SingularityNET Tech Update 5.0

Launching the SingularityNET Research Program + accessing the Kovan Network + bringing the power of SingularityNET to market

Cassio Pennachin


In our last developer update, we highlighted how 2018 will be a pivotal year for SingularityNET. In January, we closed several exciting partnerships targeting high-growth industries. While February is not yet over, we’ve seen this momentum continue at breakneck speed.

We’ll be updating the community soon on our continued enterprise traction. Our development team (40+ AI and blockchain veterans) also continues to make huge progress. Because all of our code is open-source, we’d like to share some of the latest development highlights.

SingularityNET Research Program Tests Offer Networks

Offer networks can be thought of as generalized, scalable barter economies. Participants offer goods or services they’re willing to provide in exchange for goods or services they desire. Donation is allowed, while tokens and other forms of currency can still be used.

The concept of offer networks is relatively new, but it synergizes well with the decentralization of AI ownership and access that is integral to SingularityNET’s mission.

As part of the SingularityNET research program, we will be prototyping and simulating offer networks allowing for generalized exchange of services, goods and information. We believe offer networks can provide a more flexible market than a purely token-based one, and they can be particularly useful in allowing large, high-quality datasets to be collated from personal data without violating user privacy, by compensating users in non-monetary ways.

This approach of collecting a large body of data from many people while respecting their data ownership rights can be very important in domains like biomedical research, one of SingularityNET’s key early verticals.

Using the Kovan Testnet

A public faucet has been deployed so developers (and anyone else with a GitHub ID) can request AGI tokens on the Kovan testnet, and use them on our alpha network.

The faucet is hosted here:

The UI is here:

Bringing the Power of SingularityNET to Market

Over the next few months, we’ll be building a showcase application of
SingularityNET’s potential. This application will feature:

  1. The integration of different, state-of-the-art AI and ML tools for a given
    application domain.
  2. Curating and providing access to a number of highly interesting datasets in
    that domain.
  3. Case studies where our research team will apply those tools to one or more
    datasets and publish the results.

Don’t Miss Another Update

With our network’s growth in full swing, we have a lot more to share. Soon, we’ll be releasing information regarding our ongoing integration of OpenCog’s Atomspace Hypergraph plus a new infrastructure that can overcome one of blockchain’s major barriers: a decentralized reputation management system.

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