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5 min readSep 20, 2023

Helping SingularityNET on the Journey to Decentralization

Dear Singularitarians,

The Supervisory Council elections process is underway, moving us one step closer to a decentralized, community-governed SingularityNET platform and ecosystem.

As the gateway to the next phase of progressive decentralization, the Supervisory Council will play a crucial role in steering the vision, governance, and long-term sustainability of the Singularity Community DAO.

But what exactly will the new Supervisory Council members do, and what characteristics make an excellent candidate? Let’s dive deeper into how the Council will contribute to shaping SingularityNET’s decentralization strategy and find out if you have a shared vision that makes you a strong fit for proposing your candidacy.

What is the Supervisory Council?

The Supervisory Council stands as a set of passionate advocates for the community, acting as a bridge between the community and the SingularityNET Foundation on our journey to decentralized community governance.

Per the Supervisory Council Election announcement:
“The goals of the Second Supervisory Council are to:

  • Oversee and take part in the development of a decentralization framework and blueprint that ensure proper governance methods for a stable and sustainable future to vote on in a second referendum; and
  • Guard the continuous alignment of SNET’s mission and vision to develop a beneficial AGI for the good of humanity and every individual.”

The upcoming election will select Supervisory Council members who will represent the voice of the community in the decentralization Task Force, which will, together, build the first version of SinglarityNET’s Decentralization Blueprint.

In turn, this blueprint will be the cornerstone to guide the community structure as it progressively takes a larger governance and decision-making role for the SingularityNET project and platform, leading to the full decentralization of the organization.

The Supervisory Council is tasked with shaping the forms and functions of the community governance process, steering SingularityNET into a future that’s not just sustainable but absolutely thriving. Decentralization processes are themselves an emerging technology, like AGI, longevity, quantum computing, etc. SingularityNET, the Supervisory Council, and the Task Force will all be contributing to advancing the decentralization of SingularityNET as the state of the art for decentralized organizations.

What makes a good Supervisory Council candidate?

The Supervisory Council members will be key drivers in our progress toward a truly decentralized, democratic, and open AGI platform governed by the community. You can find a detailed role description here.

As you can imagine, these Council members will be a vital component for the successful decentralization of AI at a global scale — which is why we encourage everyone with the desire, passion, and dedication to catalyze this exciting process over the next six months to apply.

If you are…

  • Passionate about decentralization and/or DAOs
  • Enthusiastic about decentralized AI, especially those with technical knowledge who can relate to our developers and platform users
  • Skilled at building bridges within communities and fostering collaboration for the best outcomes
  • Willing to invest the time needed to set robust groundwork for future decentralization efforts
  • Or, if you know someone who’s a great candidate in these areas, make sure to share this opportunity with them!

If you believe in SingularityNET’s mission — if you think the power of AI should be in the hands of the people, we are looking for you.

An important note, you don’t have to be a DAO or decentralization expert to make a meaningful contribution. SingularityNET seeks individuals who are aligned with its mission, vision, and values of creating a decentralized, democratic, and beneficial AGI. Ultimately, each individual candidate may specialize in only a few of these areas, but collectively the shared expertise and capability of the Council members will build upon each other to something greater.

If you’re interested in applying to the Supervisory Council, please visit the Proposal Portal portal to submit your candidacy.

How will the Supervisory Council shape SingularityNET’s decentralized future?

The new Supervisory Council will have a direct role in shaping the Decentralization Blueprint that will lay the foundation for future governance of the SingularityNET platform and ecosystem.

Council members will:

  • Mediate between the Community and SCDAO Task Force
  • Ensure proper governance methods are defined and applied
  • Relay community feedback, advocate for community perspectives, initiate online conversation sessions, and ensure transparency
  • Assist in defining the terms for resource allocation, including budgets

This will put the new Council in a position to drive the DAO in the direction that benefits the community, the project, and contributes to the broader goal of decentralized, beneficial AGI.

We ask every member of the community to be involved in this critical election — of primary importance right now is to find the right candidates. Individuals with the knowledge, dedication, and passion should propose their candidacy, and tell the community what they will bring to the council. Our community and their networks are the best source of candidates passionate about SingularityNET’s mission, and we ask everyone to consider candidacy and to reach out to recruit the best possible set of candidates. Who do you know who might make a good Council member?

Also critical is the role of community members to ask the important questions, evaluate the candidates for the role, and then vote on their decentralization representatives.

Don’t miss out on our Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Ben Goertzel this Thursday for more insights.

Thursday September 21st at 17UTC there will be a live AMA session on this zoom room.

Please use the Google form to submit any questions you have for the AMA they can be addressed; but even more importantly, we want to hear your answers -

  • What do you think makes a good Supervisory Council candidate?
  • How do you see theis role taking shape?
  • What would you like to see from the elected Council in forming the Decentralization Blueprint?

Whether you’re an expert in DAOs or decentralization or someone who is passionate about SingularityNET and our ethos, you might be the person we’re looking for…or you might know the perfect candidate or have valuable input about the role.

Submissions close on Sunday, 1st October, and voting will take place between Wednesday, 11th and Tuesday, 17th October (inclusive).

Your voice matters; let it be heard.

Let’s all work to elect the next Supervisory Council and build a community-driven decentralized AI platform — together.

About SingularityNET

SingularityNET is a decentralized Platform and Marketplace for Artificial Intelligence (AI) services. Our mission is the creation of a decentralized, democratic, inclusive, and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), democratizing access to AI and AGI technologies through:

  • Our Platform, where anyone can develop, share, and monetize AI algorithms, models, and data.
  • OpenCog Hyperon, our premier neural-symbolic AGI Framework, will be a core service for the next wave of AI innovation.
  • Our Ecosystem, developing advanced AI solutions across market verticals to revolutionize industries.

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