SophiaDAO & SophiaVERSE — SingularityNET Ecosystem Roadmap End-of-Year Review Series #8

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Hello Singularitarians!

This is another of our 2021 end of year series blog posts giving our valued community a review of our 2021 achievements… and a small peek at what comes next! This Roadmap 2021 End-of-Year Review Series will be followed up early 2022 with an in-depth series on the Roadmap plans for 2022 February. Don’t miss the rest of this series!

SophiaDAO Purpose and Goals

SophiaDAO is building a community of humans and AI algorithms bound together by smart contracts into a huge hive mind, a new kind of organism to give rise to a true and beneficial Sophia sentience. SophiaDAO is an organizational guardianship, designed to nurture the development of advanced human-like robots such as Sophia.

SophiaDAO is currently building out a metaverse, called SophiaVERSE, that will be a gamified infrastructure for SophiaDAO members to communicate and work in pursuit of Sophia’s development via gameplay, AI programming, and the use of the SOPH utility token as its preferred currency

Against the background of the Sophia metaverse (SophiaVERSE) and by immersive next generation gameplay, people will have an opportunity to contribute via all interactions — social, artistic, ecosystem, code and other areas. In the journey towards Sophia’s sentience, SophiaDAO and the SophiaVERSE will build a rich NFT economy around all these assets and more.

SophiaDAO / SophiaVERSE Right Now

SophiaDAO has begun building its amazing SophiaVERSE, in preparation for token launch early to mid 2022. Current endeavors have been focused on planning and building up the SophiaVERSE metaverse — including an amazing team of experienced designers in the domains of art direction, AI and blockchain.

Headed by David Hanson, PhD, a diverse group of brilliant creatives and scientists including Ed Keller, Carolyn Ayers PhD, Ben Goertzel PhD, Nichol Bradford, Janet Adams, Sarah Rose Siskind, Ran Li, Effie Seiberg and Kath Yeung are joining in to develop the AI, story, and the Metaverse. The story is supported and realized by Primetime Emmy winner Charles Darby who’s known for his special visual effects in I, Robot, Minority report, Harry Potter and many more.

The storyline that is unfolding for the metaverse is very exciting — and is being crafted to give us all a chance to transform and shape our own future, while shaping Sophia’s intelligence as a benevolent being. The metaverse is envisioned to become cross-platform, an open space for human-AI creativity to flourish and grow.

Ben Goertzel updates the community on SophiaDAO, the new SophiaVERSE, and the hopes and dreams Sophia embodies —

SophiaDAO/SophiaVERSE Achievements Since the Roadmap Update

The new website was recently launched, a central space to share all things Sophia. The website highlights Sophia’s art, history, Sophia’s AI and some exciting details of her upcoming metaverse.

Sophia has made a number of appearences, including a fireside chat along with Ben Goertzel at the Miami DCentral event. Sophia was a huge success in Miami, and her metaverse is already generating great interest and excitement. SophiaDAO and SophiaVERSE are now poised and positioned for fast growth, gearing up strong for a token launch in 2022!

SophiaDAO & SophiaVERSE Next Steps

As the foundations the SophiaVERSE will be built on are finalized, creative and educational content is already being added that will support the metaverse in creating a powerful community around Sophia. New relationships and partnerships have been formed with many different groups, including Code Combat, to develop our first video game experience (while the true metaverse is built out), as well as with MakerBay for community work.

As Ben Goertzel recently shared:

SophiaVerse is more than “just another metaverse” (and there sure are a lot popping up these days) — it’s a home for the development of embodied AGI via positive interactions with human participants. We aim to use Sophiaverse as a playground for early-stage AGI tech coming out of the SingularityNET and Hanson Robotics AI labs. We also aim to use it for experimentation with a variety of technologies for generating visual and musical arts via combined human and AI creativity — leading to a substantial NFT aspect for Sophiaverse as well, in the spirit of — but going far beyond — the Sophia NFT sales launched by David Hanson earlier this year (2021).

SophiaDAO Needs You!

SophiaDAO is a guardianship of Sophia — we are all guides for Sophia on her journey toward benevolent autonomous intelligence. It takes a village (or a global decentralized community of passionate AI champions) to raise a robot intelligence, and the more diverse the participants, the more rounded Sophia will be, representing the spectrum of values, needs, and creativity of humanity, for the benefit of us all.

Watch the Website for updates, as well as Sophia’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels…and don’t forget to join the SophiaDAO Telegram Channel and SophiaDAO Announcement Telegram Channel to join the conversation and stay informed!

This is a quickly evolving project…stay tuned!



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