarter has been the most exciting to date in Mindplex’s short history as, after much hard work, the project has launched the Mindplex Magazine and Mindplex Podcast. The Mindplex community has tripled since the launch and is continuing to grow, just like the project’s Telegram, Youtube, and Twitter follower count. The flagship AI products, the reputation and recommendation algorithms are live on the Magazine. The AI that makes the recommendation and reputation systems work is deployed on the website. The Ethereum code is written, but the magazine is not yet making API calls to the marketplace.

The community already has the opportunity to earn MPXR reputation points, which will shortly be connected to the blockchain-tokenized version.

Users can sign up for a Mindplex account, where they will see personalized recommendations, react and comment to content, and begin earning their own MPXR. The beta version of the Mindplex Social Feed is now live as well; by creating an account, clicking on their profile picture, and navigating to “Social Feed” users can message each other, post status updates, etc. This is an experimental implementation. and plans for a more robust and dynamic system are in development. This update will have the added benefit of allowing a flow of dialogue between article comments and feed participants.


The NuNet team has been laser-focused on launching Public Alpha this quarter. Several milestones have already been achieved along the way, such as the successful integration to the Libp2p network., after which a steady increase of compute providers and onboarded GPU providers have run initial ML jobs on NuNet!

The team also had an exciting in-person meetup in Georgia, where the developers came together to successfully test Public Alpha release with the Decentralized GPU ML use case. NuNet was able to deploy an ML job from a service provider’s machine to run on decentralized GPU & CPUs, and were rewarded with NTX, NuNet’s utility token.

The NuNetPublic Alpha is currently undergoing auditing and the team is enthusiastic to share the results with the community. This will be a major step forward in building a decentralized computing platform that empowers developers, users, and organizations to harness the full potential of distributed computing!

Jam Galaxy
Jam Galaxy is making exciting progress in revolutionizing the music industry, including an upgraded website that will provide a clearer user experience for everyone. Alongside this, the team is releasing new singles while developing an innovative artist portal, set to launch in the second quarter. In the quest to reshape the global music landscape, the project is also exploring decentralized streaming options for a groundbreaking listening experience. Stay tuned as Jam Galaxy continues its journey to create a more open and dynamic music ecosystem for artists, fans, and stakeholders.


TrueAGI is working to be at the forefront of Artificial General Intelligence and bringing AGI-as-a-Service to the Enterprise. The current priorities have been early engagement with lead users in order to meet their R&D goals and produce select MVPs that align with their vision. TrueAGI has also been aggressively reaching out to potential clients all around the world in order to enroll them in our early adopter program. The project has been focused on partnerships and engagement with world-class companies in the SaaS and enterprise communities, both inside and beyond the AGI domain.

TrueAGI’s long-term success will be based on its ability to connect across many AI frameworks. The plan going forward is to integrate our AGI ecosystem, including Hyperon and Zarqa LLMs, with existing AI methodology and APIs, enabling businesses to plug in their own AI models and connect to the larger infrastructure. TrueAGI’s approach is very customizable, allowing enterprises to choose a decentralized, centralized, or hybrid approach, hosting their own network or platforms while remaining connected to TrueAGI’s architecture. Stay in touch as more will be shared about our work with the public, community, and partners in the coming months as we continue to evolve our R&D and promote awareness among the public, community, and partners. TrueAGI’s emphasis on connection, partnerships, and early involvement with lead users demonstrates the company’s commitment to transforming the field of artificial intelligence and positively benefiting humanity.

Twin Protocol

Twin Protocol is more dedicated than ever to bring decentralized personal AI to where people are. The project has had a busy first quarter, with plenty of exciting highlights to share. A big milestone is the launch of our first avatar TWIN, Nova. In addition to appearing in various marketing campaigns, Nova made her debut on the Web3 Show, Fintech.TV from the New York Stock Exchange floor.

Twin Protocol has also entered into a partnership with edYOU to bring avatars and AI to TWIN. This collaboration will help foster an even more engaged community and open up new opportunities for knowledge sharing.

The project has also added a dedicated technology development team as it prepares for a token generating event. As Twin Protocol moves quickly, it continues to grow its team to hit the goals. Twin Protocol is launching B2C and B2B sales, as well as introducing a new community platform that will provide resources and support. Join the waitlist to get all TWIN updates as they are moving quickly.

HR Update

In line with our renewed strategic focus, we are strengthening the SingularityNET organization with some new positions in the areas of Marketing, Operations, and Development. This has led to an overall increase in headcount from 130 on 31 Dec 2022 to 141 as of 31 March 2023.
We are very happy with the new talents we have recruited, making our organization stronger and more capable to execute on our ambitious mission.

At this time, we have one open position for SingularityNET:

  • Senior AI Software Developer (MeTTa/AI)

To keep updated on new opportunities, please check our job page regularly:

Rejuve.AI job opportunities:
After the successful Token Generation Event, Rejuve.AI is ready for further growth. Therefore we would also like to bring these open positions for Rejuve.AI under your attention:

Rejuve Network

  • Bioinformaticist (or Data Scientist)
  • Blockchain Technician
  • QA/Tester Engineer
  • Senior App Developer (Back End)
  • Senior App Developer (Front End)
  • Financial Controller
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Medical Content Writer

If you are interested in any of these open positions, please send your resume to As a SingularityNET community member, you have a clear advantage because you already have a good understanding of our mission, our values, and all projects in our ecosystem. Therefore we love to get applications from our SingularityNET community!

We are working continuously on engagement and outreach events to build a diverse and inclusive global organization that can represent the needs of all communities!


We kick off 2023 with a strong start here at SingularityNET, continuing to forge new partnerships in the first quarter of the year.

One of the major highlights of Q1 was the Cogito Protocol spin-off entering a strategic partnership with COTI, a Layer 1 enterprise-grade fintech platform building on Cardano.

COTI and Cogito are partnering on the development of payment blockchain technology. Cogito Protocol provides an AI-driven framework for tracercoins, a new class of digital assets that includes an AI-managed stablecoin that is completely independent of fiat or any other digital asset. Now Cogito will add Djed, a crypto-backed algorithmic stablecoin developed by COTI, to its treasury, and also establish a Cogito/Djed trading pair.

DJED is a Cardano blockchain stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar. This new partnership will undoubtedly accelerate both Djed and Cogito’s growth, as well as provide an important tool for both the SingularityNET and Cardano ecosystems.

Our second big announcement of Q1 was Simuli; as Ben and Rachel St.Clair, CEO of Simuli, have discussed previously on the Mindplex podcast, SingularityNET and Simuli join forces to revolutionize AI Hardware, and build an AGI-optimized computer chip. The collaboration aims to bring efficient processing of high-dimensional vectors to the hardware level and accelerate various AI-related processes, including neural net learning, homomorphic encryption, graph database search, and more. The unique use of hypervector mathematics will allow the support of new types of artificial intelligence with a much smaller number of processors than what is currently needed with traditional CPUs and GPUs.

Edwin Eyre, Partnerships manager, will be interviewing Rachel St.Clair, CEO of Simuli this week which will be available to view soon for our community.

Additionally, SingularityNET and its spinoff announced a new partnership with Lucius Gregory Meredith’s company This collaboration aims to accelerate progress toward true artificial general intelligence by integrating Meredith’s Rholang software into the OpenCog Hyperon AGI toolkit. Rholang was founded on Meredith’s groundbreaking rho calculus mathematics. It provides incomparable sophistication for concurrent programming.

In other words, it allows multiple processes to start, run, and complete in overlapping periods of time in an efficient manner, saving both time and resources.

TrueAGI’s applications run on the Hyperon framework, which allows it to leverage the SingularityNET decentralized coordination fabric. Integrating Rholang into the system will enable Hyperon to fully leverage the power of modern multiprocessor architectures.
This partnership will fast-track the development of a scalable high-speed interpreter for Hyperon’s Meta-Type-Talk (MeTTa) language. In turn, MeTTa fully leverages concurrent processing and is fully blockchain ready, via the incorporation of Rholang on the back end.

We end Q1 with an announcement on our partnership with, a fintech company that specialises in blockchain-based HR solutions for businesses and employees. The collaboration aims to develop AI-powered services that will facilitate matchmaking between job seekers and job offers on’s LaborX platform.

This recruitment platform connects individuals with work opportunities worldwide and enables them to get paid in cryptocurrency. By integrating SingularityNET’s AI solutions, plans to enhance the selection process by filtering out the best potential matches and reducing recruitment workloads through automation.

The advanced AI solutions will also eliminate screening bias, expand candidate sources, and improve the recruitment experience overall. All developed services and solutions will be available on SingularityNET’s decentralized AI marketplace for third-party acquisition and application.

Partnerships Dashboard

We are also thrilled to announce that we have signed contracts with three new partners through March and early April, and we are currently developing PR and joint marketing strategies for them. We look forward to sharing more details with you as these exciting projects unfold. Additionally, we have many other promising initiatives in our pipeline, and we can’t wait to reveal them to you in due time. Hold tight!


SingularityNET’s 2023 progressive decentralization initiative was launched at the Decentralized Governance Summit held on April 21. The initiative is the direction of growth for the SingularityNET organization. Until the AI platform is fully decentralized and democratically controlled, we have not fulfilled our mission. And until AI, and ultimately AGI, are decentralized, they will not be free to flourish and benefit humanity at large.

The Summit

The Summit provided the nucleation point for these goals, outlining a roadmap for the formation of the SingularityNET Community DAO (or SingComDAO as it is provisionally known). We explored the experiences of the Supervisory Council. The Summit also brought together a wide range of speakers, gathering insights from experienced researchers and those who have already started on their own journeys of decentralization. We thank all our speakers for giving so generously of their time, and are grateful to them for coming to share their expertise! We all learned a great deal from them all. We will be releasing the talks over the coming days so that they can be rewatched and absorbed, to provide the groundwork for the next steps of our decentralization initiative.

The Decentralization Initiative

Deep Funding has been experimenting with tools and processes of community governance and community-driven operational tasks. Likewise, our ambassador program is evolving and making steps in processes, tools, and community involvement. But this is just the beginning of a more matured, wider, and deeper community involvement throughout SingularityNET.

We have some ideas on how to expand the current level of decentralization, but there are also a lot of topics where the community’s input and insights are essential. By definition, of course, the organization cannot decentralize by itself — we rely on the community stepping up to create the fundamental structures and processes alongside us until full decentralization is achieved.

How can you take part?

The first step will be to elect a new Supervisory Council. So far, the Supervisory Council has been a semi-visible intermediary between the Foundation and the community. Now, however, the community’s needs may be evolving beyond the Council’s original mandate. Therefore, we are inviting you to join in the discussion about what the Council’s role should be. Our recommendation is to revisit the Initiation Document, which gives details of the upcoming elections so that you can give your input and take this next step together.

Stay tuned for more updates, and we will speak soon!

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