The Office Artwork Competition

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4 min readAug 15, 2018


The artwork competition will let us discover the artistically talented members of our community.

Over the past months, one of the priorities of the SingularityNET team has been to discover, highlight, and incentivize our talent community. Many existing members of our team started their journey as passionate community members who went above and beyond in supporting us.

So when the team members were greeted by the blank walls of our new office, we considered it as an opportunity for the artists in our community to contribute to the SingularityNET work environment. In the blank office walls, we see a chance to discover the artistically talented members of our community.

Moving In
Team members enjoy a light-hearted moment.

We are excited to announce the SingularityNET Office Artwork Competition.

The walls of our new office are ready to be decorated with art. We invite all of our community members who can create wall art, to take part in this competition. We need artwork for two walls: the Entrance Area and the Internal Office walls.

Entrance Area

For this category, a large piece of art for the wall of the main entrance area of the office is required. Let your imagination run wild here and as inspiration perhaps you would like to communicate how you visualize the technological singularity? This artwork should be 2400mm x 870mm in dimensions.

Internal Office

For this category, we will need an artwork of 6650mm x 750mm. Here you will have an opportunity to really inspire the people who work in our office, so please explore your imagination.

Competition Guidelines

Please read the guidelines carefully and when your artworks are ready, please submit them to us by completing the following form here.

The competition guidelines are:

  1. If you are submitting vector format art then we can accept either AI, EPS or SVG. If you are submitting in PSD format then please double the dimensions and use a pixel density of 300 dpi. All electronic art should use CMYK colour mode.
  2. All art needs to be original work.
  3. The entrance piece needs to be 2400mm x 870mm in size (double if in PSD format).
  4. The internal office piece should be 6650mmx750mm in size (double if in PSD format).
  5. All artworks should be submitted here.
  6. The deadline for artwork submission is the 22nd of September, 2018.
  7. Winners will be announced in the following week and will have their artwork printed and displayed in the SingularityNET office as soon as possible.
  8. Winners will receive a gift of 550 AGI Tokens for the large piece being displayed in the front entrance, 550 AGI tokens for the internal office art piece, and a signed SingularityNET t-shirt.
  9. Winners will be featured in our monthly newsletter where tens of thousands of people will discover and appreciate your work.
  10. Winners will also gain access to a hot desk in the SingularityNET office. Should they find themselves in Hong Kong, they can take advantage of the SingularityNET office facilities.

Inspirational Images

Below are a few images of Ben, Cassio, Simone, David and Sophia, just to start you on your road to creation. Please do let your imagination run wild though, we would love to see your vision and your creativity pushed to the max!

Ben Goertzel and Cassio Pennachin
Sophia and David Hanson
Simone Giacomelli and Sophia Hanson
Simone, Sophia, David and Ben

How Can You Get Involved?

If you have any further questions or would like to participate in the discussion about the competition, please visit this post on the Community Forum.

For any additional information, please refer to our roadmaps and subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about all of our developments.