SingularityNET Quick Guide to Catalyst Fund7 Voting Registration — Time Sensitive!

Voting registration for Fund7 proposals closes on January 06, 11:00 UTC — check out these guidelines!

Haley Lowy
3 min readJan 4, 2022


Hello Singularitarians!

Here is a broad overview of the requirements and processes of voting in the Cardano Catalyst system. Registration is time-sensitive, and must be completed by January 06, 11:00 UTC.

There are many excellent proposals in the “Fund7 SingularityNET/Cardano AI for Collaboration” challenge, and the winning proposals will directly affect our ecosystem. This vote means we all have an opportunity to shape the future of SingularityNET and platform utility right now!

The most up to date and reliable sources of voting information is this guide from IOHK, one of the foundational companies developing Cardano itself.

The Basics

  • Minimum requirement of 500 ADA *excluding rewards*
  • Prior to registration, you must install the latest version of the Catalyst Voting application on your mobile device (version 0.1.15) — safe app download links may be found in the IOHK guide
  • Registration must be completed before snapshot date.
    Fund7 snapshot: 06/Jan/2021, 11:00 UTC
  • Note: there is a registration fee of 0.17 -0.18 ADA

Wallet Support

There are a number of wallets which support Cardano Catalyst voting. The Catalyst registration guide has the most up to date list. A full walkthrough of registration through the Daedalus desktop wallet is included in the Catalyst registration guide, as an example. Other supported wallets will provide similar voting guides — make sure you do your research and only download official wallets and use official walkthroughs.

QR Code and Voting PIN

When you register to vote, your wallet will generate a QR code, and you will create a PIN code that are your keys to voting!

Note: Do not lose these two important pieces of information — you will not be able to vote without them.

Your QR code and PIN code will allow you to register on the voting app, and will be linked to the voting power of your wallet (per the snapshot taken January 06 at 11:00 UTC). You will need to scan your QR code — so it will need to be printed, or on a separate device you can scan with the mobile app.

Voting Process

The IOHK guide also provides a clear outline and walkthrough of the registration and voting process.

Once you download the voting app, and register using your QR code and PIN code, you will be able to view and vote on the various proposals. You’ll be able to see the proposals, as well as the assessments and assessor comments made on each proposal, rating on 3 components:

  • Impact/Alignment (with the challenge/Cardano)
  • Feasibility
  • Auditability

Per the IOHK guide:

Read through the different proposals and place your vote (Yes or No). You can vote for a single proposal, for several proposals or for all proposals — it is up to you.

Once you have voted for all of the proposals you intend to vote for, submit your votes. You will only submit your votes to the blockchain once — make sure you have done all of your voting before submitting.

The Bottom Line…

In the coming days, we will be releasing a set of videos provided by many of the Fund7 proposals, to give all of our community a more personal introduction to these amazing projects. But if you want to vote, you’ll need to be registered by January 06.

This is a great opportunity for the SingularityNET community to get a feel for how project selection can work, as we design the DEEP fund for our own project funding system. Hopefully, many of these projects will become future SingularityNET platform AIs, or future DEEP candidates.

If you have questions, ask in the SinguliartyNET Fund7 telegram channel — many of the proposers are in the channel to answer proposal questions, as well as fellow community members that can help answer questions about wallets, registration and voting. See you in telegram!



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