Early Detection and Affordable Diagnosis for Heart Disease

With SU Startup Accelerator Company MZP Technology

Can just a single drop of blood be used to diagnose a cardiovascular system-related medical condition?

If you ask the founders of MZP Technology, a startup from Singularity University’s Startup Accelerator, the answer is yes.

MZP Tech has developed a medical device called a blood microviscometer, that is capable of analyzing a single drop of blood in three minutes.

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The devise uses a disposable micro-machined chip and a portable embedded sensing system to measure blood viscosity — or the thickness and stickiness of blood. The breakthrough? Before the blood microviscometer, testing viscosity required gathering huge quantities of blood.

The team is using the device to perform early-stage screening for cardiovascular-related disease, blood-clotting problems, and hyperviscosity-related diseases. The founders believe their technology will radically reduce the cost and time it takes to detect these diseases, and want blood viscosity measurements to become a routine clinical practice.

Unlike complex laboratory viscometer systems, MZP’s microviscometer is low cost, portable, and an easy point of care device that can be used for both emergency situations and routine checks.

Their mission is to apply advances in micro and nanotechnologies to develop smart and affordable medical diagnostic and screening techniques for disease detection in both adults and newborns.

And that’s just what they’ve done.

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