116 SingularityU Chapters in 61 Countries

Here are the 9 newest Chapters and 10 Chapter renewals

The Singularity University community is focused on using exponential technologies for social impact.

Today marks the benchmark of 116 SingularityU Chapters in 61 countries. There is a global network of over 450 volunteers who lead local events, building a better future utilizing the tools of exponential technologies.

We have 9 new Chapters and 10 renewal Chapters, for a total of 19 Chapters announced today. These communities are now in 4 new countries: the Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.

The quarterly Chapter application is open today, July 11th until August 8th. Start your application or learn more here!

New SingularityU Leadership Teams: In their own words

SingularityU Beirut (renewal) 🇱🇧

Fouad Fattal, Aristide Bacha

“With the support of SU, we are preparing the Lebanese enterprise leaders, disruptors, entrepreneurs and global companies to build high growth, sustainable businesses. The aim is to tackle problems Lebanon and the Middle East are suffering from, with an abundance mindset and exponential tools & technologies. We intend to make a global impact by bringing home grown innovation to the World.”

— SingularityU Beirut Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Bilbao (renewal) 🇪🇸

Diego Soroa, Gorka Muñecas, Pablo Orduna, Ramon de la Sota

SingularityU Bogota (renewal) 🇨🇴

Carlos Castellanos, Claudia Aparicio, Isabel Espinosa, Juan Carlos Guaqueta, Santiago Pinzón

Colombia is shifting from being a viewer, to a protagonist of its destiny. We are changing from waiting to be saved to being creators of our path: and there’s no faster route for change than leveraging our experience solving problems on a developing country with the power of exponential technologies.

As SU chapter leaders, we feel grateful to facilitate SU`s resources and network to alumni and people that want to connect with SU for the first time and learn about the abundance mindset.

Awareness of the world, trends, and inspiration to solve our biggest challenges using technology. We want to spread the exponential mindset to 1 million people in our country and influence key leaders to become game changers for our country.

— SingularityU Bogota Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Campinas 🇧🇷

Karla Córdoba Brenes, Mauricio de Campos Bueno, Stefanie M. Falconi

SingularityU Campinas aims to promote an abundance mindset, leveraging local and international exponential thinkers and connecting them with local game-changers. Their goal is to expand the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in Campinas. The chapter will take advantage of Campinas’ infrastructure, resources and innovative spirit. “We are thrilled for the possibilities”, says Mauricio. And Karla added, “we want to cultivate collaboration, inspiring new conversations and moonshots!”. “The work is hard, the potential returns infinite…”, Stefanie highlights, “but if you have a transformative idea, join us in this exponential journey where you can inspire and get inspired to have a global impact”

— SingularityU Campinas Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Cascais Lisbon 🇵🇹

Catherine Lombarts, Fernando Soares, Francisca Brito Pereira, João Barbosa, Maria Pedro Silva, Ricardo Marvao

“We are super excited to start the first chapter of Singularity in Portugal where we will engage with a vibrant community of innovators, tech startups and creatives, one that has grown over the last years and where we hope to bring a bigger focus around the massive potential of exponential technologies to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. This first chapter will be a first step in creating a community of like minded souls who come together to share their best ideas, to display their given talent, to discover their purpose and follow their most passionate dreams.”

— Ricardo Marvão, leadership team member

SingularityU Curitiba 🇧🇷

Francisco Rodrigues Gomes, Osmar Zózimo De Souza Jr

“Innovation has changed everything around us that’s why SU chapter is meaningful because contribute on clearance how to cope with newness and even shaping it to a better life by design solutions to fit uniqueness people experience. We agree that envisioning it led design transformation products/services to resource sensitive bases — premises to get balance at human been society.”

— SingularityU Curitiba Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Ho Chi Minh City 🇻🇳

An Huynh, Ivy Doan, Loc Huynh

“I am fascinated with AI, block chain and robotics technologies, and getting involved is the best way to learn more these fields. It is my honor to lead the SU Chapter in Ho Chi Minh; this is a great opportunity for me and many other people to advance our knowledge. This SU chapter is a hub for people to learn and share, thus growing exponentially to new levels.

Located in the largest economy and innovation hub of Vietnam, the SU Chapter in Ho Chi Minh city is expected to help spreading the knowledge and awareness for AI Tech while support the substantial technology development in not only Ho Chi Minh but also Viet Nam. This SU Chapter will contribute to the overall growth of the SU global community.”

— Huynh Du An, leadership team member

“AI technology has my interest because of its great potential in advancement of humanity. I believe AI is the path leading to the future for its rapidly evolving applications in daily life.

I am honored to be a member of the SU Chapter in Ho Chi Minh. My expertise in marketing, research and development will contribute to the success of the chapter.”

— Ai Vy, leadership team member

“AI technology is the future of humanity. The vast application of this technology is helping people all over the globe to create solutions for many issues, thus fundamentally changing the way we live making the world a better place. Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you wish to see in the World”; I want to join SU so I can be such change. The organization will enable me to connect many people so we all can share and learn from each other to grow together.

My expectation for the SU Chapter in Ho Chi Minh is for it to become a hub and forum where ideas are shared and innovation is realized. This SU Chapter will bridge the gap between technology and real world application thus creating solutions for problems.”

— Huynh Du Loc, leadership team member

SingularityU Jeddah 🇸🇦

Abeer Aleryani, Alaa Alsharif, Dr. Hazem Zaqzouq, Mossaab Hashem, Nabeel Anan, Raaid Alireza, Samar Samir

We are at a turning point in the country’s history. Vision 2030 is paving the way for exponential transformation of the economy and society alike. The initiative to open a Singularity University Chapter in Jeddah could not have come at a better time. We believe in the power of networks and Knowledge Sharing and the importance of exponential technologies to help reach our strategic goals and vision.

Our aim In SingularityU Jeddah Chapter is to participate in the historic movement happening in KSA (vision 2030) by introducing topics in breakthrough and accelerating technologies to the local community (youth, investors and decision makers). We aim to provide the resources, tools, and platform for individuals to connect and to empower them to tackle local challenges.

— SingularityU Jeddah Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Manila 🇵🇭

Benjamin So, Dino Lising, Jasen Ko, Venu Kotamraju

“ The Singularity University Executive Program was a tremendous learning experience and exposed us to many fast evolving technologies that have the potential to disrupt not only business, but also have a meaningful impact on our local community. It is this kind of illumination and awareness that reminds us that the future is not only coming, but is here. The two possible reactions are — either we fear it or we embrace it. We believe in the later and that proper use of it will help us serve the common good. These ideas, insights and learnings are what we wish to share and develop with the Philippine Chapter.”

— SingularityU Manila Chapter leadership team

SingularityU New York City (renewal, new team) 🇺🇸

Alan Pereira, Aliye Mosaad, Brett Jones, Marcelo Guimarães, Michael Benjamin, Rogerio Takayanagi, Sidney Nakahodo

“Striving to achieve a global community of action, driven by ideas and impacting real change is what Singularity University is all about, especially as it pertains to global grand challenges. New York City is a global powerhouse, from well-known industries like financial services and health care, to the unexpected ones, like, commercial space exploration, or technical manufacturing. We invite teams and individuals here in New York to be exponential with us by getting involved with our SingularityU New York City Chapter.”

— Sidney Nahakodo, Chapter Ambassador

SingularityU Porto Alegre (renewal) 🇧🇷

Cristian Basilio De Almeida, Diana Werlang, Leandro Pompermaier, Marcelo Paes, Rafael Prikladnicki, Renato Cunha,

SingularityU Salamanca 🇪🇸

Marjorie Hernandez De Vogelsteller, Sylvia Tauden, Teresa María Alarcos Tamayo

“The goal of our SU chapter in Salamanca is to ignite an era of innovation, risk-taking, and future envisioning, in a city that for over 900 years has been a center of culture, academia, and research in Europe.

We are engaged in preserving this ethos and carry them to the future, and with the support of the local community, position Salamanca as a reference in Spain and Europe.

With over 20.000 university students we have the opportunity to create impact in the next generation, with a particular focus on female- driven innovation and leadership”.

— SingularityU Salamanca Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Seoul (renewal) 🇰🇷

Dong Ho Hwang, Juno Ko, San Ko, Tony Lyu

“The Singularity University Seoul Chapter aspires to be Asia’s leading innovation community filled with creative makers and thinkers who would love to make changes happen rather than follow them. The Chapter intends to organize events that inspire people with the power and potential of exponential technologies so that the movement can grow exponentially.”

— SingularityU Seoul Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Sydney 🇦🇺

Bucky Beyer, Kelly Knueven, Lucy Buchanan, Pete Corbett

“Our goal with SU is to ‘play’ together, unleash our individual and collective intellectual curiosity and utilise our hard earned professional skills sets on something much bigger than us… to bring our city, her people, and our team into the global narrative of abundance.”

— Lucy Buchanan, leadership team member

“Sydney is a world class city which brings together all the right ingredients to make a successful ecosystem that can drive innovation and shape the future for Australia and the globe”

— Kelly Knueven, leadership team member

“SU Summit in February 2018 in Sydney last year was a fantastic introduction to the Sydney community of the concepts SU espouses. We aim to use the momentum it created to grow greater engagement locally and globally on grand challenges and opportunities”

— Pete Corbett, leadership team member

“My world was flipped upside down after attending the SingularityU Executive Program in November last year. I am excited to share energy and the sense of wonder I took from the program back to Sydney and Australia.”

— Bucky Beyer, leadership team member

SingularityU Tokyo (renewal) 🇯🇵

Jovan Rebolledo Mendez, Kazunori Saito, Satomi Yoshida

“SingularityU Tokyo Chapter is becoming a gateway to understand how Japan can become one of the World Leaders in Exponential Technologies”

“The chapter means to me a vehicle to produce ripple positive impact effect in the World, from a developed country as Japan is”

— Jovan Rebolledo, leadership team member

SingularityU Trieste 🇮🇹

George Kourousias, Giovanni Loser, Guido Bortoluzzi, Roberto Pugliese

SingularityU Trieste is the local chapter of the Singularity University.

It was created to introduce the SingularityU aims and values to people from Trieste and neighbouring areas and

to bring the innovation ecosystem of Trieste including neighbouring areas to the next level of disruption.

We are a group of innovators, visionaries, entrepreneurs, academics and leaders who are interested in exponential technologies and their positive impact on the society and the world.

Trieste with its geopolitical position, special history, high concentration of researchers is the ideal fertile ground for the SingularityU values.

— SingularityU Trieste Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Venice (renewal) 🇮🇹

Luca Quattrin, Massimiliano Ventimiglia, Matteo Sarzana, Mirko Lalli, Stefano Mizzella,

“I’m honored to be the ambassador of the SingularityU Venice Chapter for the second year. My experience in SU, back in 2014, has represented a turning point in my life and career. Since then I’ve redesigned my personal and professional paths in the direction of a greater involvement and responsibility towards social causes.

Through collaborative events and engaging activities, we want to grow and inspire a community of people committed to this vision. The possibility to use our competences in the space of innovative technologies to improve the life of people is certainly the best ambition we can think of.”

— Massimiliano Ventimiglia, leadership team member

SingularityU Vienna (renewal) 🇦🇹

Markus Heingärtner, Petra Hauser

“After participating in the EP 2015, it was clear to me that I wanted to remain in close contact with Singularity University. When the opportunity arose to found local chapters, I immediately applied together with Markus, because a team can always move more than an individual. Since November 2016 we have been running the Vienna Chapter and right from the start we have succeeded in mobilising a diverse community of investors, corporates, start-ups and students who are actively engaged in the topics of exponential technology development. The extension of our license into the second period makes us very happy, as it allows us to continue to grow what we have built up over the last two years or so with the Vienna Chapter.”

— Petra Hauser, Chapter Ambassador

SingularityU Zurich (renewal, new team) 🇨🇭

Evelyne Pflugi, Marc Bernegger, Tobias Reichmuth

We have always been passionate about the future of society, the impact of technology and innovation. The world is at the verge of its fasted and most-impactful transformation ever. Leading the Zurich Chapter means we can bring these topics closer to the peoples’ hearts in Switzerland and not only make them aware about the upcoming change, but also give the them knowledge and tools to actively shape their own future. Our goal is to build a vital and engaged abundance-minded community and we will leverage it to benefit the whole ecosystem.

— Evelyne Pflugi, leadership team member