The Best of Health Is Yet to Come

Taking care of your health is a lifelong endeavor. Even if you make all the right choices and are lucky enough to have good genes, your physical and mental health can still become compromised by insufficient access to cost effective prevention, early diagnosis, or personalized therapy.

“1 billion people lack access to healthcare services.”
— United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

Technologies and platforms are rapidly entering healthcare to address the health challenges currently faced by billions of people. These 5 exponential solutions from the SU Community are a few examples of entrepreneurs creating medical breakthroughs and helping those that need it most.

3D Printing

3D4MD makes affordable, 3D-printable medical supplies. They are building an open source digital library where people can select and download crowd-sourced files to make quality-tested, lower cost, and even personalized life-changing resources on demand, locally.

Metamason is building a healthcare-focused software platform called Scan·Fit·Print that uses 3D scans of one’s body to create individually customized, 3D-printed products, starting with custom ergonomic respiratory devices (CPAP masks) for the treatment of sleep apnea.

Smartphone Apps

CaptureProof is an intelligent medical camera that adds visual narrative to healthcare by empowering providers and patients with a HIPAA-secured photo and video tracking application. With their advanced computer vision, patient progress can be tracked with side-by-side media.

Emotional Data & AI

Beyond Verbal developed an API that decodes a patient’s voice into their underlying emotions in real-time to detect and monitor serious health conditions. These emotion analytics enable voice-powered devices, apps, and solutions to interact with patients on an emotional level.

X2AI creates autonomous intelligent assistants (AIAs). Tess, X2AI’s flagship AIA, is a psychological AI that administers highly personalized psychotherapy, psycho-education, and health-related reminders, on demand, when and where the mental health professional isn’t.

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