Announcing 107 Chapters in 57 Countries

Our Chapter leadership community is comprised of 410 volunteers. One thing that stood out to me at a recent gathering of our SingularityU Partners was that a community member mentioned, “at SU, we are all around the world but we are all facing the same direction.” What this means is our community is a community of action — focused on facing forward, facing the future.

Something comes through in the hundreds of Chapter leadership team interviews our team conducts. All the applications center on amplifying social impact in their local area. In addition to the impact focus, another thing that ties our Chapter community together is the focus on technology as a facilitator of impact at scale.

Today we launch a total of 14 Chapters, 7 that are renewing existing Chapters (including some new teams!), and 7 that are totally new.

One Chapter, St. Louis, has already planned an event for the local community, happening on June 21st. Check out their Chapter page for more information.

Today also marks the launch of the quarterly Chapter application. From today April 25th through May 16th we are actively seeking diverse local teams from around the world to apply.

New SingularityU Leadership Teams: In their own words

SingularityU Amsterdam (renewal) 🇳🇱

Alix Rübsaam, Jordy Egging, Maayke Aimée Damen, Peter Maarten Westerhout

“We have been passionately building the Amsterdam Chapter for the last two years through multiple successful events, and are all eager to bring it to the next level: an involved and participating community — from individual change-makers to entrepreneurs, corporates and local institutions — creating local impact in and around the city of Amsterdam.”
— Peter Maarten Westerhout, leadership team member

SingularityU Belo Horizonte (renewal) 🇧🇷

Filipe Ivo, Roberta Assumpção

“Expanding people’s minds on all the transformations that are occurring in our society through exponential technologies is our main goal. Belo Horizonte is a wonderful place for having a SingularityU Chapter. The ecosystem is ready for absorbing this sort of knowledge, eager for learning and building the future together. Let’s be the change.”
— SingularityU Belo Horizonte Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Detroit 🇺🇸

Andy McKeever, Bo Cheng, Daniel Kostaroff, Evonne Xu, Jay Harrison

“We are excited as a team to bring innovation and exponential thinking to Detroit, a city that is exponential in moving the world. The SingularityU Detroit Chapter, to us, represents moving the world with impact and innovation, together. We face the same issues the world faces, such as poverty, health, environment, and energy. With a global community of exponential thinkers, we want to be part of a bigger picture to heal the world. Detroit is not just our city, it is the world’s city.”
— SingularityU Detroit Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Kyiv (renewal) 🇺🇦

Igor Novikov, Maryna Maksymenko, Ron Fridman, Volodymyr Bandura

“I believe it was Alvin Toffler, who said: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”
Whether one is in Kyiv, New York or Singapore — the days of standing firmly on our own two feet are well and truly over. The world around us is changing and the pace of change is increasing. Creating a future of true abundance requires access to a dynamic global dialogue, and the SingularityU Kyiv community is honoured to be a part of this conversation for another term.”
— SingularityU Kyiv Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Modena (renewal) 🇮🇹

Chiara Giovenzana, Elisa Scurani

“We are very excited about the renewal of the Chapter! We are about to launch a series of networking dinners and we hope to see many of you!! Stay tuned for more details!! :)”
— SingularityU Modena Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Newcastle 🇦🇺

Christina Gerakiteys, Lisa Kernes

“Australia is the only continent country on this planet and Australians have always been inventive and creative individuals. We strive and thrive through adversity and necessity.
Now we have put Australia on the SU map we will share the vision with our local community to embrace Moonshot Goals and to find Massive Transformative Purposes. We will help develop technologies that will have a positive impact on humanity.
Our country has an abundance of resources and a scarcity of humans, and we intend on ensuring bigger thinking about the global challenges and how we can ‘punch above our weight.’”
— SingularityU Newcastle Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Northwest Arkansas 🇺🇸

Alicia Ledlie Brew, Brian Hughes, Clint Johnson

“We’re excited to establish a SingularityU Chapter in vibrant Northwest Arkansas,” said Brian Hughes, one of three Chapter co-leaders. “In a world of relentlessly negative news, we want to gather a tribe of persistently positive possibility finders.”
“The Chapter will create a place for different people to meet, share ideas and learn,” said Clint Johnson, Chapter leadership team member.“Regular events will give our community the chance to explore and innovate.”
“NWA [Northwest Arkansas] is experiencing the excitement and challenge of technology-related transformation and dislocation,” said Alicia Ledlie Brew, Chapter leadership team member. “We believe SingularityU Northwest Arkansas can help people reskill and rekindle their professional passions.”

SingularityU Rio de Janeiro (renewal) 🇧🇷

Diego Julidori, Viviane Menezes

“Since kids everyone had a dream to be a hero — or something like that. After some years we realized that it is not so simple. Few more years and living in a transformational moment we find us in a time where we can see this dream become true with exponential technologies — which are rapidly accelerating and shaping all aspects of our lives.
And more, Rio de Janeiro is a unique place. Our city is full of contrasts and faces many challenges, but don’t get it wrong, this is a wonderful place with a lot of opportunities. So as we believe technology has power to change the world there is no place to go without good people. This is exactly what we find in Rio.”
— SingularityU Rio de Janeiro Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Rome (renewal) 🇮🇹

Luca La Mesa, Giulia Tatananni, Khaled Kilzie, Arturo Iannotti

“We believe that the future will be extraordinary and new technologies, thanks to their characteristics, represent an unique opportunity to create a positive impact on people’s lives. To make this positive change happen we believe that people awareness is fundamental. For this reason we have create our Chapter with the aim of spreading knowledge about exponential technologies, global grand challenges and entrepreneurship in the local community in an ever increasing way. Moreover we want to facilitate the connection between people belonging to different background and facilitate the creation of ideas that, leveraging on diversified knowledge, can create a real positive social impact.”
— SingularityU Rome Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Rotterdam (renewal) 🇳🇱

Henk Koster, Henk Ras, Seada van den Herik, Yori Kamphuis

“As a Chapter we want to show our community the possibilities of exponential technologies. We want to connect people and to create impact together! Locally we want to contribute to societal challenges.
Within the Chapter we can share ideas, experiences and questions about upcoming technologies and get inspired.
We want to show the complete picture. Not only the possibilities, but also the threats or the things to take into account, like privacy, loneliness, ethical questions, etc.
The Chapter gives the opportunity to meet people with comparable questions and challenges, for themselves and their organization, but with divergent ideas for how to solve them. In meetups, diner meetings and other events we share this ideas and insights. This connection, variety and co-creation is really valuable.”
— SingularityU Rotterdam Chapter leadership team

SingularityU Santo Domingo 🇩🇴

Diego Torres, Frederic Emam-Zade Gerardino, Santiago Camarena

“I went to SU looking for an answer to several problems and came back to my country with several solutions and alternatives for each problem. I think an SU Chapter in the Dominican Republic will do the same for thousands of others; as well as exponentially expand our way of thinking and problem solving for millions of Dominicans and Caribbean people.”
— Frederic Emam-Zade Gerardino, leadership team member
“The creation of the Santo Domingo Chapter brings to our younger generations the possibility to learn about exponential growth and abundance. This will contribute to the development of unique business opportunities for us to launch moonshots and activate our capabilities. I believe that we experience at least four of the Global Grand Challenges in our daily lives here, and I would love to see if some Dominican can contribute to solve it with their creativity and drive.”
— Diego Torres, leadership team member
“Singularity University helped me affirm the concept of “problems are an opportunity for change,” and this can be achieved with an optimistic mindset. Being aware of the evolution humanity has achieved in the last 100 years, knowing the impact of exponential technology, communication and interconnection of cultures and economic outcomes, makes it exciting to work for a more holistic purpose. The SingularityU Chapter for Santo Domingo can be a bridge of knowledge and action. Intention without action is just an illusion.”
— Santiago Camarena, leadership team member

SingularityU Shenzhen 🇨🇳

Joanne Lai Na Chan, Jon Huang, Patrick Wai Keung Mak

“Shenzhen is one of the most technologically innovative cities in China, and we are very glad to be able to launch the SingularityU Shenzhen Chapter in the right city, in the right region at the right timing. We will try our very best to promote the exponential mindset, technologies, tools and leadership plus abundance in Shenzhen. We will try our best to facilitate the communities in Shenzhen working together on some of the most pressing grand challenges that China faces, such as pollution, global warming and poverty.”
— Patrick Mak, Joanne Chan and Jon Huang, leadership team members

SingularityU St. Louis 🇺🇸

Bradley Streeter, Darryl Palmer, Gabe Angieri, Ian Ferguson, Patricia Hagen, Perrin Reed, Richard Tao

“The reason I chose to apply for a SingularityU St. Louis Chapter is because I experienced first hand the training and mission of Singularity University. Singularity University’s aspirational mission and showing how someone can apply their passion in solving the world challenges of today was something that I believed that the city of St. Louis can benefit from. I really believe that St. Louis would be a great place to open a new Chapter, it already has a large entrepreneur community and academic centers, but it also has some serious social challenges to deal with. To solve the problems of the world, we need to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the creating the solutions. Bringing Singularity University’s focus on Diversity and Inclusion of individuals in exponential technologies will be important to build lasting and impactful solutions.
Our first event will be on June 21st. The focus will be on the digital divide and we will have a panel of speakers from education, economic development, and healthcare discuss the impact of digital inclusion on society.”
— Darryl Palmer, leadership team member

SingularityU Vitória 🇧🇷

Evandro Milet, Gilberto Sudré, Leonardo Carraretto, Marcelo Lage, Rafael Lontra, Renata Saavedra, Renzo Colnago

“We have taken for granted that everyone knows that the world is changing. However, here in Vitória, we feel that we have the opportunity to influence this and the next generation’s ideas on how we, as a community, want it to change. So far, we have been doing so individually. However, as a group we can do so much more, specially with the back up from a strong brand, and with the support from hundreds of people from around the world. That’s the opportunity we saw in hosting a SingularityU Chapter. We want to help shape our future.”
— SingularityU Vitória Chapter leadership team

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