SINOFY X CW Labs Merge

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2 min readMar 25, 2023

WEB3 space is evolving like never before, the scale of the industry delivers the promise of a bigger adoption as many will start to realize it has many benefits over traditional systems.

To stay up to date with current pace and changes, previously known as a WEB 3 PR and Marketing agency SINOFY is proud to merge with Research and Development agency Cryptoware Labs (CW Labs) with extensive experience in WEB 3 to become a Venture Capital Firm.

SINOFY and CW Labs will combine their collective efforts under one roof to deepen the research of WEB, seek daring startups as well as partners to contribute to WEB 3 adoption.

“With the rapid growth of the ecosystem and products we found imperative that we work closely with the research and analytical team helping us interpret WEB 3 realities when working with our partners and portfolio companies, furthermore, since 2019 CW Labs team has researched and analysed over 500 projects creating new frameworks for market evaluation and bringing value to their partners and stakeholders

Our 3 months of collaboration with CW Labs led us to form this merge, its higher-ups Tamaz Tupuriia and Ilya Grechnevi are going to be core partners, says SINOFY`s Amirsan Roberto”

I was pleased meeting Amir and his team during my trip in Georgia, we met in the conference where i shared some of my takeaways from the conference, later meeting face to face several times discussing the space and showcasing our research which ended up in teaming up and working on some of the projects together and eventually merge, we are excited about the future, the space and possibilities we see on horizon says Tamaz Tupuriia.

We started CW Labs as an in-house venture while playing and experimenting with DeFi protocols, the more we dived into the industry, the more we realized about its enormous potential, eventually, we were collectively convinced that we would quit our jobs and become crypto natives back in 2021, full time, catching up with SINOFY team, we learned how and why storytelling makes lots of impact, started making sense of growth hacking, PR and Marketing, it was natural progression to exchange with our skillset and form our partnership, says Ilya Grechnevi.