Pascal Finette
Dec 9, 2015 · 2 min read
Introducing one of our startup founders at the SU Labs Demo Day pitch night.

Over the last ten weeks my team and I here at Singularity University had the great pleasure of hosting seven of the most amazing early-stage startups leveraging exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.

The startups joined our inaugural accelerator class where we exposed them to a roster of incredible speakers and workshops, our mentor community, and a curriculum designed not only to take their business forward but also to amp up their personal leadership capacity.

On Dec 1st we had the teams present their businesses in our classroom — here are their pitches.

​X2AI — Augmenting Mental Health Care Through Emotional Artificial Intelligence

X2AI uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to connect the patient with their therapist 24/7 through existing technology-based communications, including SMS, WhatsApp and web browsers. “Tess” — X2AI’s emotion-based conversation AI, is programmed to each mental health professional’s therapy treatment and education approach. Tess is scaleable, without the need for additional hardware or software.

Hypercubes — Tracking Pollution Through Hyperspectral Imaging

Hypercubes is a space company that provides unprecedented levels of actionable information to manage global resources at a thousandth the cost of current satellites.

Totus Power — Powering the Developing World Through Plug-n-Play EV Batteries

Totus Power uses discarded electric car batteries to provide electricity to communities in the developing world, replacing toxic lead acid batteries with module Li-Ion battery pack.

Radiomaze — Monitoring Motion Through Wifi Signals

Radiomaze developed a patent-pending software technology that can sense motion and daily activities at home, learn from them, and make suggestions using any wifi-enabled devices.

Eat Limmo — Producing High Nutrition and Low-Cost Food Products Using Seeds and Peels

Eat Limmo is improving processed food to make it nutritious, delicious and affordable. They are leveraging fruit peels and seeds as a source for nutrients and creating ingredients that save on production costs for manufacturers while also improving the nutritional value of their products.

FREDsense — Bio-Engineering Bacteria to Monitor Pollutants in Water

FREDsense builds biosensors to detect chemicals in the environment. Their first product is a Field Ready Electrochemical Detector featuring bioengineered microorganisms that emit electricity when it detects contaminants in water.

Be My Eyes — Crowdsourcing Volunteers for the Visually Impaired

Be My Eyes is the first app which allows people with a visual impairment to get in contact with sighted helpers via a direct video call. The system is built as a shuffle-call system that forwards the call to a global helper network until answered. Be My Eyes is now the largest global network of blind and visually impaired people in the world.


Stories from Singularity University and the SingularityU community.

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Stories from Singularity University and the SingularityU community.

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