Reverse Engineering Our Environment

Using Technology to Keep a Healthy Planet

Many people turn a blind eye to or feel helpless by the massive pollution problem that is causing significant negative impacts on the Environment. This problem will continue to scale unless we start creating solutions to reverse the damage and replace our dependencies on pollutants.

“7 million deaths each year are caused by air pollution.”
—World Health Organization

Aided by advances in biotechnology and energy, here are 4 exponential solutions from the SU community that are helping to create healthier and greener industries benefitting the long-term survival of both people and planet.


Navajo Bee Project uses medicinal mushrooms, pollinators, and native seeds to bioremediate — that is, organically remove contaminants — toxic and radioactive sites on the Navajo reservation in the American Southwest. Mushroom inoculation alone increases the rate of radiation detoxification by 10,000 fold, which is tracked and monitored in real time.


ACES uses systemic solutions to create zero waste agriculture. They start by taking animal manures and turning them into fertilizers that are used to grow tiny aquatic grass. The plants clean water for reuse and eat huge quantities of CO2, all while producing food and biochemical feedstocks.


BioCarbon Engineering balances precision planting and mapping to increase the uptake rates and likelihood of healthy forest development. Their solution uses drones to fly to predetermined positions and fire biodegradable seed pods containing into the ground, pre-loaded with all of the necessary nutrients to ensure healthy growth.

Electric Trucks

TransPower is a market leader in adapting high power battery-electric technologies to large vehicles. Their cleaner and quieter electric trucking benefits the most disadvantaged communities bearing the brunt of pollution and noise generated by diesel trucking.

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These New Technologies Will Be Both Powerful and Planet Friendly

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